Collaborative Industries
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Shopping                THE PLATFORM

               ComTechX is a global economic trade exchange platform that sits above

               B2B & B2C marketplaces  -  it commoditizes the economic values in local

               inventories so sellers sustain profitability and buyers gain affordability.


Any product or service that can be quantified and priced, has an economic value that
can be commoditized and fully monetized  .  .  before buyers have a chance to activate
price demand and buy at prices they want to pay, as buying prices cascade down
    Free for sellers to list inventory

No more marketplace commissions,
marketing costs or payment fees.
Guaranteed to sell at full selling prices
Global users control Productivity

Users now have a position of power,
in helping to monetize Productivity
across local economies, and get paid
Free for buyers, no memberships

Just search for items and Activate
and watch buying prices cascade down,
then buy at prices you want to pay.
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