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What the LED Hub Platform does!

The Platform changes how Selling works!

Sellers have a new home!

It's Touch Down Time!

Cloudfunding moves into Main Street!

Where, Construction and Costs?

Direct Local Backing

Direct Local Backing is used to establish FastFill LED - Local Economic Distribution Hubs,

-  LED Participants can be located anywhere but more likely immediately where FastFill LED - Hubs are established  -  the ROI is directly gained from the range of products and services that sellers list in the local area,

-  all the activity is processed and displayed on the Location Screen and in a User's Portfolio in real time  -  as activity is recorded in various locations there's an increase in value for a User who holds units in the locations,

-  once funds added to a location through the LED Participants peak at the target level with sufficient funding a LED Hub would be given the green light to be built,

-  as new locations are established with LED Hubs, these places would be added to the Location Screen as new Symbols.

Participants who have LED Hubs constructed in their local area gain from the products and services sold by the LED Hubs  -  it all means that any participant becomes a foundation member who gets the early benefit of local and global products and services flowing through the local economy.


The time for any roll-out for LED - Local Economic Distribution Hubs can be in a matter of weeks once the planning and the Platform's operating systems to be ready to be connected.

Unlike the typical commerce model that can stop and start with high and no sales the Platform is an economy with verticals ( commerce sellers ) hanging from the economy  -  each branch has its own amount of activity that needs to be supported with a deep technical back-end connected to a central base  -  this means that once the Platform begins operating it can't be stopped, it becomes exponential and ubiquitous.

Once it begins, those that are connected to the platform around the world will begin to see movement with the values in their portfolios and accounts from the Deals available in various locations  -  this is where any LED Participants begins to gain the ROI.

LED Hubs will follow the trends in activity and move into those locations for local buyers and sellers to connect to and give the local economies the boost needed by multiplying the activity.

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