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QwickP2P - Pay Here

Sellers Exchange

How it works for sellers

Everyone knows how to take a photo with a camera or mobile.

With a photo and some details a seller can start selling

-  it's free to list, free to sell and free to get paid.

The ComTechX platform is an economy with commerce built inside, Sellers are an important part of any economy, so they're treated as VIPs.

Economies need supply and demand, and Sellers have the supply

-  so it makes good sense that QwickPic is free for Sellers.

QwickPic solves the Seller's Dilemma of wasting money on clicks

QwickPic jumps the paid advertising model and gets the sales  -  for free.

Steps to create a campaign

Take a photo of an item you want to sell  -  similar to those over to the left.

Select the Category and any sub categories

Add the name and details, any specification that best describes the item

Add the full selling price ( store's shelf price ) and the quantity.

Add the local trading zone where your typical local Buyers live

Add the time you want to release the item to your local Buyers.

Getting Deals sold is solved with  -  Price Demand

Delivery using QwickTime can also be added in the Deals.

Every Seller has their own Our Store to list and display their Brands,
as well as Chat with customers.

That's it, the selling process is automatic and keeps you informed.

-  there's no complicated analytics or strategies to spend time and money on, selling is about selling things, not to be rocket scientists.

Just wait for the start of the selling and get ready to release the Deals

      Find out how Pay It Forward, Now! works!

           QwickPay  '.  .  .  send P2P payments around the world for free!'

All this selling DOESN'T cost the Seller any money!

Sellers have access to Free Economic Value to help monetize growth and operating costs that every business confronts.

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LA Agents
For when it's all too much there's always the LA Agent!

For some Sellers to get into the Digital Era it can be quite daunting.

To help get Sellers started there are LA Agents that can be a default CTO

-  Chief Technical Officer, who can benefit Sellers by getting sales on their behalf without the Agent being added to the payroll.

LA Agents can manage what products or services a Seller wants to 'sell' to their 'local Buyers', without having to add more workload to their already busy lives.

The Agent is able to 'add' the items to the Seller's Console and keep the product flow moving at the pace in which the Seller can handle in their store.

Agents don't handle the payments or any of the collection of products, this keeps the Seller in full control of the products and the payments at all times.

The LA Agents operate as an online product controller, by monitoring the quantity of items being processed on the platform and being updated by the Seller on the collection by the Buyers 'in store'.

Some Sellers may have large priced items that sell at a steady pace, and there can other Sellers that can have 000's of lower priced items that are able to be shipped out of the store qwickly.

It's up to the LA Agent to find that balance.

LA Agents get paid by the platform's processing system and not by the Seller.

The Global Digital 'Shift'
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