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The Digital Era hasn't been all that kind to the traditional media and the publishing industry  -  both printed and digital journalism has struggled to find a sustainable replacement for the advertising revenue that was once relied on.

Advertising has been about payment for exposure to an audience ( even now that model is largely being ignored with 400 million ad-block downloads and counting )  -  so a new model needs to be found, one that does more than take the money just for the exposure and forgets about what happens next  -  paid advertising has never closed the loop or held itself accountable with what happens between Sellers and Buyers ( Supply & Demand )  -  Cloudfunding closes that loop and does it with free advertising.

Cloudfunding has the economic infrastructure and monetization model to replace those lost revenue streams with a model that allows publishers to tap into a much bigger resource and gain a new revenue stream, by still doing what they did before, only now the distribution of advertising is to expose a Seller's inventory, and to sell it, not just expose the brand  -  Cloudfunding gives each Publisher, Content Provider and Journalist access to an open democratic and autonomous ecosystem, where a % from every item sold can be earned in a contained environment, not just crumbs shared from an ocean of paid Online Digital Advertising.

Cloudfunding introduces Subliminal Organic Advertising which overcomes the saturation that is destined for paid advertising  -  SOA does what it says, it operates quietly in the background on websites with content applying the QwickPic Ready feature, which gives Users the way to automatically hide QwickPic displays ( majority of ads are ignored anyway )  -  Users now have the option of viewing the content with displays or hiding them but still earn a neutral global trading value for as long as they are on the website  -  and website operators continue to earn revenue from any sale generated via those connections, regardless.

Cloudfunding reverse engineers Advertising  -  validated as an asset class trading value

Cloudfunding distributes the exposure, generates the monetization to back the inventory and makes it so compelling for the Buyers.

The potential in Advertising has always been limited to monitizing only a small % of a product's value, now the full value is used

Now a product's full inventory value is distributed in an OutSell process that captures a globally stored trading value

Advertising Online is no longer limited to targeting individuals  -  it's about economies of scale and driving economic growth.

What has become a difficult thing to sell, can now be turned around when businesses can get their Advertising for free.

Media and Content Providers can now tap into and be part of the New Economy

Publishers now tap into a % of every unit sold  -  Content Providers can have exclusive advertising or the Platform's inventory.

Unlike traditional Advertising where a campaign is specific to the brand  -  OutSell involves the inventory's quantity

The disruption comes by fully financing the Seller's inventory with OutSell before it reaches the Seller's final Buyers

Incentive for Buyers is Price Demand  -  it opens up competition to find the real time Buyer demand as the price cascades down

Price Demand avoids the exploitation of dynamic pricing  -  benefiting Content Providers with a % from the full Selling Prices

From publications to single news topics  -  each is individually tracked to earn revenue for Publishers to Writers and Journalists

Subliminal Organic Advertising ( SOA ) has the scale to drive productivity via velocity in a greater number of global locations.

Publishers, Content Providers don't need their own Advertisers, they simply tap into the Platforms and let their audience decide

Search Engines aren't relevant with Cloudfunding as depth of interconnectivity between Users changes the exposure direction

Scaling Online is a proven value  -  Cloudfunding can scale exponentially to greater volumes than Online Digital Advertising.

A bigger pool and balanced distribution will level the playing field

Until Cloudfunding, the Internet lacked the economic infrastructure to seamlessly transition Commerce from the Old Economy to the New Economy  -  it allowed the early Internet to breed new incumbents with time to establish new gateways ( moats ), sending many industries back to being the new generation of serfs, who will forever be beholden to those with the controlling power  -  Cloudfunding has been developed with this missing economic infrastructure, built for the long term gain, on a much bigger global scale that challenges that scenario.


  QwickPic Ready

QwickPic News

Media Metamophosis


Media has a greater role to play in global issues  -  Cloudfunding simply offers the run-way

What Advertising offers, is an intangible function to attract Demand to Supply  -  as a paid service it has always been an incomplete loop in predicting or being accountable for sales in the Commerce cycle  -  Cloudfunding solves that missing link in the loop by commodifying advertising's display function into a neutral international trading unit of account, one that freely flows digitally across borders, allowing international assets and liabilities to be tracked and balanced, in real time.

Cloudfunding is the Digital Economy's missing economic infrastructure

Cloudfunding is an autonomous cloud-based ecosystem platform that commodifies and validates the dynamics of Digital Advertising into an economic value  -  paid Digital Advertising has proven to have a commercial value as a revenue source and a stream of gold for the early players of the Internet  -  Cloudfunding reverses the role played out in paid advertising, and instead of a Seller paying for the exposure of products or services, that display action is commodified and validated as an asset class value of exchange, then released freely to global users, to collect as free working capital  -  which directly guarantees sales of products and services at the full selling prices for the Sellers, free of costs.

Cloudfunding disrupts Commerce's marketing dynamics by exponentially and perpetually commodifying the Digital Advertising's mechanics on a global scale, using algorithmic fractional economics  -  this new digital asset class value is reverse-engineered as a friction-free neutral trading unit of account that's distributed globally and ubiquitously, and seamlessly tracked internationally as free working capital  -  and appropriately termed as Free Digital Capital  -  it solves the conundrum of the missing economic infrastructure value backing the New Digital Economy  -  the 4th Industrial Revolution now has its own autonomous, debt free and ubiquitous river of gold that's freely distributed to the global crowd  -  it democratically generates a sustainable value governed by true productivity to help drive the world's economic growth in the 21st Century  -  ensuring the promise of the world wide web is delivered  . .  that everyone be included in the Digital Age.

Cloudfunding gives the Internet its ubiquitous financial freedom

The New Economy is the digitization and democratization of the commercial flow of value through Global Trade and Commerce using digital technology to track a neutral international units of account, which in some way is the digitizing of what the IMF have tried with SDR  -  SDR is a restricted Special Drawing Rights value  -  a foreign-reserve currency also termed as XDR, which is created like quantitative easing but without printing money or have any true backing  -  its objective has been to replace gold and US Dollars  -  its role is for IMF member countries to draw down the SDR at various costs so it can be exchanged between trading countries to balance trade surpluses and deficits.

What the New Digital Economy does with Cloudfunding, and in particular with DFDC - Direct Foreign Digital Capital, is validate the Free Digital Capital against genuine global productivity, allowing it to be globally used ( compared to the limited use of SDR ) to fully democratize trade  -  removing the incumbents to open up global economies to free open markets with an interconnecting ubiquitous flow with a neutral international trading unit of account value  -  making it freely available for the people of the world, and countries, to control and operate with in real time, within the real economies.

Digital Infrastructure Flow


There're 2 ways to get revenue, one is add QwickPic ads directly from the network or get exclusive customers.

Instead of Publishers and Marketing Agents getting businesses to pay to advertise, they can now offer it for free.

The effort shifts from convincing customers to pay, to keeping a constant range of products listed to be sold.

The more incentive Publishers make it for non paying customers, the more % is made from the predictable sales.

News publications can contribute news to the Platform or add OutSell to their feeds to find the Crowd

Publishers already have traditional networks of businesses and readers, what they don't have is the right incentive.

There only needs to be minimal QwickPic views to get better sales, instead of annoying viewers with excessive ads

It's how Publishers can truly help businesses sell their products and services, and change their industry's future.

OutSell and Free Advertising will give Publishers a key role in the Scalable Global Economy.

Local Newspapers were often the voice of towns, they can be again by driving the economy with Free Advertising.

Local Newspapers selling print and epaper versions with Subscriptions can use OutSell as incentive.

Media can have their own 'Willy Wonker  -  Golden Ticket' serendipitous moments, changing consumer behavior.

Exclusive codes only need to be captured from print by a mobile and launched through the networks to millions.

It's an ideal way to use IA  -  Interactive Advertising with demographics that grew up reading print and watching TV.

Even movie streaming and cinema tickets can be sold using Free Advertising, while exposing to a Global Crowd.

There's a wide scope available to gain new clients that may have been missing before, such as sporting events


QwickPic Ready
  Publishers can now look past the 'era of paid advertising' and be part of the 'bigger global economy'.

The world can't afford to lose talent in the media industry, just because content is expected to be free.

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