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click to see the 'Auto Scroll'

Turn Back The Clock
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Sellers list product images to sell and they share the value with you!

With little effort you can start scrolling through the images and money will begin dropping into your account for you to use to help buy things!

There's no follow up by a seller, it's all anonymous with no creepy tracking that follows you around the Internet, just a simple 'qwick' look is all it takes!

-  it shows trends, what's new, things of interests, things to know more about,

-  use it as a search engine to find products, brands and businesses

Go Mobile Shopping
in the Cloud!

.  .  discover things, earn money, sell stuff at 100%, buy stuff at 20%!

Scrolling pictures is just like window shopping but this way the sellers are paying you to look and earn a share of their product's values  -  see how Cloudfunds are earned!

-  this is real money not token money, use it to set up strategies to bid for deals, even use it to spend on items from the Content Kings,

Be 'qwick' or the QwickPics can disappear fast, only so many can earn from each deal

-  set QwickPic to Auto Scroll on your mobile or desktop and earn

-  once you build up your nest egg of Cloudfunds you are ready to start

Collect the benefit of Cloudfunding global commerce in UDI Portfolios

      Find out how Pay It Forward works!

           QwickPay  '. . . send P2P payments around the world for free!'

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The Global Digital 'Shift'
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