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International travel will change forever

The business and leisure travel industry is an industry that continues to increase but it does have its drawbacks.

With a large amount of travel being international, there's an ongoing constraint with cost when it comes to paying for accommodation and meals, as well all the other activities that go with visiting places away from home.

That cost and limitation changes with Cloudfunding by the borderless flow of commerce that can now happen, like how international accommodation chains can have their guests pay for a room using their local currency and there's an automatic comparison with the cost in another currency without the extra costs that get added in traditional international commerce.

The comparison is made in real time and has no fees or FX margins, which can be the biggest cost in international commerce.

Effectively the activity happens within commerce between the two economies, economy to economy.

For travelers, it makes sense in today's real time digital world that there shouldn't be incumbents in between currencies that extract value  -  besides the traveler gaining, it also helps the local economy where the traveler is spending time and more on commerce.

The convenience of having a Digital Cash account is that the value remains neutral between all global currencies, which means regardless of when there's an exchange from a traveler's local currency to a 'foreign currency' there's still no additional costs

-  ideally this is where the accommodation business can gain for being there for the travelers when they want the local currency.

-  travelers can either use local fiat cash to pay for things or look for businesses operating on the platform that offer deals.

The Backpacker Hostel Industry can benefit greatly from the international connections when travelers flow around the world.

The same for the international businesses in all industries, there doesn't need to be a constraint on the business's economics when revenue is being better spent on supplies and operating costs that can flow back and forth across borders.

Even if a business doesn't have any branches in another country but has suppliers they still need to pay for products or services, the businesses can complete their commerce using Cloudfunding.

For any business needing to pay workers or freelancers around the world, Cloudfunding can streamline the full process between all currencies and across any border at no cost to either party.


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