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Not all markets are predictable so Flexi-Deals are an advantage for Sellers!

It gives Sellers more flexibility without discounting

Only a business knows their own local market, so this is where Flexi-Deals can fit into a market to find the sweet spot with the right discount price!

Price Demand along with Outsourced Selling opens up Global Commerce to the Automation of the Salesman.

Outsourced Selling gives Sellers the unique position of knowing that the full Selling Price for their products and services is already is paid before offering the items to their local Buyers.

Flexi-Deals are deals that offer Price Demand.

How they work  -  as each Flexi-Deals is released, it begins at the full 100% Selling Price, then the price automatically begins to cascade down towards the 20% value of the OMMs winning Bid

-  any time during the Cascading local Buyers can decide when a price suits them, they need to beat other Buyers though.

The market will find the correct real time demand for every product / service released to the local Buyers.

With any Deal that's been processed on QwickBids to find the winning bid, it means that the full 100% Selling Price is already locked in escrow until the final Buyer,

-  once the Deal is released on the Open Market the Deal is listed at the full 100% Selling Price but in Flexi-Deals the price begins to drop, and only stopped if a local Buyer decides the price is right for them,

-  otherwise it continues to the 20% value and waits for the first Buyer to take advantage before it returns to the full Selling Price.

When the Buyer decides to purchase, the payment is processed from the Buyer's QwickPay account.

Flexi-Deals are part of the Price Demand commerce pricing model, which gives Sellers their full 100% Selling Prices while generating greater demand by offering low Buying Prices.

Real-time Price Demand is the new reality for modern commerce

Now Sellers have all the options to give local Buyers great Deals without worrying about discounting and losing profits, because LA Deals already have the full Selling Price locked away Sellers can get moving on generating some foot traffic when they want and keeping supplies topped up.

The type of businesses that may find more suited to the Flexi-Deals are those that want to still keep their higher Buying Prices as part of their sales strategy but still be able to add some competition into their local markets.



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