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What the LED Hub Platform does!

The Platform changes how Selling works!

Sellers have a new home!

It's Touch Down Time!

Cloudfunding is a many small steps model and with the Platform's scalable back-bone mechanics these two are now able to be combined, making it the ideal touch down time for FastFill outlets to join Main Street,


-  it's here where online meets offline, where online ecommerce touches down to give local buyers the chance to buy low and local sellers to sell high, it's where technology delivers its promise to help better the lives of so many at a grassroots level by closing the gap between the rich and the poor, making things more affordable to everyone in all economies,

Establishing FastFill Outlets as local hubs for local buyers and sellers takes the Social connection to the next level by providing the physical go to place to join the two different worlds, using mobile to link the two,

-  FastFill Outlets are not necessary in all places, what it does do though is it puts a face to technology that the majority of people still can't get their heads around yet, that invisible technology 'virtually' runs their world!

Pictures tell it faster!

Now with mobile being at the forefront of keeping almost everyone in touch with what's happening around them locally, the Platform provides an easy access to current info with QwickPic, it gives an easy to the eye flow of pictures to tell the story


QwickPic is being presented for all types devices in a series of pictures uploaded by sellers wanting to sell products and services, and with the natural mechanics of how supply and demand operates these series of pictures can disappear as quickly as they appear because of the rapid real time play by the Crowd that can push demand and out-strip supply,

-  just scrolling through the pictures earns a user money that they can spend in their strategies in other deals, clicking the picture will show whether the deal is local or global, deals that are termed as global are those that a user is outside a sellers trading zone and this is where being an OMM still provides a great incentive to compete,

-  it's just one click for a user to register before moving on to find other deals that they may want to bid for, setting the strategies for any registered deals can be done anytime before the start of the bidding, a user can also send QwickAlerts out to friends if they want some help in winning a deal but they need to be quick before the deals disappear,

-  products and services don't need to be relevant to a viewer who wants to earn money for their strategies or be needed by a bidder when the incentive of winning is there, this means that product demand stays high, and local buyers have plenty of deals staying in supply at low prices,

-  in the meantime a user can continue to scroll and earn more money to use in other strategies, the monies earned are the 'Cloudfunds' and are first validated before being available to use,


-  when QwickPic pictures disappear it just means that the item has reached its full potential of viewers and interested buyers and that the full payment has been locked in escrow for the seller, the only thing remaining then is to find who the lucky local buyer will be at the end of the bidding process, maybe someone who can change their lives with low prices!


The Platform spans across categories for all types of products and services, here are some of the first to be released,

QUIK-Stay   l   QUIK-Trip   l   QUIK-Ride   l   QUIK-Buys   l   QUIK-Time   l   Quik-Call   l   QUIK-Flix   l   QUIK-Flix   l   Quik-Zap   l   QUIK-Flix   l   QUIK-Flix

To counter the change and advantage made with the buying prices for new products the Platform is releasing the Used Goods service Around Again  -  QwickFlip, it uses the same dynamics to allow sellers to set a Fair Price just like the full List Price is set with new products,


-  with the Fair Price this is set as the market value according to the age, condition of the item as normal  -  but again the buying price is 20% maximum of the seller's Fair Price, this provides the market for used items to be sold Competitively against similar new products sold on the Platform - no listing fees, no advertising costs, no payment fees!

A New Social Layer

The Social layer is the Internet connected people in all continents who up to now most have been at the wrong end of global commerce, now they have a voice with connection via mobiles that can add value, not just in features that enable people to talk or text to friends and family but to be able to become a player in global commerce.

Being Internet connected is just the beginning, having access to low priced mobile phones and pre-paid connection plans gives people the tools to be more independent,


-  the Platform does that, it provides the tools to allow anyone to be a participant, everyone should have the right to earn an income source and have the ability to buy at lower prices in their local environment.

Cloudfunding moves into Main Street!

Where, Construction and Costs?

Direct Local Backing

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