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The Global Digital 'Shift'

Cloudfunding outsources the selling component of commerce  -  and brings a new dimension to buying and selling.

Cloudfunding shifts demand in commerce from a single buyer to selling in mass  -  by outsourcing the selling

-  it's more economical than offshoring and manufacturing in mass  -  it's cheaper on price, with time advantage!

World trade has always focused on manufacturing in the cheapest way, even if that meant offshoring to get the products made

Now the Digital Era takes world trade to a new level by applying technology to disrupt the financial dynamics of commerce

It's a paradigm shift in the flow of world trade, making local manufacturing and commerce cheaper, with Comparative Advantage

In financial and commodity markets there is a speculative forecast that drives prices, that's just that, forecasts and not true facts.

There's a feeling that financial systems and commodity markets are ineffective in the real time digital era  -  maybe past their prime

The Cloudfunding platform applies real-time facts of true 'productivity' as the driving force to distribute economic growth

It means that all sellers, regardless if it's selling local or global, can now sell by offering low buying prices to their customers without the need of being tech savvy or engage in price optimization to sell

-  now sellers can 'skip' the lead-up marketing and leave it to 'outsourced selling' to get the sales  -  allowing sellers to concentrate on product supply and customer service.

For a seller to consistently receive 100% of their full selling price, it's the ultimate goal  -  if the buyer gets the item at a low 20% buying price, then that's a great customer experience that will keep demand high.

How does it all happen?

Outsourcing the Selling on a global scale using 'algorithmic economics'  -  it's able to track global micro trade value in real time

-  to produce and manufacture locally makes it more economical, it can have a profound effect on employment and have a much faster turn-around in orders with connections to local Supply Chains.

-  even if local manufacturing is not possible, any imported goods are still able to be processed in the same way by outsourcing the selling to gain a greater incentive with lower buying prices for local customers.

Cloudfunding is built as an economic platform surrounded by commerce  -  the Supply and Demand of products and services around the world is now able to be changed  -  with the 'Supply side' separated from the 'Demand side'.

With the right price as incentive there's a higher degree of predictability in selling

Sellers have the option to use   QwickP2P - Pay Here   to get the advantage and give buyers the benefits.

There's the Global Seller's Trade Exchange Market      QwickPic   to get the advantage of the Free Market

The Scalable Digital Economy is  -  Cloudfunding Global Commerce!

The Platform changes the mechanics of commerce to allow sellers to consistently receive their full 100% selling prices  -  while the platform applies the discounting dynamics so the buyers always have a buying price set at a maximum 20% of the seller's full price.

-  unlike Crowdfunding where the crowd pays the seller a percentage of products  -  with Cloudfunding the value of the seller's products and services is shared with the crowd as working capital, continually helping to monetize the ubiquitous selling process.

Global trade and business has always relied on getting finance from institutions  -  now every business can get Free Digital Capital to operate in local and global commerce with Cloudfunding for free  -  there's no fee to list or sell, no costs to send or receive payments

For sellers there's no advertising costs, with Cloudfunding the marketing and selling is all done within the process, all the seller needs to do is have sufficient supplies to list and be ready to give customer support when the products are sold.

-  it's a 'paradigm shift' in how global trade will be conducted in the digital era.


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Cloudfunding generates Price Demand  -  digitizes 'cash' to flow ubiquitously around the world

What's The Monetizing Moment?

Cloud Commerce operates by Outsourcing the Selling to the Crowd by Cloudfunding

How Sellers Outsource their Selling to the Crowd?


QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the New Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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