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  QwickPic Ready

QwickPic Ready

QwickPic Ready

QwickPic News
  An Opt-in Subliminal Advertising Platform is 'Ready' when you are

QwickPic Ready takes advertising and makes it Opt-in for Users visiting websites.

When the QwickPic Ready image or App is shown on a website, Users can either choose to ignore it or Opt-in and view the QwickPics of items that are either listed by the website or from the QwickPic Platform.

Depending on which QwickPic ads are shown, Users can either earn Cloudfunds from viewing Deals of products / services that are open to register for bidding, or the QwickPics ads could be Deals that're ready and available to buy.

Users don't need to engage with QwickPic ads if they don't feel like it  -  Users can take advantage of the ads and see what's available in their location, or send out alerts to their affiliate levels and let the Global Crowd take up the challenge.

QwickPic Ready free advertising can be viewed on desktop to mobile with the same options  -  most displays are subliminally rolled out in the background of a user's device  -  collecting Cloud Capital / Cloudfunds / Free Digital Capital for the user to use as working capital.

Notifications on desktop and mobile can offer alerts whenever particular produces or services become available to bid for or to buy in a local region.

There are so many ways to engage with QwickPic ads

Users who register can go directly to the QwickPic website anytime to search for specific items and users can refine the type of product / service ads they want to be shown and notified when they enter the platform

-  this means that whenever a user is on any internet website and they see the QwickPic Ready app, they know that they will only see the latest ads showing the range of products / services they have selected in their settings.

With 'Opt-in environments', it provides an enhanced opportunity for Publishers and Marketing Agents to open up new and better revenue models that have more constructive results in local economies.

The activity on the QwickPic Platform is part of the Global Productivity Grid that provides a real-time global view of the commercial activity happening in 'location' hubs around the world.

This leads to Subliminal Organic Advertising  -  SOA

For any real effective selling online without flooding web pages with visual and disruptive ads, a new type of advertising is needed that slips into web pages almost unseen but still being capable of directing income streams for the web site owners, and earn Users FDC.

The way web sites have tried to earn income streams up until now has been to place ads from various marketing agents onto their web pages to help earn via small percentages of the advertising payments from each click ( CPM )  -  and of course this has lead to the click fraud that the industry is forever confronted with, and Sellers eventually pay for.

With the ultimate in Subliminal Organic Advertising, web sites don't need to spread ads across their web pages to get the clicks for any potential income  -  with just one simple QwickPic Ready logo positioned on the web site the User will see nothing, but subliminally in the background, the QwickPics will continue to run on auto scroll without displaying images for as long as the User is visiting the web site.

The only thing Users need to do is Opt-In when they get to the web site or have their Opt-In login open when they visit web sites, that way it's automatically running from the initial moment they arrive and start earning Free Digital Capital for the User, subliminally and organically  -  connection with the User's Global Citizen ID leaves no identification or tracking that the web sites can take advantage of.

  QwickPic Ready QwickPic Ready QwickPic Ready  

QwickPic Ready logo is all that gets shown for SOA to work

For the User they earn from every web site that carries the QwickPic Ready logo, and for web site owners they automatically earn 2.5% of the full Selling Price of any sale linked to a User that earned FDC - free working capital while visiting their web site  -  collecting FDC in this way from web sites avoids any click fraud because the free working capital still needs to be used in strategies before moving to its full validation.

As the Users collect the FDC they carry the link from the web site but it's also linked with the products and services that they get to select which deals they want to register with, and then allocate their free working capital in strategies to win deals  -  the more deals a User decides to participate in the more FDC that gets fully validated to spend on deals listed for local Buyers to buy with Price Demand.

With the way digital advertising has worked via the internet until now has only been to expose a product to an audience who gets nothing for their effort unless they buy the product, which inevitably is offered at a discount to attract the buyer  -  the web site owners never have any real connection to anything more than a tiny share of the advertising payments paid by the sellers that gets spread across thousands and even millions of views through the various channels  -  SOA flips that model by reverse-engineering advertising's commercial dynamics so that global scale can be expanded without flooding the environment with unnecessary advertising displays.

SOA raises the bar by giving web site owners the direct connection to the end sale of products and services sold through their web pages  -  instead of needing to spread across thousands of views, SOA, just from one visitor, could earn 2.5% of a sale worth more than the entire advertising budget of Sellers using CPM  -  instead of taking profit away from Sellers with paid advertising, SOA focuses on the full Supply and Demand cycle and taps into the real productivity along the Supply Chains by rewriting and streamlining the dynamics in Commerce, rather than just adding the cost of advertising for Sellers to do business.

The option is there for web site owners to decide if they use SOA or display the QwickPics ( even their own products and services ) , the outcome for the web site owner is the same in earning 2.5% of the full selling value from any sales  -  the change is in the experience for the User, especially on mobile where ads are not wanted, hence why subliminal and organic is a better future for advertising.

The SOA outcome is the same as when products and services are listed by Sellers to OutSell, it doesn't matter if the items are visually seen by Users, the items still become part of the flow through to the OutSell process, and are predictably sold when Sellers release the product and service deals to their local Buyers with Price Demand.

SOA is suitable for any web site looking for a better User experience  -  it's an ideal option for Video and Publisher sites that are wanting less intrusion and cleaner pages without ads but still get the income streams they need, even better incomes  -  adding to the organic earnings of both Users and web site owners, especially those with content like Publishers, there's a payment option that seamlessly operates in the background by transferring micro payments to Content Providers ( with full disclosure to Users ) when Users view content.

  Sellers can Sign-up for early access
We're opening up to Sellers early - so if your business wants to gain the advantage, please add your details

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