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Sellers get their full 'fair' market prices  -  Bidders only pay a fraction of those 'fair' market prices

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Example Deal Show Call Strategy Lead Up Strategy -  Multi Deals
Any Item   -   Any Location QwickFlip Deal:  LAC-H89FHW-934NMEE-UJW
Opening Call Starts:    01 Jan 2017   l   12:00:00 PM Opening Call Check In
Around Again
$0.00 Opening Call Bid
00 : 00 : 00 Time lapsed
Waiting for Opening Call
Options :  
No Action Required
0   $0.00            
0 0 $0.00            
Strategy Total:    $0.00
Add No Bid
  Listed 'Fair' Price : * $0.00 * $0.00
  Deal Quantity : 1  
  QwickFlip Deal : $0.00 * Maximum Deal Price *
  Cloudfunds : * $0.00 * Max 75% ( of Deal Price )
  Condition : Used  
  Product Code : #
  Being sold by :  
  Location for Pickup :  
  Payment Method : Quik-Fill logo  QwickP2P
The global answer to secure online payments using LAC
Local Active Commerce
Stay safe online - Pay and get paid local
* The QwickFlip Deal Price price is the maximum buying price a buyer will pay
-  this 20% maximum Buying Price includes the maximum Cloudfunds that's able to be spent in bidding for any Deal

When an item is bid for and won by a local Bidder the winning price is all that the winner pays,
-  if someone from the Global Crowd wins, then the item is released to local Buyers using the Price Demand
 -  this means the first Buyer to accept a price as it's cascading ( down towards the winning Bid price ) wins the item.



Any Item

Listed 'Fair' Price: * Price that is seen as a 'fair' market price.
QwickFlip Deal Price: * Maximum price to pay combining Cloudfunds and Bids
Cloudfunds: * Maximum Cloudfunds that can be spent in this deal's strategy
Deal Expiry:  
Delivery: Delivery is available.
Trading Times: We are open from . . . .

Web Site:  
Supply Region:   World                      
Maximum Order:   1 Unit                      
Delivery Time:        
Payment Terms:      
  QR Code:   TrustBiz    
 Item Specifications:  
Certain Things:      
Heads Up:      
Heads Up:      
 Supply Details:
  Supply Region:      
  Date Listed:      
  Supply Order:      
  Minimum Order:      
  Packing Type:      
  Delivery Time:      
  Payment Terms:      
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