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Chamber of Economies redefine how local economies work
Trade Flow
.  .  by distributing new Capital flows along an economic utility network
The world is now at the stage where the Internet has the networking capacity to have its own native Capital flowing ubiquitously from user to user around the world
.  .  local economies have the unlimited inventory to be the source of Capital needed to flow from economy to economy along a decentralized economic utility network
Economic and commercial dynamics merge into Cloudfunding  -  enabling new Capital flows to be freely distributed to global users to help stimulate local Productivity
.  .  a new new economic model that incentivizes users to be part of the mechanisms that can directly change the way economic wealth is distributed around the world
.  .  Productivity is the leading catalyst for new Capital flows
Cloudfunding challenges the banking industry's economic model of Credit Creation and control of money supply, by redefining the way Capital flows into local economies
.  .  a decentralized global public utility network can directly distribute free Capital, governed by Productivity to generate perpetual commercial activity across local economies
Commercial activity on the Internet has largely been confined to ecommerce sites and a marketplace model that are essentially digital forms of their physical counterparts
.  .  Cloudfunding sits above that hierarchy model with the digitization of the real local economies that merge brick and mortar with ecommerce in economy to economy commerce
.  .  SMEs have access to free working capital to increase cash flows
Decentralized Economic Infrastructure
Cloudfunding changes the way local Commerce works
.  .  by merging profitability and affordability into 3 steps
outsourced selling  -  global crowd  -  price demand
Cloudfunding shifts Productivity to lead Distribution
Credit / Debt
As the world becomes a fully connected society, there's an underlying realization that creating Credit and Debt in the quest for Productivity, is an escalating problem
.  .  centralized systems have been moving debt onto societies in local economies, tilting the world back into a feudal era that imprisons the future generations
Productivity Free Capital
Cloudfunding reverses the financial system's narrative by using Productivity as the catalyst to govern how Capital flows into local economies, without incurring Debt
.  .  Cloudfunding challenges the status quo by incentivizing local economies with tools that stimulate perpetual Productivity  -  gaining sustainable economic growth
Cloudfunding has the deleveraging tools for local economies to escape the growing debt burden
Cloudfunding has a decentralized local economic infrastructure built on a global scale
.  .  it shifts economies that rely on Credit to Productivity driven economies
.  .  it separates the real economy from the speculative driven financial market economies
.  .  it gives local SMEs guaranteed full selling prices while being competitive with big business
.  .  it gives buyers unprecedented control over market dynamics with cascading buying prices
Cloudfunding opens up Free Open Market Economic Zones

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Media Release    New Economy

SMEs have an uphill battle in the new economic landscape, without change!

Most local businesses in the developed economies have been operating forever inside a vacuum with having to struggle against the tide as their local economies go up or down  -  SMEs have needed to juggle what the local buyers are doing and going to do with their spending  -  that means how much stock a business needs to order and what volume they need to sit with, costing money, while waiting for the buyers  -  that slow moving mind-numbing approach to business can be changed with a totally new economic alliance, not just an alliance between local businesses but above the business activity level where an alliance of local Chamber of Economies can give any size business not just more predictability in selling their full priced products and services but also being in control of their buyers' demand  -  that's an unprecedented position that gives SMEs real time control over their cashflows.

New strategy in local productivity is key to economic wealth and stability

From the early days e-commerce has been used to describe electronic commerce  -  more or less merging all the types of commercial activity online  -  now comes the next step with economic distribution  -  Cloudfunding  -  it integrates trade and commerce from around the world as it flows from economy to economy distributing economic value  -  it connects real local currencies with real products and services, digitizing the mechanics in commerce with tools to stimulate that activity  -  the Global Chamber of Economies tracks this activity in real time in a totally new economic alliance that can respond to the real needs of each local¬†economic landscape  -  each local economy forms a Free Open Market Economic Zone that operates autonomously across into other FOMEZs seamlessly.

Global Chamber of Economies merge all the functions of commerce into a sustainable and autonomous ecosystem where buyers and sellers in local economies can take control of their own financial well being  -  it means Main Street brick & mortar and Online businesses can finally compete with each other on price  -  with one major difference, there's no seller discounting and the seller's full selling prices are guaranteed for every sale, every time  -  it's the buyer who decides what the discounted buying price will be, without it affecting the seller's full selling price  -  Cloudfunding separates the selling on the supply side from the buying on the demand side.

As the digital era brings innovation into the market, most online businesses compete against older traditional sellers that operate under a different set of economics  -  Cloudfunding is what brings traditional Offline B&M businesses and Online businesses seamlessly together on a level playing field with three specific feature services, Outsourced Selling, OMMs and Price Demand  -  it separates supply from demand and allows both sides to maximize economic growth and gain equilibrium through faster and more predictable sales.



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Economic Ingrastructure Hierarchy
Cloudfunding changes the model to a decentralized economic infrastructure

Cloudfunding reverse engineers how Capital flows into local economies by distributing free micro-values of real products and services from around the world using a simple engagement app  -  users download the app and start collecting free digital capital as they continue about their normal online activity  -  there're no privacy issues and no tracking, just an Opt-in link that distributes micro-values to users while allowing users to Opt-in and Opt-out at anytime.

The economic model in the early days of the internet has been about vacuuming up information and picking the low hanging fruit by being financed by paid advertising, and with it wealth has flowed into silos that are now the new centralized gatekeepers  -  it differs greatly from the original thinking that the internet could finally overcome the world's financial exclusion and spread economic wealth to everyone  -  Cloudfunding re-establishes that original thinking with new trade highways that interconnect local economies with free digital capital  -  it's Capital that flows along a Global Public Utility Network like electricity, distributing a new wealth to the limits of the internet between decentralized hubs of commercial activity, the local Chamber of Economies.

Instead of being limited to a central control like the Reserve Banks and Banks that use interest rates to control ( mostly after an event ) the flow of credit to go up or down, the decentralized Chamber of Economies ( that will number in the 1000s ) all have access to transparent data, and the tools, to directly incentivize Capital investment ( DFDCI ) into local industries and businesses to maintain their local economy's standard of living, without needing to worry about rates or inflation ( Cloudfunding doesn't create inflation therefore doesn't need interest rates as a control ).

Each Chamber of Economies is unique in how it operates, and this is where the free open market comes into play with individual users and businesses having different strategies in getting supplies to market and where they sell those goods  -  Cloudfunding provides the global scale to monetize the seller's products and services in a predictable and free process, leaving businesses to target supply management and customer service to keep their brand in good standing with the local consumer base  -  the Global Public Utility Network is the interconnecting highways between the economies that gives sellers the best opportunity to grow sales across into new markets.

The decentralized Chamber of Economies benefit from the aggregated flow of Capital that can move without fees of currency spreads across borders via the use of the neutral universal digital cash ( UDC ) trading value, which is the aggregated value of global currencies, and therefore the most stable of currencies for buyers and sellers  -  UDC irons out the volatility and the manipulation imposed on the market by traders ( exploiting their position ) sitting between buyers and sellers and gaining from someone winning and someone losing value  -  Cloudfunding changes that by bringing fair and transparent competition to the markets by separating the supply from the demand side  -  opening up competitive market demand with sellers competing to outsource the selling of their inventory, and buyers activating Price Demand to compete with other local buyers, across all the Chamber of Economies.

New Capital is directed to SMEs for value-added productive purposes

What Cloudfunding does is it opens up new Capital flows that move seamlessly from economy to economy, stimulating local Commerce  -  the new Cloud Capital is accountable at all times and is primarily directed at SMEs in local economies with free monetization of their inventory, and funding for productive purposes to replace borrowing costly capital from institutions  -  Cloudfunding raises the velocity of supply and demand by giving local communities simple tools to drive productivity between local sellers and buyers with e2eCommerce  -  this local commercial activity automatically forms free open market economic zones - FOMEZs.

Cloudfunding opens up two-way flows of Capital across economies that incentivizes the animal instincts at the local level where users can be involved in generating productivity in local economies, as well as other economies  -  it avoids leaving economic stimulus to slow moving institutions and governments that can indebt and burden future generations with deficit spending and subsidies, or with austerity.


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Tools to deleverage away from private debt

Cloudfunding taps into a new unlimited Capital that's fully accountable  -  it decentralizes and democratizes control of Capital as it flows subliminally into economies at local levels, constantly governed by real productivity, without creating debt  -  it dissolves the need for institutional control to use interest rates to manipulate markets, while diluting local currency buying power with inflation  -  Cloudfunding is embedded into local economies by digitizing local cash when it liquidates a seller's sales with local buyers, this liquidation acts to govern the volume of Capital operating in the Global Chamber of Economies and sets in motion the tools that generate an infinite loop aimed at distributing economic wealth and growth to help deleverage users.from the record debt levels now confronting local economies.

Cloudfunding operates as a Global Public Utility distributing Capital

Cloudfunding breaks up the top down control of economies that cluster business decisions around credit and business cycles, which ultimately push or delay productivity and create high and low flows of capital, forcing credit to be used and where bubbles are formed, followed by the perpetual financial crisis  -  Cloudfunding brings economic control down to a local level where it opens up new Capital flows governed by productivity that's monetized and ready sell  -  it provides the incentive for users and entrepreneurs in the Main Streets across local economies to drive production  -  this free and bankless Capital flow, acts like the public utilities of electricity and water, interconnecting local users to a Global Public Utility Network that initially distributes free Capital that's governed by Productivity ( local inventories ready to sell ) across all economies, this free Capital is collected by users and used as working capital to generate local commercial activity, bringing economic benefit to everyone.

Cloudfunding is autonomous, operating globally on a new level where it doesn't need to hold local currencies or transfer currencies across borders because the ubiquitous flow of the new Capital is embedded in the exchange of local productivity in products and services, all under the ownership and control of users, and not a central authority  -  Cloudfunding is value-added, it increases tax revenues by maximizing sales revenue by having no seller discounting ( normally used to find demand )  -  as opposed to bank Credit Creation, which's more a cost-extraction in local economies when loans are predominately used for asset purchases, such as real estate and share markets, it's more speculative and not true productive transactions that produce new products and services, merely an ownership transfer of assets, which leads to inflated prices of assets and everyday products and services without adding any benefit to the local community or economy.

Cloudfunding operates in the real economy - a world away from investment banking

Chamber of Economies using Cloudfunding, opens up new Capital flows that've never been accessable before deep computing  -  it opens up new trade routes where local communities can simply list their products and services to a free flowing highway of global inventories, which outsources the selling to a global crowd consisting of like-minded users in the local and other local communities  -  this free flowing distribution and validation process monetizes inventories on a global scale before releasing the inventory units to local buyers to set the buying price demand.

Location is still the common denominator regardless of which type of business it is, and this origin of where the seller and supply chains come from, usually determines which local economy the sales funds typically come back to, often to disperse locally in towns, suburbs, cities or regions  -  this is where by challenging the status quo with new economics that stops fiat currencies from being siphoned out of local communities by institutions with centralized control  -  instead Cloudfunding decentralizes control into the hands of users in local economies by leaving fiat currencies to circulate locally, and help spread sustainable economic growth through increased productivity.

See  .  .  Cloudfunding verses Bank Credit Creation
    .  .  more    
Cloudfunding shifts the economics

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