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    Account ID :   Arrow downArrow up        654321          
    Available Bal : UDC100.00 $100.00 UDC100.00 $100.00    
    Incoming Bal : UDC0.00 $0.00 UDC0.00 $0.00    
    Pending Bal : UDC0.00 $0.00 UDC0.00 $0.00    
    Total Balance : UDC100.00 $100.00 UDC100.00 $100.00    
    Create an Exchange from your Account :   654321  Arrow Down :  Your Location      
Spend     TO QwickPay Account :         Arrow Down   987654 :  Account ID is Confirmed    
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Split Bill   'Name' or 'Logo' Map   Confirmed ID  
Pay Caddy     Business Address if required:
Buy BataCredit     Add the value of your Exchange : UDC UDC   $ USD  
Sell BataCredit         Next  
BataCredit Collect   Check the ID details are correct and then Add the Exchange amount to be 'Spent'
before clicking 'Next'.
Redeem My UDC  
Cloudfunds Account      
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