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        Cloudfunding to Scale                                           Disrupting finance with free 'working capital'                                            the Global Markets Vs Markets

Cloudfunds  -  Free Digital Capital                                  Cloudfunds can scale for sellers and buyers
Advertising starts a new life
How Cloudfunds are earned                                                How does The Monetizing Moment work with Cloudfunds?
How to use Cloudfunds
How the bidding process works!                                         What is Cloudfunding and how does it work?

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Cloudfunds is the Unit of Value and Cloudfunding is the service that Users can earn Cloudfunds for free and use it to build their strategy to win products and services, before needing to add a bid from their own pocket.

Before Cloudfunds can be used as working capital, its value is validated when products and services are exchanged with fiat currencies at local brick and mortar stores, anywhere and everywhere, in a simple secure commerce action, Pay It Forward, Now!

-  it also means that fiat currencies remain in local economies and the new digital currency is exchangeable in real time around the world, it raises the velocity of local currencies and provides additional stimulus in the local economies.

The Digital Age is the era that real time will be the only way societies operate by  -  with financial risk controlled by real time productivity, not rely on speculation of what will happen in the future or based on historical data.

Finance in the Digital Age will have a real time digital monetization system, governed by real productivity, and controlled democratically by everyday people living in the real world.

One of the difficult steps in operating any business until now has been getting the free working capital, and that's the same with individuals and families trying to live in a lifestyle they want, everyone needs additional capital at some time.

Cloudfunding provides that free working capital, there're no charges or fees, and it doesn't need to be paid back

-  it's as easy as auto scrolling to earn a share of the value of deals offered by sellers wanting to sell things, and the amount of Cloudfunds collected can be a sizable amount of free working capital that a business, entrepreneur or family can use for their benefit.

The change of how markets will work comes with the change to how influence and value can cross borders to stimulate local economies by the initial actions of local Sellers applying free Direct Foreign Digital Capital  -  DFDC does the rest.

For a business :  All businesses need capital at some time  -  if a business has stock that is sellable and there's a need for working capital, then that inventory can be listed on QwickPic and the full 100% of value for that stock can be raised much faster than any loan or credit institute  -  it can be monetized and even liquidated directly to the business's cash register.

-  and best of all it's free, there's no listing costs, no advertising costs, no strings attached, and never needs to be paid back because what QwickPic has done is liquidated the business's stock at full selling prices using digital capital.

For an individual or family :  Anyone can earn free Cloudfunds and build up a free working capital nest egg to use in bidding strategies and to buy selected items

-  using Cloudfunds to bid for everyday items at 20% of the normal full prices, like food, clothing or bills, is just like using a credit card, only there's no need to worry about fees because there is none  -  and Cloudfunds don't need to be paid back, ever.

What is plentiful in the world and what's become a flying blind step for most businesses is advertising, this so called business need is what Cloudfunding sees as a resource that can help monetize much of the world, when used in the right way.

Instead of businesses piling more money into the effort of finding those elusive sales, Cloudfunding restructures the advertising model and validates it into a resource and asset that can be used to monetize businesses and productivity at the same time.

An existing or new business can earn Cloudfunds just by viewing QwickPic displays to build up working capital, that can then be spent on bidding and buying supplies, paying bills, even to bid for their own inventory as an OMM to help their own sales.

Cloudfunds has an intrinsic value backed by the productivity on the Platform, with validation at the POS during Pay It Forward, Now!.

Cloudfunding has two currencies, one is UDC it's digital cash used as a trading currency and for exchanging with fiat currencies to buy things, the other is Cloud Capital / Free Digital Capital / Cloudfunds, used as the working capital to monetize the productivity and make things available to buy.

As an OMM, anyone can win deals to earn money, and then use those funds to buy supplies, anything at all that helps a business or for personal use  -  OMMs are market makers operating from any location in the world who can influence global trade.

The amount of Cloudfunds that can be earned is open to each user, it's only limited by the effort to earn the Cloudfunds and the amount of deals being listed by sellers  -  listed items only remain in QwickPic until the full price has been allocated as Cloudfunds,

-  Cloudfunds are not limited to business use, it can easily be used for personal and family things  -  instead of loans and credit cards, Cloudfunds can be used to gain buying power, just like having extra cash but you don't need to ask for it  -  this is digital monetization!

-  Cloudfunds are versatile, they can be used to win deals that make loan payments, refinance or even payout loans, all without fees.

By validating Cloudfunds' value with a physical world product or service and translating that value into digital currency, which's earned and used for free as a medium of exchange, without increasing debt  -  it's how finance will operate in the digital era!

The Digital Era of the digital wage is upon us:  With automation and robots inevitably taking over most jobs, earning Cloudfunds as a digital wage, is the method of how people's input will still get a productive value by helping to validate products and services as they get sold in the productivity cycle

-  a person earning and using Cloudfunds may not be directly in the production line making a product but they are equally important by working to help sell the item, from wherever they are in the world.

What separates the digital wage to the current wage systems is that it doesn't discriminate between someone with more education or qualifications, where they live, how wealthy or how old, what race or what gender  -  it levels the playing field, it's a great equalizer.

Being productive as an OMM has its benefits, all User can get the direct benefit of passively earning 24/7 from all the productivity around the world

-  eQconomy has a sophisticated distribution process that directs a micro tax back to every location where the activity takes place

Portfolios can be used by Users to collect these Locations and passively earn from global productivity.

Users only need to activate their Portfolio with a few Locations, it automatically earns when there's 'productivity' in those locations, there's no limitations on how big a portfolio can be built to earn.

In summary, what Cloudfunds can do, is give free working capital and a digital wage to people in developing countries, or anywhere, to help build businesses and people's everyday lives without needing to commit themselves to debt and the financial industry.

What has been the impossible in providing finance to developing nations is now able to be directed down to local people and into local economies, by having the ecosystem and tools that directly links global commerce to the individual, wherever they may be located.

Now products and services like power, food, medical and basic needs that are unaffordable can be gained via a mobile.

-  the commercial power generating global productivity by people with so little, will become one the world's most valuable resources.

An advantage that Cloudfunds has with providing free working capital in this way, is that businesses and families can control the amount of free working capital they want, when they want it, just by simply increasing the amount of Cloudfunds they earn and hold.

Cloudfunds are not transferable to another business or individual, they can only be used to bid or buy with.

Businesses can compete to win their own deals as OMMs and still earn the winning percentage, there's no conflict as the bidding process on QwickBids is designed for fair trading, and besides the OMM acts only as a wholesaler with the product being passed on to a local buyer, the business is only helping the process along to ensure its own sales.

The number of QwickPics that can be viewed is unlimited, the number of deals that can be participated in is unlimited  -  there can be thousands of deals of the same product or service that are viewed separately, Cloudfunds can be earned with each separate deal.

The Productivity generated by the Cloudfunds that stimulates Supply and Demand doesn't end with the sale between a buyer and a seller, there's a complete economic cycle that continually goes through a real time process  -  the Productivity generates a wealth tax that distributes an increase of UDC with players holding Locations wherever the Commercial Activity takes place.

User Portfolios allow everyone, no matter where they live, earns at the same level, only their strategies in collecting Locations will determine how much of the distribution they earn.

                               .  .  it's free to earn, has no costs, and never needs to be paid back, ever!

Check out a Deal Registration and Cloudfund Strategy

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Cloudfunding generates Price Demand  -  digitizes 'cash' to flow ubiquitously around the world

What's The Monetizing Moment?

Cloud Commerce operates by Outsourcing the Selling to the Crowd by Cloudfunding

How does a Seller start to Outsource their Selling to the Crowd?


QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the New Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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