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  Builders can take the guesswork out of selling homes

Speculation is never far away from building houses and apartments, whether it's building first before finding a buyer or finding a buyer to build for  -  Realty Demand changes all that guesswork by using Cloudfunding to merge the functions into a more predictable and profitable construction system.

There's an euphoria surrounding homes in most developed and even developing countries with houses being regarded as the highest valued asset most people can obtain during their life  -  and it's during the early stages of generating those assets where the prices can rise dramatically but then fall, leaving builders and those working in the industry with financial loses one way or another.

Cloudfunding doesn't use credit so therefore doesn't carry any debt from start to finish of the buying and selling dynamics, and even in the construction stages  -  the full selling price of the construction ( house and land ) is fully monetized before a project begins.

Agent fees and marketing costs that are usually part of the selling costs for developments are not needed in monetizing real estate as the functions are absorbed into the Outsourced Selling process  -  this means that the full selling prices are what the selling builders and developers receive just as other sellers of products and services  -  the various infrastructure costs that often accompany building projects can be listed and monetized to link with specific projects that are listed to sell with Realty Demand.

This means that the full selling price value is collected and escrowed ready for payment stages to be released as a project reaches the various construction stages and is verified  -  any cost variations during construction are accounted for during the monetization process but still need to be verified if and when it occurs

A broader landscape inclusive of the supply chain suppliers

It's not only the selling between the builders and the buyers that Realty Demand offer, there's more back along the supply chain where higher margins can be made for the selling builders and developers  -  the suppliers of both products and services to the construction industry can be involved in using Cloudfunding to offer selling their inventories to builders and to the general buyers

The broad number of suppliers needed to provide the components to build houses and apartments, even commercial buildings touches many people in local communities  -  this leads to the flow-on effect with wages that get spent back in the local economies, even for buying houses and apartments.

New economic 'building blocks' under-pin local real estate values

Cloudfunding operates with an economic infrastructure that allows market dynamics to perform autonomously compared to other markets that are driven more by the financial industry.  

-  it means Cloudfunding can maintain the high market prices for Real Estate independently during any down-turn, allowing buying and selling to continue based on the full market prices that is under-pinned within each local market because of its link to true productivity values back in the local economies.  

-  this is regardless of the general markets that can fall due to any number of market forces ( mainly from the lack of credit and the build up of too much debt )  -  Cloudfunding sets a market high benchmark based on time and value to allow those buyers that may have bought at the high end of the market cycle have a soft transition out of the speculative markets and into a stable market that's based on capital that has circulated through a true productivity cycle  -  effectively, maintaining the higher benchmark prices helps to soften the impact that a property bust has on local economies that go through the credit cycle.

-  importantly it means whenever there's an upward increase in market prices that the Global Chamber of Economies tracks and maintains for the local ( Chamber of Economies ) market prices via the GPI ( Global Price Index ), it follows any new price increase in the general local market ( that moves above the local local CoE market prices ), and gives owners a major benefit of their investment.






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