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Global Trade has come a long way since the Old Trade Route times.                               1 / 1   next

The disruption is just starting

Cloudfunding will impact global trade

A Localization verses Globalization will democratize trade

Change is inevitable

Digital currency distributes the benefits,accordingly

Digital cash has an unique independence

Economies of scale will open new manufacturing hubs

The size of trade is unlimited in the New Digital Trade Routes, even the cost in shipping can be streamlined with the same Cloud Commerce tools to give full pricing to the transport groups and the low buying prices to the traders.

Economies of scale in Cloud Commerce can handle any size quantity of 'goods', it could be tonnes of grain, any sort of raw material that can be priced, or it could be 000's of manufactured products made for export  -  all these types of trades forge the New Digital Trade Routes.

Global prices set by Share Markets are a guide to markets but New Digital Trade Route will be influenced by true supply and demand using validated analytics that set the Global Price Index for products and services.

New Digital Trade Routes ignores the efforts of subsidies and over-protective duties by trading on a pure global level, it operates away from the distorted trade that's often termed as the Free Market and in particular Free Trade Agreements.

Unlike current global trade, Cloud Commerce does not involve credit in any exchange, all exchanges between parties are fully accountable back to a 'cash only system', this brings new players to the trading table, some that have never been able to compete before.

It can fast-track industries in locations that could never afford to finance development in manufacturing without major risk.

Disruption and Incentives

Check out a Deal Registration and Cloudfund Strategy

See a Snap-Shot view of a Cloudfund strategy and bidding for Deals

Cloudfunding generates Price Demand  -  digitizes 'cash' to flow ubiquitously around the world

What's The Placebo Effect?

Cloud Commerce operates by Outsourcing the Selling to the Crowd by Cloudfunding

How does a Seller start to Outsource their Selling to the Crowd?


QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the New Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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