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  Introducing    IA  -  Interactive Advertising

The audience will interact with free advertising like never before  -  it could be to compete to bid or buy items directly from television, radio or print, using the Internet!

It's no secret that viewers are hating advertising more and more, mediums answer is to increase the volume of paid ads to pick up the shortfall of revenue.

There's a Scalable Global Economy out there now for businesses to start taking advantage of, and the various mediums from Television to Print can play a major role in bringing it together, it just needs to be interpreted that local is now global.

Viewers will now be able to react to advertisements and be the catalyst that does the marketing for mediums by spreading the word with economies of scale.

What Free Digital Advertising does is it shifts the 'lack of interest' of viewers to them wanting to 'interact' with ads so they can get the benefit, and it changes the revenue streams for the tv stations, radio or print by earning a % from every unit of 'product or service' sold through the exclusive marketing campaign.

A great benefit with this 'interaction' is that the frequency of the same ads would be greatly reduced as the engagement by the viewers and the products is able to be tracked in real time, that allows different products to move forward in the display time to give an environment of anticipation for the viewer, it should certainly allow less ads to be displayed.

Mediums shouldn't have any problem finding suitable businesses wanting to advertise for free, in fact it should be that the medium groups would need to filter what businesses they wanted to be shown to their viewers.

While an audience is watching TV most have their mobile or tablets with them  -  as commercials are screened an audience can interact immediately with that ad by copying the code or taking a photo of the QR code, immediately they are shown the advertisement online in QwickPic, while still watching TV or reading a newspaper or magazine.

                                                                                      Quik Alert

Inside the time a TV advertisement runs just one viewer can spread the word to millions of people around the world who have the intention and incentive to buy, within 15 seconds a single product could sell thousands of items for the business just from the one viewer, and the media gets a percentage of all those sales instead of a flat cost.

The result of the number of sales is shown and updated to the seller and media in real time to gauge if all the inventory listed for sale has been 'sold', this allows the media to adjust what other products can be slipped into place saving valuable time slots with other products that can be sold,

-  all tracking of inventory is in real time and payments are processed automatically without the complicated accounting processes or lengthy trading terms.

The code directs the viewer to the same product online via their device and immediately the viewer can register to compete against other viewers doing the same by registering to bid later or they could be shown a product ready to immediately buy all while still watching TV or reading a newspaper or magazine.

Each 'Code' displayed on the screen, on radio or in print is or can be unique to each campaign so the media who gets the product seller is fully linked to the media group with the size of the inventory needing to be sold.

The audience doesn't need to be directly wanting to buy the product or have any relevant connection at all with the commercial but the interaction with the ad links the audience to a 'game focused' connection via the product that can benefit the viewer and it still drives revenue to the media that has displayed the commercial.

From the product seller's perspective each connection with the audience when they interact with the code still helps generate and delivers a sale even if that is with a connection to people around the world drawn in by the global alerts.

That connection between the media and the audience is not something that is just applied to any product by using a code

-  the code takes the audience to a full environment that changes how buyers can buy at vastly lower prices and still give sellers full profits, all delivered by a media that for the first time can directly benefit financially by connecting the two buyer and seller.

Applying the Platform's model allows media businesses to gain revenue directly from the local, national or global commercial economy without even needing advertisers or they continue with their advertiser base by 'selling' a more profitable model to brands,

-  put simply the media can become more involved at a Cloud level by being the link between the social community and 'local commerce' (like before), which is the core of all communities and its strength, and by adding the global layer to the local media that's normally limited geographically the industry can tap into the larger global commerce for greater revenue streams,

-  no massive changes to the technical infrastructure or need for special television sets just a simple code placement for the viewer to collect and that solves the lot.

-  even the need for 'paywalls', being tried by several industry groups could be removed or alternatively use our simpler subscription and payment method.

-  alternatively the sellers could directly use the Platform and bypass the publishing and advertising industry.

Getting sales from advertising is like the saying

-  "you can lead a horse (buyer) to water but you can't make it drink!"     

                                               we solve that by giving buyers the incentive to buy!

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