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Global Chamber of Economies redefine how local economies work
Trade Flow
.  .  with a totally new economic alliance of local communities
Today local economies have less control in determining their local economic and social wealth, especially with the interconnectivity of today's global financial systems
-  but technology can now open new channels to totally new economic alliances of local communities, that collectively, can respond to the changing economic landscape
The world is now at the stage where the Internet has the networking capacity to have its own native Capital flowing ubiquitously from user to user around the world
.  .  and local economies have the unlimited inventory to be the source of Capital needed to flow from economy to economy along a decentralized economic utility network
.  .  it means the internet's digital economy now has the economic infrastructure to build out a self sustaining new economy that bridges the Offline to the Online worlds
.  .  it opens the way to establish an alliance of local Chamber of Economies to provide local communities with a platform to collaborate together as an economic force
Cloudfunding challenges the status quo by tapping local inventories
The old economy has relied on centrally controlled money creation  -  making the world pay to use financial products that've become disconnected with the real local economies
The new economy is a paradigm shift that begins by freely distributing a genuine economic value to global users  -  a free universal value that's indelibly tied to local Productivity
Main Street businesses, which are mostly SMEs have inventory sitting waiting to be sold  -  this full priced and pre-sold inventory is the economic value Cloudfunding taps into
.  .  inventory is the products and services local economies sell between buyers and sellers, where wages and incomes are generated, which's then used as consumer spending
Local Chamber of Economies are interlinked on a global economic utility network that streamlines the transfer of economic value as a neutral universal value between economies
.  .  offering local sectors like local media a new channel to access advertising revenue through a much broader ecosystem that links SMEs with audiences previously untapped
Productivity Lead
.  .  shifting Productivity to lead catalyst  -  stimulates economic growth
Since the GFC there's more awareness that stagnant wages and increased debt in the private sector is a result of the banking industry's inability to generate economic growth
.  .  problem caused by using easy Credit means the burden has shifted to local economies to do the heavy lifting  -  by carrying debt, unaccountable with any future productivity
Cloudfunding commoditizes the economic value of Productivity, by monetizing the full priced inventory, the ready to sell local inventories before it's released to the end buyers
.  .  this genuine economic value is integrated with other local economy inventories, establishing a universal unit of account that's tracked and validated with an intrinsic value
Cloudfunding simultaneously incentivizes supply and demand in two separate markets  -  generating both highly profitable and highly affordable sales of products and services
.  .  it incentivizes users in the interconnected local economies to monetize inventory  -  setting the stage for inventory to be released to local buyers with cascading buying prices
Economic Distribution Layout
.  .  proactive local economies are more important now than ever
DOME - Global Chamber of Economies
.  .  using Credit to drive an economy only dilutes local wealth
Cloudfunding challenges the Credit Creation model where Productivity is last  -  Cloudfunding shifts Productivity so it's the leading catalyst that directly stimulates local Commerce
.  .  it bypasses the incumbents that extract economic value from local economies  -  and recalibrates Commerce dynamics so Productivity growth is directed into local economies
.  .  it helps to raise all boats across urban and rural economies
Cloudfunding isn't limited to towns and cities, it's equally valuable for the rural areas, with farming being able to directly monetize produce at sustainable prices, and find markets
.  .  helps farming industries, co-ops and individuals to set floor prices ( o/h costs / profits ) to stabilize markets and still work to global prices, it brings debt free cashflows to farming
Local rural communities all have some sort of produce that can be outsourced to sell at full selling prices  -  monetized and ready to be liquidated into the local and regional centres
.  .  cashflows flow around locally by SMEs outsourcing their inventories to allow producers and supply chains to liquidate and spend locally at affordable prices, keeping SMEs viable
".  .  it's an economic infrastructure, controlled by local communities, that uses ready to sell inventory to stimulate productivity and gain local economic growth"
".  .  ever since the Gold Standard was abandoned, there's never been a more suitable replacement than the accountable inventory held in local economies"
".  .  technology can now distribute and monetize the economic value of inventory in a local economy as an international unit of account with an intrinsic value"
.  .  Subliminal Advertising sets the foundation for Cloudfunding
Cloudfunding reverses the narrative around the way Commerce gets played out Online  -  avoiding all the costs and time consuming actions just to sell something
.  .  it was all supposed to be easier to get sales, but instead there's digital advertising, marketplaces, OTAs, SEOs, influencers, payment providers etc, all taking a commission
Cloudfunding bypasses incumbents sitting between buyers and sellers and restructures Commerce so competition is stimulated within the local economy, keeping money local
.  .  Cloudfunding brings the infrastructure to local economies, to operate autonomously, to be competitive, both within a local economy, and across into other local economies
Cloudfunding is writing a new narrative around economic distribution
".  .  Cloudfunding is a paradigm shift in Commerce where Productivity is the foremost function to achieving economic growth, without incurring debt"
".  .  multiple local economies interconnect globally, competing for the attention of a global network of market makers to fully monetize inventory"
".  .  changing the game so local economies monetize supply with free foreign investment, creates exponential competition between local economies"
Consumers today aren't loyal  -  Price Demand fixes that problem
When consumer spending is central to capitalism, any time consumers individually increase saving or pay down debt instead of spending, it causes an economic slowdown
.  .  this is now evident in many countries with flat-lined productivity  -  there's been a lack of consumer spending on products and services since the GFC ( paradox of thrift )
.  .  cascading buying prices attract FOMO  -  fear of missing out
Cloudfunding has an economic structure with incentives and advantages for buyers and sellers across local economies to avoid the damage deleveraging has on economies
.  .  it's solved by capital flowing ubiquitously from economy to economy, stimulating productivity with new dynamics to save seller profits while giving buyers affordable prices
.  .  automated selling counters the automation of industry
Automation will take over many jobs in this century, and that will leave many in society without productive jobs ( displaced ) or decent incomes needed for consumer spending
.  .  this century must be about shorter workweeks with better incomes, to survive  -  otherwise if Automation is left to control Productivity, inequality will undoubtedly increase
Cloudfunding positions the global user at the intersection between automation and end consumers  -  it's where, who holds the economic value, controls the flow of Productivity
.  .  it's where users in local economies can be part of generating Productivity and real economic wealth, and get decent incomes  -  and having time to do more creative things
.  .  local economies are just as important as national economies
Having a constant flow of free foreign capital moving into a local economy, and having the means to keep it there, is a major key to economic growth
Keeping track of value moving from country to country relies on a Balance of Payments to determine imports to exports, as well as flows of capital moving in and out of a country
.  .  by decentralizing the national Balance of Payments mechanism to operate at a local level across local economies, it gives more control to local communities to drive growth
Global Balance of Payments
.  .  what's different, is that local economies drive sales and profits
What often slows down a local economy is when the economic value, which is the wealth value generated from local productivity, is not able to be kept within a local community
.  .  this economic value is really a trading account surplus  -  it's usually channeled out via financial services leaving less value to trade with, basically a trading account deficit
With credit being widely used, the payments and costs dilute the amount of economic value circulating in local economies  -  this reflects on the economic wealth of communities
.  .  with the Balance of Payments operating at a local level, it establishes a new environment for competing users and groups in driving productivity for their own personal wealth
It's not just debt in a local economy that makes up a local trade deficit  -  there's the products and services a local economy competes with in the imports from other economies
.  .  the difficulty of competing with stronger economies is the same for local economies, as with countries  -  local economies need a Balance of Payments to balance those flows
Cloudfunding decentralizes the way a Balance of Payments can help stimulate local economies  -  making it transparent for global users to track the flows of local productivity
.  .  with the transparency of supply and demand, and trade surpluses and deficits, it gives global users direct control of the flow of capital that directly stimulates local economies

Summary:    Cloudfunding brings together supply and demand where both sides gain advantages in a free open market ecosystem  -  sellers gain
by the free listing of inventory and a competitive advantage using a global Outsourced Selling process that fully monetizes the seller's inventory, via
a network of incentivized market makers  -  and buyers gain by having access to the internet's Free Digital Capital, which is collected to use as
free working capital in strategies that both monetizes seller inventories, and, validates a user's FDC to UDC, a neutral universal unit of account that
can be spent with the buying power of Price Demand  -  it allows buyers to buy things as buying prices cascade from the full selling prices down
to 20%, or lower, all without it effecting the seller's guaranteed full selling prices.

.  .  it's not who controls the money supply  -  it's all about economics!
Cloudfunding is the economic platform that sits above marketplaces and businesses and provides the mechanics that allow buyers and sellers to operate on a level playing field
.  .  where, regardless the competition, the little guy has just as much competitive advantage as the big guy  -  where entrepreneurs and SMEs can come to get guaranteed sales
Cloudfunding sits above B2B & B2C markets with e2eCommerce
Economic Ingrastructure Hierarchy
ComTechX the industry, combines Commerce and Technology, bringing together Offline and Online Commerce into the new economy with a streamlined commercial ecosystem
.  .  it operates in an autonomous infrastructure, in the way the internet was intended, with an ubiquitous universal value synchronizing all the global economies to operate as one
Economies in most countries have been separated into two separate entities, those below the line produce and add economic value, those above take from that economic value
Global Chamber of Economies find a balance by providing local economies with the voice and platform to operate independently and retain the economic wealth that is produced
Separation of Commerce from the Banking and Financial System in Cloudfunding's economic infrastructure acts similar to how the Glass-Steagall Act operated from 1933 to 1999
.  .  this was when the retail side of banking was separated from the investment side, which involved speculation on the stock markets and a main cause of the Great Depression
Local SMEs can change the status quo by outsourcing the selling of their inventory at guaranteed full selling prices to gain a competitive advantage against big box competition
Cloudfunding gives SMEs predictable cashflows so they have the confidence to invest in stock and upgrades, which lead to jobs  -  ingredients for a better local economy
SMEs hold the economic value keeping local economies together
SMEs hold the economic value sitting in inventories waiting to be sold to the local buyers  -  it's this economic value that Cloudfunding directly stimulates in local economies
.  .  change comes with the interconnection of local economies that ubiquitously exchange a universal economic value  -  freeing the flow of Capital for productive purposes
                                     .  .  see how decentralizing the shareholder model increases new Capital flows to SMEs
Non Parity
"Cloudfunding changes the dynamics in how sellers get paid  -  with a 'pay it forward' flow that guarantees sales at full selling prices!"
.  .  just like traditional cash sales  -  only now it's all digital
Cloudfunding brings back traditional Cash Sales but adds digital functions so local economies gain from full profits and affordable purchases, but keeps the money local
.  .  it avoids losing money to third party incumbents that have controlled Capital for their own benefit, for something that should be ubiquitous across local economies
The new economy doesn't have old legacy systems to push around like the old economy's bank and financial systems  -  their lack of nimbleness is plain to see post GFC
Cloudfunding is a whole new approach, with algorithms, real time tracking and security, set in an ecosystem where real economic value generates real economic growth
Cloudfunding brings out the competitiveness in businesses by having a level playing field in an open market environment for trading locally, regionally, and internationally
.  .  it moves Productivity ( inventory ) to the forefront in an economic infrastructure that gives users in local economies the democratic control over the distribution of wealth
Cloudfunding distributes economic value governed by Productivity
Cloudfunding has the digital age's economic infrastructure to bring together a totally new alliance to form a global democratic consensus that benefits local economies
.  .  it operates autonomously between users in local economies using new economics that ensures genuine productive values are securely traded within economies
Cloudfunding doesn't create money, it digitally aligns an economic value with local currencies and subliminally distributes that economic value freely out to global users
.  .  it forms a neutral Capital that's indelibly tied and governed to Productivity  -  with the focus on perpetually stimulating economic growth in those local economies
The economic value can't be used for speculative purposes, it's stable against all the global currencies, even gold, and its value can't be manipulated by markets
.  .  it's constantly validated with genuine Productivity and tracked globally in real time  -  its ownership flows ubiquitously from buyer to seller, bypassing incumbents
Size matters  .  .  the economic value in local economies is unlimited
Cloudfunding has the technology to tap into that unlimited resource of economic value sitting in every local economy  -  there's no debt created so there's nothing to pay back
.  .  economic value is like a natural resource, and it means it can operate within its own economic infrastructure, with local Chamber of Economies balancing supply and demand
Productivity is everything to local economies, it's the activity keeping big and small communities moving, trading products and services from sellers to buyers, the faster the better
It makes no sense adding debt to an already bloated system for future generations to pay back when a natural resource, produced by local economies, can be tapped and scaled
Local Main Street businesses can have enormous amounts of stock on the shelves and in storage ready for sale  -  and it's not only physical goods, there's also all the services
Inventories can range from real estate, cars, fuels, accommodation, restaurants, event tickets, power, medical, rents/mortgages, student loans, child-care, groceries, fashion, etc
The scale of sellers taking advantage of listing their inventory to outsource the selling can be exponential across economies  -  inventory can be listed one day and sold the next
.  .  the Outsourced Selling engine can exponentially scale across multiple economies processing inventories ( every 15 min, 24/7 ), which are perpetually released to local buyers
"any product or service that can be quantified and priced can be outsourced and monetized at full selling prices and offered to buyers at affordable prices"
"if paid advertising has proven anything, it's scalability and disruption  -  then monetizing seller inventories for free, with guaranteed sales, is revolutionary"
Online Content has struggled to gain any real value from paywalls or subscription based revenues  -  Cloudfunding changes that so Content can be rewarded like any business
.  .  where advertising has been the usual revenue source, this is flipped around when Subliminal Organic Advertising is added to operate in the background of all types of Content
SOA can be added to websites offering gaming, blogs, news, music, anything at all that Content should normally be rewarded with a revenue stream to support operating costs
.  .  all a user sees is a QwickPic Ready Op-In / Out display to let users know they can earn FDC while visiting  -  in the background website owners get a share of any linked sales
.  .  two separate market dynamics working simultaneously
.  .  delivering profitability and affordability
Cloudfunding is a paradigm shift from who controls the flow of money to an ecosystem that focuses on an economic infrastructure where money is only a means of exchange
.  .  it changes the Commerce dynamics by separating the supply side from the demand side  -  creating two separate open markets with each competing on level playing fields
Supply side competes to get inventory supplied and monetized, ready for buyers to buy  -  sellers compete for the attention of the global crowd to get their inventory processed
.  .  incentive for sellers is profitability, streamlining their supply means more investment and jobs  -  couple that with cascading buying prices and it's the recipe for affordability
Having two separate market platforms operating simultaneously changes many of the old theories that held the old economy together  -  the new economy has new values
.  .  Cloudfunding has a new economic model where an accountable economic value directly stimulates economic growth in local economies, without creating inflation or debt
Cloudfunding solves one of the biggest causes of slow economic growth  -  it's when times get tough, one of the first things sellers do is discount  -  it's seen as the free market
.  .  but cost of discounting to find demand is where the greatest amount of economic value disappears from a local economy  -  Cloudfunding solves it by keeping that value local
On the supply side sellers have an opportunity to gain full selling prices  -  this advantage is balanced by the influence buyers have on the demand side with a business's success
.  .  users have Social Media to hold businesses to account, not only delivering products and customer service, but things like wages, climate change and ethical supply lines
Velocity of economic value  .  .  many hands make light work
The faster money is exchanged between buyers and sellers the more productivity growth and economic wealth  -  but velocity is limited if demand is restricted by incomes
.  .  Cloudfunding incentivizes supply by monetizing full selling prices with an international digital trading capital  -  the separation means users need only pay prices they can afford
Having products and services monetized at full selling prices using a decentralized network of global users ensures sale's payments prior to finding demand from local buyers
.  .  with full selling prices locked in escrow, thanks to the 'many hands' of an incentivized network, it changes traditional selling to automated selling when buyers have Price Demand
Competition between sellers wanting the attention of buyers is shifted in Cloudfunding by competing for the attention of the global crowd, who are ready to monetize inventory
.  .  the pressure is on the sellers to get their inventory ready to sell  -  there's not only the end buyers but getting the attention of the global crowd, if not, competitors will win sales
Cloudfunding can have exponential scale on stimulating Productivity across multiple industries and local economies  -  it's not limited to products and services via e2eCommerce
.  .  there's the economies of scale of input that Direct Foreign Digital Capital can have on projects, ranging from local community projects to major infrastructure projects
"innovation now has the scale to grow with help from a global crowd  .  .  entrepreneurs now have an environment that can fund visions"
Without entrepreneurs and risk taking businesses there would be no commercial activity  -  Cloudfunding applies an approach that backs those entrepreneurs and innovators
.  .  someone with an idea or a business wanting to expand can be backed with Free Direct Backing without any repayments, interest or lose of equity  -  FDB removes the risk
Free Direct Backing introduces the Cloud Benefactor who as part of the global crowd can direct funds directly to a project that's been presented by a business or entrepreneur
.  .  while funds are directed to the project an equal value is added to the CB's portfolio to buy equal equity in the local economy where an entrepreneur or business is located
                                     .  .  see how decentralizing the shareholder model increases new Capital flows to SMEs
.  .  deleveraging Real Estate debt with genuine economic value
Lack of governance in Credit Creation is evident in boom and bust cycles, especially in real estate  -  where credit inflates real estate prices to give the illusion of new wealth
.  .  Cloudfunding changes those negatives by governing wealth with real Productivity  -  Cloudfunding raises the bar by making Real Estate demand real, not an illusion
Real Estate property is usually the largest investment for most people, however the easy way that Credit is created has caused generational hardship across many countries
.  .  Realty Demand flips that, by breaking down the full buying prices to as low as a 10% for full ownership  -  Building Blocks use Cloudfunding to make affordable housing real
Cloudfunding separates the final buying price, first by monetizing affordable Building Blocks  -  monetizing the Building Blocks is done on a global scale with a global crowd
.  .  winning Building Blocks early gives buyers an advantage when bidding for a property  -  potential buyers can add any amount of Building Blocks to their buying price
Building Blocks
The Realty Demand Building Blocks break down the value of big ticket items like houses ( even cars etc ) to make it easier for buyers to save up for the right time to buy
.  .  the Building Blocks come in price ranges of $100 to $10,000 and are fully monetized like seller inventories of products and services, and purchased using Price Demand
While Cloudfunding initially disrupts Real Estate by monetizing the full selling prices of property  -  the Building Blocks are used when paying the cascading buying prices
.  .  effectively the value exchanged with the purchase of a property has dual validation, first with the initial Outsourced Selling and then Price Demand with Building Blocks
Overall home ownership is the goal of every borrower and it's the cost of servicing loans and rents that becomes a struggle as wages flat-line as the cost of living goes up
.  .  Realty Demand includes mortgage and rental payments in the same Outsourced Selling and Price Demand process  -  users can offset their payments by winning deals
An important thing happens when UDC is used to pay out the Credit that gets created for mortgages  -  UDC replaces the Credit in the money supply with a productive value
.  .  it means the UDC fills the void left when the mortgage debt is cancelled on the books of a lender, UDC counters the initial unproductive money left in the money supply
"transition of the money supply from the old to new economy means the quantity is finally accountable, tied to a global economic value, without debt"
"the new economy's universal unit of account tied to the economic value, embedded in local economies, means its ownership can move seamlessly"
"by shifting productivity forward to lead the distribution of real economic value, it removes the debt society has with unaccountable money ( credit )"
.  .  an Outsourced Selling engine fully monetizes local inventory
We know what outsourced manufacturing has done to local economies, where local industries have either struggled against lower pricing or industries disappearing
.  .  Cloudfunding takes that outsourced model and structures it to outsource the selling component  -  to fully monetize local inventory using a global network of users
Transition to the new economy needs to ease society from the old economy's model designed on indebtedness  -  where boom and bust cycles have shifted wealth
.  .  the new economy has an economic infrastructure that deleverages indebtedness  -  and redirects wealth across local economies by spreading wealth equally
".  .  it's no longer about who controls the money supply anymore, it's more about having a better economic infrastructure to suit the digital age"
".  .  the era of forcing debt on society, to do the heavy lifting so a financial system can extract value from local economies, will inevitably end"
.  .  the new economy has a decentralized local infrastructure
The change to a decentralized and democratic economic model gets rid of the old economy's archaic credit rating system, to instead provide an all inclusive infrastructure
.  .  the lack of financial inclusion limited many in the old economy but that changes for everyone with connection  -  users can build their financial standing on a level playing field
Unlike banking, which controls money with products and fees, Cloudfunding only taps the economic value within local economies where users exchange ownership without fees
.  .  the economic value is the digital age's ubiquitous currency unit, secured via the decentralized control held by global users across multiple local economies and markets
The opening up of local economies to co-operate within a new alliance of the Chamber of Economies changes the overall landscape of how economic wealth can be distributed
.  .  from an initial distribution of local inventory's economic value through to the distribution of economic wealth with universally distributed incomes, it gives users unprecedented control
"Cloudfunding doesn't hold any global currencies or transfers any currencies across borders, it holds the economic value tied to real productivity"
"Cloudfunding taps the economic resource in local economies that's controlled by society, which brings a decentralized democracy to capitalism"
"Cloudfunding is able to tap the volume of seller inventory much faster than what the financial system can lend out to businesses and consumers"
.  .  Localization in the new economy is built on a global scale
In a single local economy the velocity of exchanges between buyers and sellers has a limit to its economic growth when there is a limit with the volume of supply available
Cloudfunding integrates multiple local economies with the ability to exponentially expand the volume and velocity of economic value across larger volumes of supply available
The magnitude of the supply available in supply chains across local economies ensures inflation doesn't devalue the local currencies, which comes about from greater demand
.  .  the larger the supply, the larger the volume of economic value there is circulating across local economies to support the growing demand that's constantly governed by supply
".  .  the pressure of demand that usually creates inflation, forcing selling prices to rise, is offset by the cascading buying prices with Price Demand"
".  .  the level of demand with cascading prices, provides a true indication on the affordability of products and services by users in a local economy"
".  .  the platform tracks the flows of aggregate demand of local and global inventory with the Global Price Index, constantly evaluating price increases"
.  .  is free working capital the start of a new disposable income?
What has become a harder to find and almost forgotten luxury in many users lives in many countries, is to have a surplus left over from wages after the bills have been paid
With stagnant wages, record debt and increased cost of living in local economies there's usually little left to go towards those extra things that make all the effort worth it
This is where free digital capital has its foundation  -  it's free working capital that's distributed to global users who can collect any amount to use as a type of savings

free digital capital  .  .  it's free to collect, there's no interest or fees and it never needs to be paid back, ever!
Local economies set their own beat in the new economy
Sellers now have Automated Selling  -  predictable and guaranteed
Cloudfunding has the infinite trading loop between supply and demand with sellers guaranteed of getting full selling prices and buyers being able to pay what they can afford
Cloudfunding operates in a new era that can distribute and validate an economic value on a global scale  -  enabling it to monetize local inventory across a decentralized platform
There's plenty of competition on both sides of the market, with the supply side needing to get their supply logistics efficient to beat competitors in getting products ready to sell
.  .  and buyers have ample competition with Price Demand and cascading buying prices that's open for all buyers to buy at prices they want to pay, once a deal is Activated
Supply      New Rails of Trade      Demand
SME funding Online
.  .  the global crowd will control Automation with Productivity flows
Automation will take over many jobs in this century, and that will leave many in society without productive jobs ( displaced ) or decent incomes needed for consumer spending
.  .  this century must be about shorter workweeks with better incomes, to survive  -  otherwise if Automation is left to control Productivity, inequality will undoubtedly increase
Cloudfunding positions the global user at the intersection between automation and end consumers  -  it's where, who holds the economic value, controls the flow of Productivity
.  .  it's where users in local economies can be part of generating Productivity and real economic wealth, and get decent incomes  -  and having time to do more creative things
Global users begin by collecting free digital capital, by downloading an App that lets users Opt-In and Opt-Out as they connect Online  -  without any of the creepy tracking
The free working capital is for users to allocate in strategies to help monetize products and services, which effectively validates the working capital so users can go and spend
The flow of Capital, starting with free digital capital through Cloudfunding's mechanism to the validation of universal digital capital has an infinite loop in validating Productivity
.  .  the validation ties and governs UDC with local currencies back through to real local Productivity  -  overcoming the lack of any intrinsic value behind credit ( fiat currencies )
With all economic models there should be a beginning and an end that continually moves in cycles  -  the objective is to gain real economic wealth to distribute into society
Cloudfunding is structured to gain a real economic wealth surplus on a global scale, which's distributed in real time to global users as an income to offset inflation and wages
".  .  economic wealth originates at the local level where productivity is generated  -  Cloudfunding ensures it's distributed globally to local users"
Localization offers more economic growth than Globalization
Global Chamber of Economies  .  .  a totally new economic alliance
All local economies have various types of businesses with inventories of products and services sitting and waiting for buyers  -  that inventory is where the economic value sits
Look down any Main Street and imagine the economic value sitting, waiting to be exchanged at full selling prices for sellers, and buying prices cascading down until a buyer buys
Global Chamber of Economies provide that setting for local communities to be aligned with each other and benefit from the increased Productivity that comes from e2eCommerce
.  .  there's never been such an alliance of local economies before  -  technology is only now able to scale to bring an economic infrastructure dedicated to Commerce - ComTechX
What changes is the independence that communities gain from utilizing a natural resource that sits in every local economy  -  it allows the commercial activity to organically grow
.  .  there's less reliance on Capital from financial services  -  which after all, they are just like any business trying to sell products and gain profit  -  now, there's a debt free option
On a broader scope, Local Chamber of Economies have the economic infrastructure to enable change in the way local and national infrastructure projects can be implemented
.  .  Local Chamber of Economies have interconnected alliances to finance projects of any size using Direct Foreign Digital Capital, without indebting future generations
.  .  gates open for citizens to be equity owners of local economies
Cloudfunding opens a new gateway for citizens to become equity owners in local and foreign economies, directly benefiting from the Productivity in each city, regional and country
.  .  economic equity ownership of local economies is built into Cloudfunding to equally distribute a location activity tax ( wealth tax ) that's drawn from the unique outsourced selling process
For Productivity to be key to a local economies' economic wealth, it needs to have the governance and accountability to drive Productivity and directly share the economic benefit
.  .  the mechanics in Cloudfunding offer users and groups the means to influence Productivity in their local economies, as well as help foreign economies where they see a need
"Cloudfunding avoids the speculative and wealth sapping shareholder model by directly sharing economic wealth on an all inclusive universal scale"
".  .  it separates local economies from the financial sector and currency markets ( Glass - Steagall ) with its localized autonomous economic infrastructure"
The new digital economy is a paradigm shift from how the old economy works where wealth is distributed directly to shareholders, and how it takes wealth away from local citizens
.  .  every individual user, SME, Co-Op and local Chamber of Economies can now share economic wealth gained from Productivity in local economies with universally distributed incomes
The universally Distributed Income is based on ideology that there should be freedom available to individuals to both directly help and benefit from economic wealth in local economies
.  .  where Productivity generated in Commerce in local economies gains a linear economic growth, and, which if influenced by local and foreign users, it should be equally shared
.  .  e2eCommerce  -  economy to economy Commerce sits above
From the 1980 the world has been driven by credit tied in to boost globalization, which has built in booms and busts across national economies that effect the local economies
.  .  Cloudfunding ties genuine Productivity to freely flowing Capital moving from economy to economy  -  with a competitive advantage for local production and manufacturing
Local economies come in various sizes and output, and each has one thing in common, selling of products and service between buyers and sellers determines the local wealth
.  .  to have overall community wealth and benefits is the focus of the Global Chamber of Economies  -  it's the local Chambers operated by users that help deliver those benefits
Local Chamber of Economies are designed for the future where economic wealth of local economies are distributed to the broader community to help drive perpetual spending
.  .  local Chambers can operate without a physical presence, all digital, or with Local Economic Distribution Hubs that're the new connection between local buyers and sellers
productivity  =  economic value  =  consumer spending
The way the economic value is tapped from product and service inventories across the world, changes Commerce's dynamics in how Capital flows between users and economies
.  .  it does away with incumbent third party financial services that dilute value from productive activity  -  shifting to a transparent and direct exchange between buyers and sellers
What makes Cloudfunding so different to the banking systems is the direct tapping of the economic value in local economies and validating that Productivity in real time, globally
.  .  whereas banking use unproven future Productivity in the form of credit, with no governance on the quantity created  -  hence why there's now an escalating record global debt
Cloudfunding sets the narrative for the new economy without the old economy's feudal rentier system that has extracted value from local economies and created an inequality gap
Cloudfunding has a decentralized universal democratic consensus infrastructure where users interconnect across local economies to help drive real global Productivity
Cloudfunding changes the way local Commerce works
.  .  by merging profitability and affordability into 3 steps
outsourced selling  -  global crowd  -  price demand
Cloudfunding is a paradigm shift to a linear economic growth
Credit creation has embedded risk in the financial systems that in reality leads to problems where the individual will inevitably have shocks that can place them in financial difficulty
.  .  Cloudfunding is a debt free economic model that's able to track and govern an economic value which can directly stimulate local Commerce to generate linear economic growth
Linear economic growth is unachievable when an unvalidated financial product as credit is, when it can't be guaranteed to have any productive value to both borrowers and economy
Cloudfunding validates economic value down to 14 decimal points as it moves from ready to sell inventory to inventory sold  -  the validation determines either zero or positive growth
Sustainable economic growth could never be obtained without using deep reaching technology  -  this's where combining Commerce and Technology has formed a new industry
ComTechX is able to bypass the old economy's incumbent services that were added over decades to a financial system to control Commerce  -  those incumbents are now irrelevant
Cloudfunding takes Cash Commerce to a universal level
Cloudfunding is credit and debt free with every action buyers and sellers make through selling and buying products and services via Outsourced Selling and Price Demand
.  .  sellers get their inventory monetized with Universal Digital Capital, an international unit of account, which sellers liquidate to buyers needing to fund their accounts to spend
For the new economy to work, as it was meant to, as a universal and ubiquitous ecosystem that works across borders, it needs to remove barriers set up by the old economy
.  .  that's where the freedom to have Capital flowing seamlessly and ubiquitously as cash has always done  -  all that's changed is it's in a digital form, without the rent-takers
".  .  having ownership tracked universally within a secure economic infrastructure means Digital Cash Commerce works for everyone, everywhere!"
While many local economies have been effected by local and foreign government influence like subsidies and tax breaks  -  it has given the world anything but free open markets
. . those influences, coupled with out dated financial systems, have forced local economies to use deep discounting to survive  -  it starves governments of taxes and standards
This self-inflicted model of the old economy is solved with Cloudfunding, where markets are constantly stimulated with profitability and affordability, supporting government revenues
. . key issues Cloudfunding overcome is the dilution of value with a universal system that does the heavy lifting by incentivizing the entrepreneurial spirit to stimulate local economies
Benefit of an international unit of account is the stability gained by aggregating it to global currencies  -  this avoids speculation and allows easy comparison to local currencies
Price Demand solves the delay sellers often have with 30 - 90 day trading terms  -  by having trackable UDC as spendable cashflows, there're no terms needed, it's all in real time
.  .  a new structure for global Remittances
Structure of e2eCommerce makes Remittances a natural fit as it's part of the streamlined exchange that happens from economy to economy, with a high level of trackable security
.  .  the Remittance industry has been highly profitable for incumbents taking advantage of a US$600B plus flow of Capital  -  Cloudfunding does it for free with e2eCommerce
"Cloudfunding doesn't hold or transfers any global currencies across borders, it tracks and exchanges the economic value ownership across local economies"
".  .  the economic value resource tied to real productivity in local economies is controlled by society and brings a new decentralized democracy to capitalism"
Credit is proving to be an unfair economic model for society
Credit is widely accepted as a way for people to get things now and pay it off later, especially for housing, but its model is built on cycles that just keep getting bigger, with debt
.  .  that debt sucks profits from future generations, from Productivity that may never be made  -  the cost of Credit disadvantages society by diluting tomorrow's Productivity value
By using credit to the extent that debt is constantly owed personally or nationally takes the potential full profits from future Productivity due to the costs associated with borrowing
.  .  the way of hiding this dilution of profits is to force inflation into the system by constantly raising prices so that it's almost impossible to know what the real value of things truly is.
Credit, especially the way credit is created, has systemically damaged local economies by the unaccountable increase of debt that reduces the value of money with rent seeking
.  .  the incremental shift from 'one income supporting a family' to a debt loaded society where 'two incomes are now needed to support a family', has hidden the erosion of wealth
Productivity Lead
Cloudfunding flips that around by tapping into today's Productivity, without the indebtedness, without the cost of working more just to be on par with previous generation wages
.  .  the value of Productivity often is determined by real estate affordability  -  it's one key focus of Cloudfunding  -  to incentivize consumer spending to generate local Productivity
Cloudfunding offers local economies a totally new alliance with local Chamber of Economies that can operate as a collaborative group of users who can drive local Productivity
.  .  by monetizing local inventory ( real estate ) at full selling prices, linking that to cascading buying prices  -  it exponentially raises Productivity and moves economic growth
Cloudfunding helps users delever away from credit and debt
Cloudfunding goes further than just separating risky financial systems and investments from ordinary banking and credit  -  it establishes a new paradigm for Productivity
.  .  the open ended Credit Creation has become addictive to the point of being unmanageable, both in servicing loans, and lenders giving easy credit that simply inflates prices
Cloudfunding changes the whole environment by directly stimulating local economies within an economic infrastructure that aligns with existing money, without creating debt
.  .  it offers sellers incentive to outsource the selling of inventory to monetize products and services at full selling prices, and buyers with price demand with cascading prices
With multiple local Chamber of Economies operating within national borders it offers real time connection to governments that can direct their policies straight to the 'coal face'
.  .  and because of the global interconnectivity, funding of major local and national projects can draw international economic value with Cloudfunding, without incurring debt
Cloudfunding redirects macroeconomics with local economic values
Cloudfunding has an economic infrastructure that keeps the supply and demand activity between buyers and sellers entirely within a commercial trading environment
.  .  it provides the landscape between the distribution of the free capital flows all the way to the liquidation of sales, without needing exchanges or third party incumbents
Cloudfunding steers clear of the old model of rates and central control by instead tapping the economic values and utilizing that as a means of exchange in local economies
.  .  having an autonomous platform allows the economic values to be aggregated into a universal trading currency that's stable and convertible between the local currencies
In simple terms, all local economies have an economic value in houses, cars, shop inventory, even hotel rooms and restaurant meals that are ready for consumers to buy
.  .  this is local Productivity  -  Cloudfunding stimulates local supply chain with the global crowd generating local activity, by changes the way economic wealth is distributed
Productivity leads the charge with new Capital flows in local economies
Cloudfunding challenges the banking industry's economic model of Credit Creation and control of money supply, by redefining the way Capital flows into local economies
.  .  a decentralized global public utility network can directly distribute free Capital, governed by Productivity to generate perpetual commercial activity across local economies
Commercial activity on the Internet has largely been confined to ecommerce sites and a marketplace model that are essentially digital forms of their physical counterparts
.  .  Cloudfunding sits above that hierarchy model with the digitization of the real local economies that merge brick and mortar with ecommerce in economy to economy commerce
The commerce activity isn't limited to the typical ecommerce products and services that get sold via marketplaces  -  it expands out into all things that get bought and sold offline
.  .  things like real estate, along side new and used cars, even major infrastructure projects that can be quantified can be listed and democratically monetized using Cloudfunding
.  .  even 'kicking the proverbial can down the road' eventually ends!
Printed money ( QE ) has some benefit in throwing money at the system but it rarely reaches local economies  -  and when it's time to pay back, it gets sucked from local economies
.  .  local economies is where the production and manufacturing of products and services happens, and where the economic value sits, it's this local value that pays back the debt
.  .  SMEs can access free working capital to increase cash flows
Decentralized Economic Infrastructure
.  .  time to get back to Consumer Spending via local Productivity
Whether it's coincidence or good timing, technology today has come together at a time when there's a definite financial mismatch with how economic growth can be achieved
Computer advances and the wide use of mobiles has allowed technology to see things differently to past eras  -  the past era is where the financial system now finds its self
Cloudfunding is structured around is being able to move into local economies in minutes, hours and days, whereas it's taken the financial system years and decades to infiltrate
Cloudfunding takes over the banking system's mantra of 'for social good' in local economies, without being caught with legacy systems that don't relate to local economic growth
There's sufficient evidence showing technology and communication can virally expand exponentially between users Online  -  users all reside in local economies somewhere
.  .  this viral connection between users and local economies is how economies of scale can leap past the limitation and cost of legacy systems, to drive economic growth, globally
Cloudfunding has a decentralized local economic infrastructure built on a global scale
.  .  it shifts economies that rely on Credit to Productivity driven economies
.  .  it separates the real economy from the speculative driven financial market economies
.  .  it gives local SMEs guaranteed full selling prices while being competitive with big business
.  .  it gives buyers unprecedented control over market dynamics with cascading buying prices
The future jobs will control automation with productivity
As automation looms as the biggest threat to jobs, the fact that consumers need incomes to still be able to purchase products will dominate how far automation expands
Cloudfunding's decentralized and democratic structure sets the environment for jobs of the future, in which global users will control the pace of automation and productivity
With the world's population growing and automation coming fast to most industries, the majority of jobs will need to be passive but highly productive to absorb the spill-over
The lifestyle of 15 hour work weeks envisioned decades ago has all but been lost due to the way the financial system has stagnated economies by forcing debt on societies
Cloudfunding's economic structure of separate supply and demand platforms allows automation to expand on the supply side but it's still governed by the volume of demand
.  .  on the supply side when discounting is used to find demand, economic growth falls  -  this is where cascading prices gets the demand, without the supply side discounts

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SMEs have an uphill battle in the new economic landscape, without change!

Most local businesses in the developed economies have been operating forever inside a vacuum with having to struggle against the tide as their local economies go up or down  -  SMEs have needed to juggle what the local buyers are doing and going to do with their spending  -  that means how much stock a business needs to order and what volume they need to sit with, costing money, while waiting for the buyers  -  that slow moving mind-numbing approach to business can be changed with a totally new economic alliance, not just an alliance between local businesses but above the business activity level where an alliance of local Chamber of Economies can give any size business not just more predictability in selling their full priced products and services but also being in control of their buyers' demand  -  that's an unprecedented position that gives SMEs real time control over their cashflows.

New strategy in local productivity is key to economic wealth and stability

The unfortunate position the world is coming to is the volume of debt created by the financial systems trading off each other to gain a foothold or advantage over others, comes at the expense of others in the real world of productivity, which is diminishing because too much debt is being offloaded onto the real productivity workers in the real economy ( private debt )  -  the shift in recent decades of more financial services being added to a system that in many respects is there to churn and count other people's money, needs to be streamlined to find a better balance.

Decentralizing Capital flows so that communities have a direct understanding and control of local productivity in local economies is a paradigm shift from the way 'selling money' is distributed into communities  -  which is mainly used because it's the only method available in many countries to afford products and services where the prices rise to offset the shifting of wealth away from communities to institutions and shareholders  -  local economies are consistently trying to catch up with 'the can being kicked down the road' with the cost of buying money and chasing the rising costs of living  -  hence why the boom and bust cycles are inevitable when it's not in the interest for those controlling the Capital flows to ever catch up with 'the infamous can being kicked down the road'.

Looking at Capital flows from a different direction

From the early days e-commerce has been used to describe electronic commerce  -  more or less merging all the types of commercial activity online  -  now comes the next step with economic distribution  -  Cloudfunding, it integrates trade and commerce from around the world as it flows from economy to economy distributing economic value  -  it connects real local currencies with real products and services, digitizing the mechanics in commerce with tools to stimulate that activity  -  the Global Chamber of Economies tracks this activity in real time in a totally new economic alliance that can respond to the real needs of each local¬†economic landscape  -  each local economy forms a Free Open Market Economic Zone that operates autonomously across into other FOMEZs.

It's the way Cloudfunding merges offline to online commerce with a neutral trading currency operating ubiquitously across the new economy that challenges the status quo  -  it's more about the economic infrastructure behind the scenes than the value moving within the new economy  -  the value's ownership begins with the value of products and services being translated into a peer to peer native digital value which is integrated into the local economic ecosystem  -  it has a neutral and stable universal value because of its real time comparison with all the global sovereign currencies, which provides the economic environment for the free to use P2P trading value to operate without intermediaries or need for any fiat currencies to be collected, stored or transferred across borders  -  its supply volume is governed by the flow of global productivity, which, as a natural and unlimited resource can be tracked from its origin via technology, opening up new avenues that break down the barriers holding back financial inclusion  -  making it a suitable candidate to be the Internet of Money with its own autonomous economic infrastructure.

Financial obstacles to overcome first

The elephant in the room is the private debt that has been shifted onto the shoulders of societies by the financial systems trying to balance their books, mainly by generating new Capital flows via easy lending but knowing that they are just offloading the risks onto others  -  the private sectors have no voice other than governments, which have tilted towards relying on the only system offering to control Capital flows  -  Cloudfunding comes along at a unique time with an alternative system of being able to offer Capital flows that have the capacity to release Capital into local economies with equal if not more spread that genuinely focused on Productivity ( not corporate profit ) but with a governance that was automatically controlled by a democratic consensus  -  eliminating the need for interest rates to control the flows, and therefore doesn't rely on inflation  -  Cloudfunding's economic infrastructure separates the local economies from the impact of commodity markets by operating on an autonomous and decentralized platform.

Global Chamber of Economies merge all the functions of commerce into a sustainable and autonomous ecosystem where buyers and sellers in local economies can take control of their own financial well being  -  it means Main Street brick & mortar and Online businesses can finally compete with each other on price  -  with one major difference, there's no seller discounting and the seller's full selling prices are guaranteed for every sale, every time  -  it's the buyer who decides what the discounted buying price will be, without it affecting the seller's full selling price  -  Cloudfunding separates the selling on the supply side from the buying on the demand side.

As the digital era brings innovation into the market, most online businesses compete against older traditional sellers that operate under a different set of economics  -  Cloudfunding is what brings traditional Offline B&M businesses and Online businesses seamlessly together on a level playing field with three specific feature services, Outsourced Selling, OMMs and Price Demand  -  it separates supply from demand and allows both sides to maximize economic growth and gain equilibrium through faster and more predictable sales.

                                     .  .  see how decentralizing the shareholder model increases new Capital flows to SMEs



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Cloudfunding changes the model to a decentralized economic infrastructure

Cloudfunding doesn't create money, it digitally aligns with local currencies in local economies and perpetually stimulates the flow of economic value in a neutral Capital through new economics that are controlled by a decentralized and democratic consensus, using Productivity as the leading catalyst  -  with the end focus of increasing the economic growth in those local economies.

Cloudfunding reverse engineers how Capital flows into local economies by distributing free micro-values of real products and services from around the world using a simple engagement app  -  users download the app and start collecting free digital capital as they continue about their normal online activity  -  there're no privacy issues and no tracking, just an Opt-in link that distributes micro-values to users while allowing users to Opt-in and Opt-out at anytime.

The economic model in the early days of the internet has been about vacuuming up information and picking the low hanging fruit by being financed by paid advertising, and with it wealth has flowed into silos that are now the new centralized gatekeepers  -  it differs greatly from the original thinking that the internet could finally overcome the world's financial exclusion and spread economic wealth to everyone  -  Cloudfunding re-establishes that original thinking with new trade highways that interconnect local economies with free digital capital  -  it's Capital that flows along a Global Public Economic Utility Network like electricity, distributing a new wealth to the limits of the internet between decentralized hubs of commercial activity, the local Chamber of Economies.

Instead of being limited to a central control like the Central Reserve Banks and Banks that use interest rates to control ( mostly after an event ) the flow of credit to go up or down, the decentralized Chamber of Economies ( that will number in the 1000s ) all have access to transparent data, and the tools, to directly incentivize Digital Capital investment ( DFDC ) into local industries and businesses to maintain their local economy's standard of living, without needing to worry about rates or inflation ( Cloudfunding doesn't create inflation therefore doesn't need interest rates as a control ).

Each Chamber of Economies is unique in how it operates, and this is where the free open market comes into play with individual users and businesses having different strategies in getting supplies to market and where they sell those goods  -  Cloudfunding provides the global scale to monetize the seller's products and services in a predictable and free process, leaving businesses to target supply management and customer service to keep their brand in good standing with the local consumer base  -  the Global Public Utility Network is the interconnecting highways between the economies that gives sellers the best opportunity to grow sales across into new markets.

The decentralized Chamber of Economies benefit from the aggregated flow of Capital that can move without fees of currency spreads across borders via the use of the neutral Universal Digital Capital ( UDC ) trading value, which is the aggregated value of global currencies, and therefore the most stable of currencies for buyers and sellers  -  UDC irons out the volatility and the manipulation imposed on the market by traders ( exploiting their position ) sitting between buyers and sellers and gaining from someone winning and someone losing value  -  Cloudfunding changes that by bringing fair and transparent competition to the markets by separating the supply from the demand side  -  opening up competitive market demand with sellers competing to outsource the selling of their inventory, and buyers activating Price Demand to compete with other local buyers, across all the Chamber of Economies.

New Capital is directed to SMEs for value-added productive purposes

What Cloudfunding does is it opens up new Capital flows that move seamlessly from economy to economy, stimulating local Commerce  -  the new Cloud Capital is accountable at all times and is primarily directed at SMEs in local economies with free monetization of their inventory, and funding for productive purposes to replace borrowing costly capital from institutions  -  Cloudfunding raises the velocity of supply and demand by giving local communities simple tools to drive productivity between local sellers and buyers with e2eCommerce  -  this local commercial activity automatically forms free open market economic zones - FOMEZs.

Cloudfunding opens up two-way flows of Capital across economies that incentivizes the animal instincts at the local level where users can be involved in generating productivity in local economies, as well as other economies  -  it avoids leaving economic stimulus to slow moving institutions and governments that can indebt and burden future generations with deficit spending and subsidies, or with austerity.

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Tools to deleverage away from private debt

Cloudfunding taps into a new unlimited Capital that's fully accountable  -  it decentralizes and democratizes control of Capital as it flows subliminally into economies at local levels, constantly governed by real productivity, without creating debt  -  it dissolves the need for institutional control to use interest rates to manipulate markets, while diluting local currency buying power with inflation  -  Cloudfunding is embedded into local economies by digitizing local cash when it liquidates a seller's sales with local buyers, this liquidation acts to govern the volume of Capital operating in the Global Chamber of Economies and sets in motion the tools that generate an infinite loop aimed at distributing economic wealth and growth to help deleverage users.from the record debt levels now confronting local economies.

Cloudfunding operates as a Global Public Economic Utility distributing Capital

Cloudfunding breaks up the top down control of economies that cluster business decisions around credit and business cycles, which ultimately push or delay productivity and create high and low flows of capital, forcing credit to be used and where bubbles are formed, followed by the perpetual financial crisis  -  Cloudfunding brings economic control down to a local level where it opens up new Capital flows governed by productivity that's monetized and ready sell  -  it provides the incentive for users and entrepreneurs in the Main Streets across local economies to drive production  -  this free and bankless Capital flow, acts like the public utilities of electricity and water, interconnecting local users to a Global Public Economic Utility Network that initially distributes free Capital that's governed by Productivity ( local inventories ready to sell ) across all economies, this free Capital is collected by users and used as working capital to generate local commercial activity, bringing economic benefit to everyone.

Cloudfunding is autonomous, operating globally on a new level where it doesn't need to hold local currencies or transfer currencies across borders because the ubiquitous flow of the new Capital is embedded in the exchange of local productivity in products and services, all under the ownership and control of users, and not a central authority  -  Cloudfunding is value-added, it increases tax revenues by maximizing sales revenue by having no seller discounting ( normally used to find demand )  -  as opposed to bank Credit Creation, which's more a cost-extraction in local economies when loans are predominately used for asset purchases, such as real estate and share markets, it's more speculative and not true productive transactions that produce new products and services, merely an ownership transfer of assets, which leads to inflated prices of assets and everyday products and services without adding any benefit to the local community or economy.

Cloudfunding operates in the real economy - a world away from investment banking

Chamber of Economies using Cloudfunding, opens up new Capital flows that've never been accessable before deep computing  -  it opens up new trade routes where local communities can simply list their products and services to a free flowing highway of global inventories, which outsources the selling to a global crowd consisting of like-minded users in the local and other local communities  -  this free flowing distribution and validation process monetizes inventories on a global scale before releasing the inventory units to local buyers to set the buying price demand.

Location is still the common denominator regardless of which type of business it is, and this origin of where the seller and supply chains come from, usually determines which local economy the sales funds typically come back to, often to disperse locally in towns, suburbs, cities or regions  -  this is where by challenging the status quo with new economics that stops fiat currencies from being siphoned out of local communities by institutions with centralized control  -  instead Cloudfunding decentralizes control into the hands of users in local economies by leaving fiat currencies to circulate locally, and help spread sustainable economic growth through increased productivity.

See  .  .  Cloudfunding verses Bank Credit Creation
    .  .  more    
Cloudfunding shifts the economics

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