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 There are now 2 worlds!
    .  .  with the new digital world tapping
     the old world of its economic value

Economic value is the true value of everything, it's the
value of local products and services we use every day

Tapping that economic value and monetizing it as it sits
idle in seller inventories decentralizes commerce,

-  creates a new world, disrupts incumbents, making
digital advertising and payment services redundant

-  generates productivity and pushes economic growth
back into the hands of users in local economies!
2 worlds
The real economy's economic value is shifting to the new digital economy via Cloudfunding
            2worlds is an economic platform that bridges the gap from
            the physical world to the digital world, by tapping and
            collateralizing the local economic value  -  it redefines how
            capital flows will now move between local economies along
            interconnecting economic highways.

            -  it gives users a competitive advantage as they sell and
            buy all types of products and services that exist in the
            physical world using the new digital economy's tools 

            Cloudfunding brings a simple on / off ramp to the real
            grassroots economy  -  to engage in commerce and trade
            with digital tools that brings affordability and profitability to
            everyone in the real economy.

            Never before have independent global users been able to
            collaborate as one, to influence commerce and trade in local
            economies  -  directly monetizing products and services
            around the world  -  and earn incomes on a global scale.

            Monetization means selling is automated  -  Smart Contracts
            get issued at the full selling prices, and get executed on a
            buyer's lower buying price  -  it then automatically mints the
            NFToken Receipts and Proof of Ownership.

            2worlds monetizes the physical world by tokenizing every Zip
            and Post Code around the world  -  making the global users
            economic equity stakeholders in local economies  -  who
            can now directly participate in generating productivity in
            local economies, to gain real incomes in the real economy,
            in real time.

            Location NFTokens are uniquely non-tradable  -  with the
            value solely dependent on productivity within its own local
            economy  -  giving stakeholders incentives to help monetize
            seller inventories, and gain from the linear economic growth

Local NFTokens

Cloudfunding isn't about currency trading, it's all about global commerce and local economies!
For decades sovereign fiat currencies have been subject to inflationary periods that devalue the buying power of consumers

Cloudfunding offers a way of finding an equilibrium between supply and demand without all the collateral damage

-  counters the cycles of inflation that harm consumers with the cost of living, and deflation that harms business profits.
" Cloudfunding does for modern economies in tokenizing the local economic value                                 

                                        .  .  as what the invent of coinage did for commerce and trade in ancient times! "
" Now,  local economic value is universally issued, owned and governed by the people,  for the people             

                                                         .  .  to fully monetize productivity across global commerce and trade! "

  Cloudfunding is the protocol that allows true economic value to be collected, collateralized and freely distributed as a ubiquitous flow of economic value, moving permissionlessly between economies  -  it's subliminally distributed ( SODA - Subliminally Organically Decentralized Advertising ) to global users, who individually use the economic value as free working capital in an automated global consensus process, which governs the value and validates the capital using a recycling mechanism  -  that redirects the true payment of local products and services ( global aggregate demand ) back to validate and monetize new products and services  -  and in the process stimulates local productivity, and raises the velocity of the local money supply across local economies  

-  just as communication and information move along protocols on top of the internet with TCP/IP and HTTP, economic value moves between geo-locations without cost, just like emails are free between users  -  and just like search for information is free ( apart from the advertising and data surveillance ).

-  economic value is the true value of a product or service that's made up of labour and material costs and profit margin  -  it's the foundation value of commerce that currencies were invented to help fractionalize the value in a physical form ( now more digital ), to make it easier to carry and trade with  -  opening up a banking industry that has acted as a third party supplier, rentier, intermediary and custodian controlling currencies, but not the economic value.

economic value  .  .  is the people's universal currency

Cloudfunding disrupts that status quo by capturing, collateralizing and monetizing the economic value while in the hands of the sellers, and before it's released to the buyers  -  it fractionalizes the economic value of products and services while being held by sellers  -  in an automated selling process that has a decentralized global consensus network to monetize a seller's inventory, ready for buyers  

-  there's a paradigm shift in global economic value when a buyer's payment is the universally distributed ( economic value ) capital, which's continually validated when sellers liquidate their sales in local currencies with local users wanting to fund their accounts.

-  validating the economic value as a means of exchange and international unit of account by collateralizing the economic value, means it's governed and backed by the value and continual flow of inventories being listed.

-  provides the international migrant communities a borderless remittance option where there're no fees, or more importantly no currency spreads, due to the international economic value structure that's embedded into the local commerce.

-  businesses with local and international trade can utilize the advantage of settling supply invoices directly from one local currency to another without fees and spreads, while still gaining the benefits of Cloudfunding their inventories.

-  it makes Cloudfunding the worlds' true platform that taps into the real economy's multi-trillion dollar domestic markets of local products and services produced and traded annually, on a global scale.

Cloudfunding streamlines global commerce by eliminating intermediaries

Cloudfunding's protocol offers a seamless bridge for moving economic value from the physical world to the digital world, and vice-versa, without needing intermediaries for transferring the economic value between users, economies and worlds  -  and because economic value is universal, and tapped directly from local product and service inventories from around the world, it fills the void left vacant by the internets' missing economic infrastructure that needs to be autonomous with a universal and ubiquitous economic value capital

-  its decentralized subliminal distribution and validation mechanics, with its global consensus, makes it the ideal universal and neutral value to be held and transacted with by the internet user  -  who are now positioned to share in the gains from commercial activity in Web3 as business owners, brands, creators, market makers by being economic equity stakeholders.

-  stakeholders can hedge against inflation by taking a stake in listed local economies around the world, earning directly from local productivity that they can help generate as open market makers  -  by engaging with RingLink technology to monetize and validate the universally ddecentralized ( economic ) capital, which is released directly into local economies, globally.

The convergence of the 2 worlds provides the setting for DeCom - decentralized commerce, to start in the physical world and be monetized in the digital world, with sellers gaining their full selling prices and the consumer gaining buying power with lower prices back in their local economy  -  meaning it decreases private debt through more affordable prices, and public debt with full seller prices that ultimately pay higher tax revenues  -  overall increasing economic growth and value in the real economy

The value economy verses the monetary economy

Cloudfunding's overall ethos is to build out a value economy that taps and collateralizes the idle economic value from local economies and applies that value in ways that it's able to be fractionalized and distributed subliminally out to internet connected users, and generate additional value to share with the participating users  -  without being a deposit-taker, rentier or intermediary.

-  it operates in its own domain where the economic value is exchanged, where it only needs to be compared to local fiat currencies, in real time  -  to generate productivity without accumulating debt owed to the feudal monetary system.

DeCom ( Cloudfunding ) introduces the mechanisms similar to the role that the Glass-Steagall Act had on the world's economic growth, which the US introduced in 1933 to separate commercial activity from the speculative financial industry, which heralded in decades of more evenly distributed prosperity and the greatest genuine economic growth across many countries in the mid 20th Century.

Cloudfunding is an economic system that disrupts the status quo with its architecture that operates with economic value as the core genuine value that moves from buyers to sellers without the use of intermediaries and the rentier third party incumbents  -  Cloudfunding captures that unique moment in commerce when there's an agreement to purchase between buyers and sellers, but instead of having a third party intermediary ( payment provider ) control the value, Cloudfunding automatically sells ( monetizes ) the full selling price and opens up the free market for the buyers to pay the price that they find affordable  -  finding true price discovery!

It opens up the digital world to using true economic value that's continually validated by global users across our interoperable worlds, tracked all the way back to its origin, and constantly governed by and accounted for via a chronological data process  -  instead of creating new value out thin-air or cryptography, without any intrinsic value, as is the case with fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Economic value is the true foundational worth of any economy, whereas a currency is only an accounting unit  -  this makes the economic value sitting idle in local economies a universal and ubiquitous value with an intrinsic value, that's interoperable across all economies, and only needs to be compared with local currencies when trading in the local countries  -  it makes universal economic value capital the ideal on / off ramp from fiat and cryptocurrencies to the real economy.

The change is a paradigm shift back to productivity-based economies

With the old economy awash with easy fiat money, pumped into world economies over recent years to raise markets and asset values, hoping to offset the enormous debt of both government and private  -  the reality of inflation for everyday necessities is showing up everywhere as a consequence for borrowing the future generation's productivity gains to subsidize today's unproductive money.

Changing from the old economy's Credit-based mechanics to drive productivity, over to a Productivity-based and lead economy, is now possible with the new economy's algorithmic and SODA architecture  -  shifting Productivity to be the leading catalyst is the new era, where the scale in tracking economic value in real time, has moved into the realm beyond the capabilities of humans to calculate, who until now have totally relied on pushing a few interest rate numbers around  -  algorithms track the movement of economic value down to 14 decimal points across the world, across borders in real time, continually validating the true value traded between buyers and sellers.

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Where the borderless and uninterrupted flow of economic value changes commerce and trade is in direction that the economic value moves from, not from a single payment coming from a buyer to the seller, but via direct foreign digital capital - DFDC, flowing from multiple global local economies where open market makers operate, directly into the seller's account in their local economy  -  this decentralization of economic ( value ) capital flows, provides a new dynamism in global commerce as it unleashes an effervescence that stimulates multiple local economies  -  it's a new 'balance of payments' mechanism without capital moving locally, or capital flows moving internationally  -  instead it raises the velocity of the local money supply across multiple economies.

The global user now has the tools to influence local economies

With Cloudfunding's autonomous infrastructure and decentralized network of global users operating independently, or as groups with unlimited numbers ( co-operatives ) that can drive the monetization of projects needed by local communities, while they 'play-to-earn' incomes  -  it opens up for local communities to establish Local Chamber of Economies ( DAEs - decentralized autonomous economies ) to focus specifically on local seller inventories, industries, start-ups, creators, artists and projects, all helping to drive local economic growth at the grassroots level  -  where inclusion for all can bring a new balance of economic growth and wealth between nations.

Ulimate Wealth Of Nations
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