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Global Digital Transition to Own Your Own Home  -  OYO Home

To fully own your home and not owe any debt is the dream of most people  -  unfortunately that dream is now becoming unrealistic under the present financial and economic systems that have created a new global inequality.

Global Digital Transition - GDT, brings a more equitable and financially feasible way to owning a home  -  OYO Home gives everyone the opportunity of generating and competing for Deals to pay down a mortgage owed on a home, or to buy a home at prices as low as 10% of full market values, which are held within price affordability via a Global Price Index - GPI.

GDT offers a new approach to closing the extremes in inequality between those with and those without the means of affording a better lifestyle  -  those with less now have the means of being able to use digital technology to close the gap in affordability.

The OYO Home Deals are based on various size Deals that are pre-set and make up part of the full value still owed by the home Owner Occupier, all while maintaining privacy by not releasing personal or private details.

Just like any business Seller listing inventory for the Outsourced Selling process the home Owner Occupier can 'sell' the mortgage debt in the same way to the OMMs who have the role of winning deals to earn business profit.

As with any Seller when the Deal is processed and won by an OMM the full value of the Deal is collected and locked in escrow for the Seller to collect and liquidate or spend  -  unlike the Seller's Deals when an OMM wins, the Deal gets released onto the Open Market for local Buyers to buy with Price Demand for Mortgages and Rents, without the OMM having any contact or ownership rights other than being a virtual wholesaler, OMMs work entirely within the Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment - DFDCI.

In the OYO Home Deals the process only needs to be Outsourced and won by an OMM for the Deal payment to be released  -  the Deals value is collected from other global productivity and when the OYO Home Deals value is liquidated or spent, it too validates the true value across the global process down to the micro level of trade.

Unlike when Sellers list their inventory and images of the products and services are uploaded, the OYO Home mortgagors add an image along with details to confirm that they are Owner Occupiers, instead of these details being released, only a general description and location is released, even the images are spliced into a mosaic to 'encrypt' the location.

To provide security and anonymity for the Owner Occupier the value of the OYO Home Deals range from $100 to $10,000, this gives the OMMs various size deals to compete for without knowing any details or size of the mortgage  -  the size of the mortgage is not required when listing the property.

An Owner Occupier can decide to collect and hold the Deals value and release at a time when it suits to pay down the mortgage in a bulk amount  -  even if the OYO Home Deal's value is spent to buy products or services on the Platform it still has the same effect with the additional buying power and disposable income that the Owner Occupier gains.

For the OMMs they too may be looking to pay down their home mortgage or they are looking to purchase a home in the future  -  OMMs who win OYO Home Deals can use the value to participate in Deals to fully buy homes that get listed to sell  -  the more participation by OMMs or local Buyers in the Outsourced Selling process the greater amount of FDC that is validated and can be spent elsewhere.

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