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   Sellers - List your Deals on the Seller's B2B or B2C marketplaces
        Select the Location, Industry and Category : Example
        Select the Unit Quantity you want to Post as a Seller :
Industry     l     Category Unit     Quantity     l      Value per unit
   Energy     l     Electricity kWh  -  kilowatt-hour     1     l      $0.30 *
  Select Deal Size in  -  kWh               l      $300.00  per Deal
  Number of Deals to be Listed X     Units
  Full Selling Price Total Value $30,000.00
Maximum LA Deal Price  -  $60.00 per Deal  
Maximum Price for LA Deals  -  $6,000.00
As a registered Seller your FREE Listings of a Product or Service will be submitted for processing at the next available time slot.

You are able to track the progress of your Listings in the processing time slots, once a time allocation has been selected you will be updated with the progress in your Deals going Live.

If your FREE Listings is/are accepted by the Global Crowd to go Live, you'll be informed of the progress and results of the Bidding.

As with all Deals the LA Deal Price for each product or service is a maximum 20% of the full Listed Selling Price per Unit.

e.g. :             Electricity  -        1 kWh     @  $0.30  will have a maximum LA Price of $0.06       -  Full price $0.30

                                     -  1,000 kWh     @  $0.30  will have a maximum LA Price of $60.00     -  Full price $300.00

The Deals will be released on the Platform's Seller's Trade Xchange at the same LA Deal Price as the winning OMM Bidders.

Sellers can release the Deals to suit their business needs  -  Deals automatically have Price Demand for local Buyers to compete. - eg: Activate - Buyers Energy Deal

* Note: The default price for a product or service is subject to the national price of the selected country or wherever applicable, even down to the city, the unit price will often be slightly higher than the national price to ensure that there's an incentive for the Seller, Utility or Carrier etc to accept direct payments.

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