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Partner Strategy to Fast-Track Electric Vehicles World Wide
How?   By changing how to buy EVs at affordable prices
    Auto Demand takes the 'bull by the horns' to Fast-Track sales in
Electric Vehicle by changing the way affordability for consumers
doesn't need to cut into the profitability of vehicle manufacturers
and dealers, just to get to market to move.

Auto Demand operates with an autonomous economic platform
called Cloudfunding  -  it recognizes that EVs, like in all products
and services, there's a true economic value, which is the cost it
takes to produce EVs, plus margin.

That true economic value is now directly tapped and collateralized
world wide  -  it shifts commerce's marketing dynamics to directly
engage with SMEs ( car dealers ) and consumers in local econo-
mies with SODA - Subliminal Organically Distributed Advertising
Global Distribution
    Outsourced Manufacturing was the main force in the 20th Century
that increased cheaper productivity, so cheaper goods got into the
hands of consumers in many countries  -  now deep-reaching tech
can track and scale the economic value of Electric Vehicles, and,
Outsource the Selling by monetizing EVs at the full selling prices,
before the EVs are even released to the local buyers where the
anticipation has been building demand for affordable EVs.

Now in this 21st Century, technology and automation can bring
together a global consensus via interconnected local communities,
on a decentralized and democratic economic engine where global
networks of independent Open Market Makers - OMMs, can 'play-
to-earn' incomes while fully monetizing Electric Vehicles.
Global Consensis
    With economic value being the true value in Commerce, it makes
sense that tapping, collateralizing and monetizing the economic
value directly from the supply side of Commerce is the future of
Productivity  -  now an economic engine with an infrastructure to
track, calculate and scale the economic value to flow as true
validated capital  -  it's a paradigm shift in supply and demand's
dynamics  -  it removes the incumbents, so now there's a direct
exchange of products and services between sellers and buyers

Automation of Commerce was inevitable, just like the automation
in the production of Electric Vehicles  -  but to have it operate
with serendipity, affordability and profitability, ticks all the boxes
for leveling the playing field for buyers and sellers
Economic Engine
    Fractionalizing the economic value of local seller inventories
opens up the free flow of local economic capital moving across
borders, which is able to maintain and govern the true value of
productivity moving between economies  -  this provides the first
universal environment where the full monetization of the EVs is
able to be escrowed, before units are purchased by buyers

With full selling prices secured, local buyers can then compete
to buy the EVs they're interested in by activating Price Demand,
that's where buyers can buy at any time while the buying price
cascades down to 20% of the full selling price  -  but once a deal
is activated, notifications get sent out to other interested buyers
and they too can compete at the price they want to pay
Payment Exchange
    An affordable Electric Vehicle is what every buyer is looking for,
and Auto Demand offers more than the traditional loan to buy a
car, now EVs can be owned outright with no over-hanging debt
-  interested buyers can build up a bigger stake ready to buy
their next EV with Building Blocks  -  that's where small size
'buying power' deals can be competed for to increase a buyers
affordable price that they're willing to pay for an EV

When there's a successful buyer the EV hand-over is ready to
go, the sale price is released ready to liquidate once a QR code
is exchanged and an Ownership NFToken issued  -  dealers just
liquidate their sales with other interested buyers, or consumers
who want to add funds to their account, ready to buy an EV or
other local products and services  -  it's ideal for dealers to make
immediate cross-border settlements, with zero costs or spreads.
    Electric Vehicles offer an ideal environment for the interoperability
across commerce and entertainment  -  but it still should be an
experience that has a better strategy than relying on the in-your-
face advertising model that big tech has relied on to over-load our
already busy lifestyles, with its pervasive paid digital advertising
and surveillance marketing model.

siAds-Mode  -  is a decentralized mobility experience that's able
to be enjoyed during any length of travel, not as a targeted and
captivated audience but one that provides all occupants control
of everything around them  -  this next generation in mobility the
traveler will not be the product but a stakeholder and benefactor
of commerce and entertainment  -  imagine all the productive
power that can be generated in local economies during travel
while Cloudfunding operates subliminally in the background
EV Cockpit
    Local economies with various levels of productivity are now able
to be interconnected on a global platform like the way current
accounts operate tracking trade payments between countries
 -  it differs by using the economic value from local economies
to directly drive productivity across a wider number of local
economies using a network of decentralized market makers

Instead of fiat payments moving from a buyer's country to a
seller's country  -  the platform collects the seller's full payment
via micro economic value directly from hundreds even thousands
of independent market makers located around the world  -  the
buyer's payment, as part of the global aggregate demand is then
distributed to a trade's successful market makers, who in-turn
help distribute economic growth more evenly across countries
creating an effervescent environment that offers unprecedented
real time flows of trade payment activity between local economies.
Balance of Payments
" .  .  affordable Electric Vehicles will have an important role to play in every local economy!"
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