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How a Deal is Done

The changes we make with selling begins with how people first engage with a service or product, it all starts with showing display alerts and QwickPic images to intentional Buyers what a Seller has to offer.

Buyers can be a Seller's local customers or global Buyers known as Open Market Makers ( OMMs ) who act as market makers participating to win Deals, as wholesalers do. 

                                         See how OMMs operates in Global Cloud Productivity - GCP

The participation of OMMs gives the Platform a global reach and scale by Outsourcing the buying process and takes it to the Crowd, this gives Sellers who normally look for just one single Buyer at a time to see a new world of selling to tap into.

Part of what the Platform does is it reverses the traditional advertising model that usually pays agents and marketing service, instead the Platform pays Users to view products and services display alerts and QwickPic images.

It's these alerts and images that Sellers can use to set a Deal and create the demand  -  this demand will generate the value that pays a Seller the full List Price of what the Deal is worth.

When a Seller lists a product or service for the LA Deals with the full List Price value they also set what the alerts and image views will be worth  -  $0.01 even $0.10 a view totaling the full 100% of the Deal.

When a User views these alert and image displays they share in the full 100% List Price value of a Deal, divided by what price a Seller sets as the alert value.

The sources collected to pay the Deal's full List Price comes from several areas, one part is the 2.5% Location Activity Tax debited only from the Bids spent during previous Deals.

Using Cloudfunds collected by viewing images completes the payment to a Seller, it's much faster sell process than waiting for a single Buyer and guarantees that growth and sustainability is possible for Sellers.

The 2.5% LAT is collected only from the Buyer Bids that participants paid in previous Deals ( to not be eliminated during the Deal's bidding process ).

The two sources of payment that a Deal draws from is processed in real-time, once the full 100% payment is located, it's locked in escrow in all the Bidder's Cloudfunds Account and in the Global Floating Inventory Value and released when the Deal's final Buyer is found and the Collection Code is exchanged.

Because of the very nature that lower pricing can raise demand, the Platform has an exponential flow that can ensure supply is ubiquitous.

-  see how The Monetizing Moment keeps track of Seller's Selling Prices paid out from Cloudfunds.

Fact:  Modern technically driven commodity markets are a long way removed from the old chalk board trading environment where pace was more in tune with movement of trade.

Today's commodity markets are operated by software that favors those inside the environment ( in particular HFT ) that can command how high the real world needs to jump, disregarding the inequality that it creates.

The Platform counters that control by providing all players in the Supply Chain with use of GCP to set fair and reasonable commodity prices that can be sustainable by individual players or industries globally, regardless of what global commodity market prices may be  -  leveling the playing field!

The change the Platform makes is more productive and starts well before typical economies begin to apply their taxing system

-  typically a tax is usually a reasonable percentage of a sell price with the main objective being to raise revenue for the running of an economy,

-  unfortunately extra tax ( tariffs ) is often added to imported products to help control and balance prices to protect domestic made products to compete against imports, which are more than likely 'helped' along with subsidy by the foreign country of origin,

-  tax revenue raised and then used to defend domestic markets by subsidizing the Seller begins to muddy the water when using it in this tit for tat approach,

The Platform on the other hand applies a different approach, it's built on a global scale rather than at a country level and raises revenue prior to the initial stage to where typical tax is applied, and it's done with a subtle approach that doesn't hinder the activity,

-  it applies Location Activity Tax at the global level instead of in a domestic environment to collect and pay the Seller the full selling price, whilst reducing the buying price by subsidizing the Buyer  -  all done without using or denying any domestic tax revenue due on the Seller's full prices,

Location Activity Tax and Fractional Commerce reverses how subsidizing is applied without having the impact of forcing higher prices by using recycled tax.

The Shift

For any Sellers the process to sell any product and service only needs the items listed with details such as the full List Price, and the Platform does the rest to find a local Buyer within the Seller's trading zone.

This shift in the dynamics of selling to Buyers at low percentages (%) while still giving the Seller the full List Prices is termed as Fractional Commerce.

The display alert process sends images and details of products and services on offer out to Buyers within the environment of the platform  -  some external displays are also shown directly from Seller web sites.

              -  a viewer simply earns money for viewing as many alerts as they want.

-  this aggregation of' values serves as a security across the Platform and for Users against hackers and fraudulent activity,

-  all value is accountable in real time around the world using our deep tracking and secure escrow system operating on the ubiquitous Local Active Commerce (LAC) system using UDC

-  UDC is a neutral central digital global currency that's used for real-time currency comparison and to ensure that,
"no transfer or exchange of value can be processed without there being equal value in real commercial inventory and real currency securely locked in and held to back that action".

                                                                                     see exponential and ubiquitous exchange flow

Why is this important?

With systems used by Credit Card groups the value that is paid to a Seller is pending and rarely available immediately and more like needing to wait for days or weeks  -  waiting for possible charge backs with a slow and costly banking process that dramatically limits cash flows and trading revenues.

Unlike payment methods that only digitally tell a merchant what value has been recorded in any account the Platform establishes the Merchant's brick and mortar store as a community hub where true cash is held, and is part of their daily cash flow and commercial revenue, just the same as dealing with customers in real time.

As a hub a Merchant can liquidate any UDC collected in their Business account with any local customers wanting UDC for their QwickPay account, it can also be how a Merchant can buy UDC that they can use to pay their Suppliers or buy things on the Platform

-  the exchange of UDC for fiat currency is the initial and final stage of completing a typical sale.

From a Merchant's Business account on the Platform a Business Console can be viewed and operated at the cash register or by using a mobile to accept Collection Codes, adjust the amount of UDC they want to buy or sell with local customers, even confirm the identity of a customer.

This flexibility at the point of sale is an extension of the everyday way a Merchant normally operates and can greatly increase the cash flow and profits especially when there are no transfer or foreign exchange rate fees.

With the Platform this payment action happens in real time giving Sellers immediate access to monies and helps in doing away with having to operate 30, 60 and even 90 day trading terms with suppliers.

It's unique and a game changer that helps remove or minimizes the heavy reliance of costly credit that has been part of the trading landscape for many years.

It removes the uncertainty for Sellers of not really knowing whether the credit being used on a card is going to be reversed in the coming weeks with a charge back.

It changes the draconian system of security and delays with a platform of processes that can track monies and security around the world in real time giving both Buyers and Sellers direct and final action.



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