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Global Chamber of Economies  -  focused on Localization
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e2eCommerce seamlessly moves across borders
Cloudfunding shifts the economics

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As the digital era continues to bring innovation into the market, most compete against older traditional products and services that operate under a different set of costs and economics  -  bringing the traditional offline brick & mortar business and the online digital businesses seamlessly together on a level playing field is the new economy.

Location is still the common denominator regardless of which type of business it is, and this origin of where the seller comes from usually determines which local economy the sales funds typically come back to, often to disperse locally for operating costs ( although some online sellers use alternative locations to repatriate funds ).

Local economies such as in towns, cities, suburbs or regions typically rely on governments or lending institutions to keep Capital flowing throughout the community but when things begin to get hard economically there's not much that individuals or even groups can do  -  the familiar economic forecasting of 'better times ahead' is becoming less believable as times go by.

What Cloudfunding does is it opens up new Capital flows that move seamlessly from economy to economy, stimulating local Commerce  -  e2eCommerce raises the velocity of supply and demand by giving local communities simple digital tools to actively drive productivity between local sellers and buyers  -  the concentrated local activity automatically forms free open market economic zones - FOMEZs.

Like a public bank but with a modern twist that directly stimulates local economies

Cloudfunding takes over the role left open by the banking industry after they moved away from serving consumers to fully focus on shareholders and profits  -  abandoning the mandate they were originally formed to do, for the social good  -  Cloudfunding fills that vacuum, not by digitizing old legacy systems but by disrupting the whole commerce and financial landscape to form a ComTech industry that digitizes traditional cash commerce and integrates it with a democratic economic architecture that keeps local currencies circulating in local economies  -  it interconnects local currencies directly with foreign digital capital flows that're incentivized to be drawn into local economies in real time to monetize local products and services  -  which effectively raises the velocity of the local currencies, and so stimulates local productivity and the overall local economy, independent of institutional involvement.

This direct foreign monetization allows sellers ( SMEs ) to be a major influence in the flow of local currencies moving in and around the local economies between buyers and sellers exchanging products and services, with sellers directly liquidating with buyers, eliminating third party marketplaces and payment services  -  instead Cloudfunding integrates a free peer to peer exchange of local currencies with a neutral internationally tracked trading unit of account to securely exchange Ownership of products and services, without holding or transferring local currencies across borders  -  Cloudfunding breaks down the financial inclusion barriers by decentralizing control over Capital flows across economies using a global consensus.

Eliminating rent seekers de-risks the system  -  avoids the perpetual financial crisis

This decentralization of economic power, taken over from the old economy's Capital control incumbents, gives local communities the means to operate individually or co-operatively as a group with the power to help local supply chains increase productivity  -  local economies in the Global Chamber of Economies can formalize into local Chambers, where, as a group, can democratically strategize to directly help local industries  -  Cloudfunding taps into an unlimited natural resource that leads to opening up new trade routes linking with other Chambers of Economies, that help spread economic growth across into other regions and cities in a competitive open market.


Cloudfunding changes the flow of Capital in local economies by drawing in foreign digital Capital without transferring currencies across borders  -  this shift in international units of account moves trade and a neutral trading currency from economy to economy without costly incumbents  -  local sellers gain the competitive advantage with full selling prices, and buyers gain the buying power with prices they want to pay.

Cloudfunding disrupts the equilibrium of supply and demand mechanics by separating the selling price in supply and the buying price in demand  -  this means that instead of the supply leading by discounting to find the demand, supply's full selling prices are fully monetized via new Capital flows, leaving the competitiveness between buyers to find the demand's real time ( discounted ) buying price.

Shifting the discounting to the demand side generates greater Capital flows on the supply side where increased productivity gains more tax revenues to spread across communities  -  the supply sides' full selling prices fend off any potential economic slow down ( caused when discounting stifles economic growth ) with more predictable revenue that can keep wage growth and business investment in line with productivity.

The Global Chamber of Economies indexes all the local economies with real time updates on productivity across the various industry supply chains  -  each listed Location gains an activity tax ( wealth tax ) that's distributed to users as Universal Digital Cash, which acts as an inflation value locked against true productivity, is constantly added to a user's Universal Digital Income portfolio in real time.

While the Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment has the connection directly with an economy there's also Free Direct Backing that global users can directly back businesses and entrepreneurs with the expansion of a business or venture.

e2eCommerce moves ubiquitously across borders

With trade moving ubiquitously from economy to economy there's obviously the exchange of value that goes with it  -  the change that Cloudfunding makes with the way Capital flows in an economy changes the way Capital moves from economy to economy and across borders  -  because Cloudfunding keeps local cash circulating in the local economy, and securely tracks the ownership of the digital cash, this allows all exchanges and transfers ( remittances ) to cross borders without costs or barriers, other than the KYC and AML requirements  -  this true cashless payment system is a game changer and a huge advantage for businesses with reduced costs of doing international trade, and for personal use.

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