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Sellers can get their products in front of local Buyers and find real demand

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Price Demand

Price Demand

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  Shifting the mechanics in local Commerce

Every town, city and country has commerce at the heart of its existence  -  the economy in these locations formed between sellers supplying products and services and selling to buyers sets the standard of living for the communities.

Early internet has been built around users being the product, where free services are offered in exchange for noisy advertising from third parties  -  today the computing power can shift the mechanisms in commerce to monetize products and give users the benefit.

Products are not just limited to everyday goods and services but also content like news, music, videos, photos, blogs and any digital content that creators can generate  -  content can now be distributed and generate income streams for those creators on a borderless open platform.

Economic benefit can now be distributed democratically to anyone without sacrificing privacy and bowing to online rent seeking gatekeepers  -  retailers and supply chain sellers can bypass the usual marketplace costs and discounting to get predictable full margin sales

it's a new era and a new economy

Commerce and technology come together to bring a new economic architecture for local Main Street and Online businesses to operate on a level playing field  -  it brings a stimulus to the local economy where sellers spread value across the community and into other economies.

The new economic infrastructure shifts away from using credit as the incentive and uses productivity as the leading catalyst to generate commercial activity  -  with genuine productivity validated via RingLink technology a new era of distribution comes about that can track value across the world in micro-values, in real time  -  this allows local cash to be transformed into a universal digital cash and used to exchange product for payment without adding debt into the local economy  -  the overall mechanism is the digitization of traditional Cash Commerce, like handing cash over the counter in exchange for products without any fees, now it only needs a mobile phone and no third party payment providers  -  it's now ubiquitous, moving from buyers to sellers around the world, while comparing with local currencies in real time.

What's so different with the internet's new economic infrastructure is that it distributes local inventory in micro-values across the world, validating and monetizing each unit against genuine productivity  -  which then flows into local economies without any central institution or platform holding or transferring any local cash across borders  -  it gives brick & mortar SMEs and entrepreneurs a stable open market environment where revenue growth can be predictable and guaranteed to achieve full selling prices.

Instead of businesses worrying about markets being manipulated with all sorts of subsidies and kickbacks, businesses will be judged on their social footprint that follows them everywhere online  -  businesses will need to show that they do business fairly and operate with minimal impact on the environment to remain in the users' good books if they want to maximize revenues.

Cloudfunding achieves economic growth while de-leveraging

The stimulus integrates across local regions when sellers list and monetize their inventory with Outsourced Selling and use Price Demand to incentive buyers  -  it automatically forms a local hub of activity, which's tracked in real time in the Global Chamber of Economies.

This means the old economic architecture we've known to form the boom and bust credit cycles will be vastly different in the digital economy era of the 21st century  -  the limitations of the economic models and theories that have been used for years, even centuries, are beginning to show troubling slowdowns in many sectors due mainly to the bloated debt  -  the tools of trade for those in control have been based on the analogue era, not the digital era, which moves much faster and more decentralized in distributing economic growth, without incurring debt.

Price Demand brings automated Selling to Commerce

Real-time demand is not something that happens in Commerce unless there's an effort by Sellers  -  and it usually involves discounting to get the attention of Buyers or buying bulk for lower prices, or being able to get credit terms and offer credit to buyers.

That demand is gained consistently when Sellers sell using Cloudfunding where new digital dynamics change the economics in selling, leveling the playing field for SMEs  -  any Seller can discount and loss profits to get sales but Cloudfunding avoids all that.

Selling is automatic and predictable with Cloudfunding  -  and full Selling Prices are guaranteed for every product or service that uses Outsourced Selling and real-time Price Demand.

Scale and predictable sales is here!

Local is Global in the digital world  -  and Sellers will know if they have the potential or the products and services for that.

That scale can come about with strategies that might suit one business but not others  -  QwickPic and the range of feature services helps businesses to open up their trading zones while keeping revenues flowing without the usual costs associated with scale.

If sales are local or from the other side of a country, even overseas, it's still revenue that needs to be exchanged quickly to gain the maximum advantage  -  Cloudfunding provides all that including a payment process that can be liquidated directly from a business's QwickPay account.

Supply Chains have extending connections

In all industries the Supply Chains can spread across many locations and regions, and each of those connecting Suppliers operates in their own local economy that has its own interconnections and flow with other local economies  -  local economy to economy interconnection is the infrastructure that the New Economy is being built around with Free Open Market Economic Zones - FOMEZs.

Commerce is now just 2-Steps

Sellers have 2 Steps to Selling, one is listing inventory to Outsource the Selling, the other is releasing deals with Price Demand.

For Buyers the 2 Steps are, setting a bidding strategy with FDC to win deals early, or wait and activate the Price Demand.

Simplicity is key to merging Offline to Online  -  Cloudfunding brings the familiarity with Cash to Digital Cash.

Supply Chains have a new future in Free Open Market Economic Zones
Producers / Growers / Parts Manufacturers                                 Manufacturers / Processors                                             Retailers / Dealers                     
Producers  Manufacturers  Retailers
  Domestic markets can operate globally without the global turbulence  
With many industries that are expanding into global markets there is a growing concern when domestic markets aren't able to respond effectively with the turbulent fluctuations that global markets can operate at.

Domestic markets can continue to operate efficiently and still respond to global market prices in real-time when using Cloudfunding with Price Demand  -  domestic operating costs are taken into account when setting the domestic market prices irregardless of the global prices  -  when global prices move higher than domestic prices the local suppliers gain the advantage but never move down when the global prices move below domestic prices  -  Domestic Seller's Trade Xchange platform.

The advantage for industries in Free Open Market Economic Zones - FOMEZ, is the Price Demand that Suppliers offer Buyers along the Supply Chains in an Open Market environment, even if the local market is linked to global market prices  -  industries like Dairy and Fuel, and crops such as Fruit and Grains can still be sold along the Supply Chains and exported using OutSell and Price Demand.

OutSell and Subliminal Organic Advertising flips the Advertising model

Cloudfunding breaks the Paid Advertising model by making it free  -  what advertising has been on electronic mediums for several decades, is now turned around and given a more accountable role in Commerce, giving Sellers predictable sales. for free  -  using Subliminal Organic Advertising to exponentially scale, without saturating the users' experience  -  where channels earn greater revenue via viewers genuinely engaging with content and not ads  -  while in the background, SOA is constantly outsourcing the selling of products and services on a global scale, in real-time, without interfering with the viewer's enjoyment time.

The dynamics of Cloudfunding finally closes the loop in Commerce that has always been left open by unpredictable and costly marketing and advertising  -  it reverses the outcome for Sellers where the Supply side has always needed to be a loser with discounting and advertising costs, just hoping to achieve sales  -  advertising is now able to be used for the greater good in getting predictable full selling priced sales for Sellers, while keeping Buyer demand in an open market environment  -  perpetually helped by the self interest of a democratic Global Crowd that are incentivized to exponentially stimulate markets in an uninterrupted economic loop.

Digital Infrastructure Flow
Cloudfunding operates in the large flows of Commerce

Although marketing and advertising is seen as a necessary function to bring Buyers and Sellers together, it's only a function and a relatively small percentage paid for by the Sellers, compared to the overall value of products and services  -  the overall percentage value of products and services is the environment where Cloudfunding operates, repackaging all the Commerce mechanics that sell products or services along the Supply Chains, all the way from producers, manufacturers to retailers  -  with the prime focus on Sellers getting full Selling Prices  -  to Buyers dictating behavior with Price Demand.

Effectively a Seller uploads whatever quantity of products or services they want to sell locally and Cloudfunding processes that inventory with the help of the OMMs, mostly over-nite or within hours  -  products are fully purchased at the full Selling Prices ( fully monetized ) by the virtual wholesalers during the OutSell process  -  ready for Sellers to release the deals to their local Buyers with Price Demand.

The synergy that Supply and Demand achieves by having a debt free productivity flow, thanks to the Global Crowd, opens up a new distribution mechanism that shares the economic linear growth from the continual productivity across all the location hubs around the world ( FOMEZ )  -  this economic growth that's captured in real time, is distributed though the global Universal Digital Income - UDI Portfolios, to complete the Digital Economy's economic infrastructure loop.

Scale is the key for a faster transition to Renewable Energy

In the Energy Industry, the Australian domestic market has Buyer and Seller options to take advantage of OutSell and Price Demand in the Renewable Energy sectors  -  Solar panel unit systems can be sold at scale with Cloudfunding, as well as the Consumer Marketplace can provide a better ROI for surplus energy feed back into the electricity grids with fair pricing and Price Demand by keeping the markets transparent.

While electricity and gas prices are steadily increasing, deals with cascading Buying Prices offer Buyers a better buying power  -  Sellers can take up the option of listing quantities of deals at full Selling Prices or buying from the Sellers Trade Xchange with Price Demand.

  Cloudfunding offers First Home Buyers the first steps  
First Home Buyers

While housing affordability remains one of the biggest obstacles for many in most countries, it's more so for the Millennial and Gen X generations in developed countries where real estate is used extensively as the wealth creator to push inflation and growth.

Cloudfunding offers a solution for Millennials, Gen Xs and others who have been unable to afford buying their first home  -  unlike banking where the business model is selling a loan product to a buyer in return for payment and interest over time  -  Cloudfunding offers the economic environment and neutral digital interaction between Sellers and Buyers for free, with no marketing costs, no listing fees or agent fees  -  the property is listed by Sellers at a validated and fair market price and the OutSell takes the property to the Global Crowd to process.

The disadvantages placed in front of the younger generations and others that find themselves behind the curve is solved when the Global Crowd establishes the low Buying Prices at 10% of the Selling Prices  -  again Price Demand is activated, even from a mobile, with the full Selling Prices cascade down until a Buyer accepts the price  -  this simply means that a Buyer pays the price for the home they want, then they own the home out-right, with no loans or debts  -  eligibility is only available to local Buyers and those who qualify as First Home Buyers ( owner / occupier ).

Owner / Occupiers wanting to move from house to house are eligible to use the platform to list their existing house and/or bid for a new house with much more predictability over a shorter time frame.
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ComTech builds the autonomous New Digital Economy

Sellers now have their own Digital Sales Division

-  SMEs now compete with Online and Big Box Stores -¬†on a level playing field

-  The 'race to the bottom' can now stop

Cloudfunding offers First Home Buyers the first steps

AS - Automated Selling bypasses traditional Advertising

-  One day turn around is here  -  'from getting stock to selling out'

All roads lead to the ultimate in Subliminal Organic Advertising  -  SOA

QwickPic Ready logo is all that gets shown for SOA to work

-  Algorithms will now be shaped around our buying habits

-  AS - Autonomous Selling eliminates the unpredictability in Commerce

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