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'Content Providers' deserve to be paid like any other business!
Just as product and service sellers are able to use 'Cloudfunding' to generate the activity, 'Content Providers' with different forms of digital downloads such as music, news and other types of content wanting payments are able to be paid with QPay.

QPay can be set by the Content Providers at various rates to gain the best revenue stream, payments can even be split to cover the different players, from management to authors, musicians, journalists depending on the type of fees or royalties needed.

Payments for digital content usually require credit cards or similar payment forms, when we're paying directly from our own pocket or card, there's usually a hesitation in paying, - 'what if there was another way to get it for free?',

- this is where QPay handles 'the issue' differently, the value being 'spent' is drawn from Cloudfunds earned for 'free' for viewing QwickPic images, so it can be easier to let go!

Digital goods that are typically downloaded can also be processed as subscriptions or deals set at the full value and sold at the low 20% prices as what e-Books can be.

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Even with so much of the Internet being free content there still needs to be a way for industries to be paid fairly for their contribution.

Missing out on 'Royalties' hurts us all!

The publishing and news industries and music industry are some of the stand outs that have both been effected deeply by the piracy and other forms of data scrapping.

What the Platform can provide is a payment method that the artists, management and Content Provider services can control to gain the best revenue from viewers and listeners.

QPay payments to Content Providers are exchanged for UDC and able to be liquidated.
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