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Decentralizing control to local economies offers autonomy
Local Infrastructure

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Local economies can now stimulate their own economy

Local economies have been reliant on centralized state or national levels of government to help stimulate the local commerce at an arms length, and often bundle all regions into overall policies, even use tax payer funds to subsidize industries and companies.

Subsidies mainly shift values within economies and often only 'muddies the water' as it flows downstream diluting local currency values as it interacts with other industries  -  now with the backwash building up in economies after the quantitive easing experiment comes to an end, it's clear that wage increases will continue to be stifled well into the future for workers in both developed and developing countries.

Decentralized local economies give control to the community

Technology provides the ability to scale far beyond the limitations in the old economy  -  decentralizing control of local economies over to the local business and consumer community level is unprecedented but has enormous benefits that flow to other economies.

Having a local pro-active role changes the old infrastructure of relying on many incumbents that have settled into roles of controlling the flow of capital through commerce and trade  -  Cloudfunding streamlines the flow from the seller's inventory to the end consumer by eliminating the incumbents and the associated costs.

With the value of the seller's inventory continually being governing the quantity released into the ecosystem, it provides the unique intrinsic backing that's missing in modern money  -  it also provides the stability needed to transfer the neutral Universal Digital Capital peer to peer in the fast pace of commerce in the new economy.

A new collaboration between global sellers and consumers

Cloudfunding uses the geographical locations of users to interconnect with businesses in a combined collaboration without sharing identities  -  by safe-guarding the user's identity it provides an environment where users can confidently interact on a financial level.

Collaboration works both ways in Cloudfunding, firstly a seller lists inventory and the full value is freely shared globally in micro-values with users to start the decentralizing process  -  next, those micro-values are randomly used in a Game Theory process by the users.

While users set about using the free capital as virtual wholesalers, in the background a complex series of algorithms begin a process that validates the free capital into Universal Digital Capital, basically a payback for helping in the bidding process.

The Queen Bee program kick starts things

For any economy to function there needs to be a catalyst that ignites the flow of supply towards a demand with a means of exchange to act as a unit of account to securely facilitate the exchange of products or services from the seller to the buyer.

This is where the customer loyalty and collaboration program Queen Bee provides the incentive for the sellers to set the pace of their economy with an early Capital Investment that taps into a new income stream.

What makes Queen Bee so important is that when a seller incentivizes their own customer base the seller also takes advantage of all the customer bases of other sellers  -  Queen Bee is structured to earn multiple times the initial Capital Investment from user purchases.

Following on with Cloudfundings' strict user identity policy, Queen Bee is able to collaborate silently with other sellers without divulging user identities or directly see their purchases.

An important part of any local economy are wages

The World Labor Marketplace is part of the Cloudfundings' overall ecosystem that generates Wage Shift Smart Contracts to match location, industry and business where a worker who normally earns a wage can gain more value for themselves and their employer, and vic versa.

A business that sells products or services on the platform typically has employees working within the business  -  as an example in tourism and hospitality, the services offered by a hotel and restaurant are accommodation and meals  -  each of these offerings has workers and wages attached that make up the overall selling cost.

The World Labor Marketplace focuses on the cost of producing products and services so that there's more recognition of the actual labor costs and wages that make up that productivity  -  meaning that there's a fair distribution from the selling prices of those products and services down the supply chain.

The wages of workers haven't kept up with economic growth or inflation in most developing countries over the last decade, and even longer  -  this imbalance is what the World Labor Marketplace helps to overcome, from the ground level, for both employees and employers where the actual productivity takes place.

Instead of workers in an industry fighting and waiting to get wage increases to come down the bureaucratic pipeline, the World Labor Marketplace offers employees a 20% increase in their pay packet, and at the same time gives their employer the best deal they could ever get with paying wages.

    Cost of the Queen Bee Program
        $500 Seed amount has a 1X total value
    $1,000 Seed amount has a 1.5X total value

$2,500 Seed amount has a 2X total value
$5,000 Seed amount has a 2.5X total value
$10,000 Seed amount has a 3X total value
$25,000 Seed amount has a 3.5X total value
    $50,000 Seed amount has a 4X total value
    $75,000 Seed amount has a 4.5X total value
    $100,000 Seed amount has a 5X total value

    See more details here

Businesses usually buy loyalty from customers by offering discounts or giving deals that cut into profits.

With Queen Bee a business can give or sell UDC to initially link the customer with the business and wherever the customer buys across any industry or in any country there's still a gain for the business.

No effort is needed by the business to maintain the customer  -  there's an arms length connection when sellers list products or servicess and only need to click a button to notify their customer base to begin a viral connection with all their down-line users that certainly multiplies things and adds to the sales revenue.
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