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The information provided by you or for your business, remains your information

The accuracy of the information helps to validate your identity on the platform's autonomous architecture.

Details provided are not given, sold or shown to any party other than to the exchange party to help identify 'you'.

The 'requested' information exchanged during commerce may be minimum details such as Photo ID to combat fraud.

Your information is not given, sold or shown to any party in connection with marketing or tracking.

The platform doesn't restrict users in freely choosing and making their own commercial decision nor influence decisions.

Ownership of UDC - Universal Digital Cash and FDC - Free Digital Capital is securely held for Users on a neutral platform.

Every individual person and business is free to be part of the Global Financial Challenge as a Buyer or Seller

Every user has the freedom to earn and use the Free Digital Capital in a global environment.

The freedom for each citizen to earn and build their accounts and using it to influence their lifestyle is unlimited.

Every Global Citizen, as part of a Global Crowd, has the ability to build a new form of wealth using this global connection.

This ability to build wealth is not restricted by location or politics, it gives independence in an environment of global change.

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