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  SIA is the closest thing to 'real-time marketing'!

Advertising from mail drops to newspapers, television and even radio has been to simply expose what the seller is offering and get paid a set amount for the audience exposure, and leave the problem with the seller of trying to get sales.

That problem of selling sufficient advertiser inventory to warrant the cost of advertising has gradually shifted and is now on the shoulders of content providers who need to prove that their advertising exposure methods are rewarding businesses with actual sales.

Cloudfunding finds real-time Price Discovery

There are few advertisements in any media that don't have discounting as the main attraction for potential buyers  -  the discount has become the attention grabber, so not only does the seller lose the discount value, they still have to pay for the advertising  -  this is all part of the modern day conundrum in local productivity!

SIA makes local Media more interactive

Media's delay in transitioning from a simple exposure of brands to an interactive model can overlap existing models, like with television and the time during the shows that are really the unproductive revenue times between the ad segments  -  the show times are multiple times greater than the ad segments, and this is where by engaging with the audience for just a few seconds, Subliminal Interactive Advertising can exponentially take off virally to advertise products and services from across multiple local industries.

When a siAds logo is displayed, a unique code links users with the local Media, it's linked and locked with that medium  -  when a user registers on the platform via a medium, the user is listed as the medium's prime connection, which benefits the medium and the user when notifications are sent  -  a user can control alerts with filters in their account, and with QwickPic Ready

Automated Selling has better economics and greater scale

Even from one single display of a few seconds, one viewer can release viral alerts world wide to incentivize their team in the Global Crowd to start the Outsourced Selling and help monetize what's being offered  -  everything is automated through to the release to the local Buyers to Activate Price Demand.

As an example, just one (1) siAd, released in any medium, could process as many as 1,000, even 10,000 or 100,000 units @ $??? from a seller's listed inventory, just by distributing it to the OMM network in micro-value ( FEV = 1 micro-value / deal / account ) in a few seconds.

What makes siAds so different to traditional advertising, like on television, is that siAds can be inserted during movie or show time, which is 4 times more ( 45 min / hour ) than the allocated times for advertisements ( average 15 min / hour )  -  while print and radio can use a 24 hr window before updating codes.

In just 1 hour TV viewing time, as many as 700 plus siAds can be distributed ( multiplied X the number of units of a product or service in each seller's inventory ), launched just from a small logo sitting quietly in the corner of the TV screen  -  the volume of siAds that can be distributed from a single Media outlet is multiple times more than the traditional and digital paid advertising because it's based on totally different economies of scale and business model

The quantity of deals that can be displayed only increases as more viewers connect to the outlets, or when more outlets tap into the platform to absorb the volume  -  once the distribution begins and the Outsourced Selling process has monetized each deal, the platform automatically, or Seller, releases the deals to the Seller's local Buyers, Price Demand then takes over and incentivizes sales.

The same format works for big ticket items like furniture or cars, where just one siAd of a few seconds can exponentially sell a brand's entire inventory  -  it can be any SME product or service that would normally be limited in advertising, like local fuel supplies, electricity or local products such as farmgate milk or fruit and vegetables, even mortgage and rental payments, anything along the supply chain.

Media can operate from a Digital Sales Division just like any business to help drive sales for their local businesses as part of the market maker network, even get involved in generating income streams from the local or other economies.

The viewer can automatically have their account set to distribute the full inventory of each seller for that session out to their team's local and global users via an alert so that it doesn't interrupt the viewing.

Long-tail income streams

The loyalty of customers is different to the pre digital era when things were more local but now it's global, and having so many options available for news and information has changed everything  -  this is where loyalty needs to be more versatile and able to work globally so both businesses and consumers get a universal approach where both benefit.

The Queen Bee program is designed to fit into the new economy by being able to collaborate across multiple businesses and industries, and countries, to bring real time productivity into a long-tail income stream for businesses ( and users ), to earn universally while incentivizing their customer base with continual access to local products and services through local Media.

Advertising Types


QwickPic Ads


QwickPic Ready
        Traditional Media Advertising

        Seller discount Incentive

        Campaign Value = Marketing Budget Share

        Purchase of advertising time slots & space

        Brand exposure

        Unaccountable to sales
Online Digital Advertising           

Seller discount Incentive           

Campaign Value = Marketing Budget Share           

Click-through share           

Exposure via targeted advertising           

No Opt-Out of surveillance / privacy           

Unaccountable to sales           
                Subliminal Interactive Advertising

                 No seller discounts / Items sell @ full Price

     e.g : $100.00 item - Medium's share 2.5% = $2.50

                                  Sales volume :  1,000 = $2,500

                                                   100,000 = $250,000

          No surveillance or privacy tracking or exposure

                 Automated Selling = Predictable Sales

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SIA distributes exponential scale of Localization

The way Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising works at scale is completely different to Digital Advertising which streams out ads to an audience through constant displays using surveillance information of individuals, making the user 'the product', as it's often termed  -  SIA treats users with respect by not having any surveillance of a person's habits or gathering of personal information, SIA uses an Opt-In and Opt-Out option and only needs the details of a person or entities main identification details to maintain security over their peer to peer activity.

SODA uses democratic ways of distributing ( SIA for media ) advertising of supply to an Opt-In audience that absorbs the information automatically in the background in a few seconds at a far greater scale than what Online Digital Advertising does by saturating the Internet space across millions of screens to help local businesses get a relatively small number sales from such costly efforts.

The number of viewers local Media, Publisher, Content Provider and Website operator attracts increases the volume of deals capable of being seen at any one time  -  unlike Online Digital Advertising, with Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising once a deal has distributed all the free working capital needed for the processing through the free app, that deal is immediately removed from distribution  -  this increases the quantity of products and services able to be linked back to the local Media distribution outlets that originally displayed the ads.

This scenario is multiplied by the continual flow of products and services listed for outsourcing that the local Media, Publisher, Content Provider or Website operator wants to connect with on the Platform  -  having exclusive Seller ( advertiser ) inventories increases the number of sales that the mediums gain a % from.

SIA helps to free up the 'idle capacity' ( economic value ) sitting in local inventories

The volume of local SME inventories is the 'idle capacity' ( economic value ) sitting in local economies waiting to be sold at any one time, and it's a 'huge stockpile'  -  this previously untapped grassroots resource in local economies is what SIA monetizes and sells through Cloudfunding  -  SIA initially helps distribute the economic value of local inventories world wide through economies of scale that generate new capital flows ( governed and validated by Seller inventories )  -  then captures the aggregate demand from real-time global productivity ( sales ) and distributes it with the decentralized network of open market makers, who individually and democratically recycle the validated capital back into local economies across the world to fully monetize the next 'ready to be sold' inventories  -  guaranteeing Sellers full selling prices, even before the products and services are released to local Buyers.

This creates two separate supply and demand markets, giving Buyers the freedom to pay prices they can afford, while still competing with other Buyers in a free open market environment using Price Demand, providing the stimulus for local consumer spending to flow through the real local economies  -  and with the volume of economic value sitting in inventories being greater than the volume of loans and credit that the financial system can release across local communities, there's more reason to have decentralised but independent accountable economic infrastructure that can handle new capital flows in real time between the demand side and the supply side, and avoid bottlenecks between the markets.

Supply & Demand Bottleneck

Bottlenecks in productivity can make or break local economies

There has always been an idle capacity of inventory held up in normal trading but there's a more pressing issue brewing that can potentially delay the economic recovery post Covid-19  -  as with normal supply and demand there has been a reasonable balance that gave supply enough flow to get to the demand side, even though discounting was a typical method to get sales  -  in the coming post era the concern is the instinctive reaction on the supply side to increase pricing when demand moves higher  -  this will clash with the limited amount of spending power on the demand side, which could cause major hardship for many in the communities, who were already under financial pressure  -  now those numbers will be multiple times greater, and increase the inequality across societies, as the extra debt and compounded interest is added on top.

SIA helps increase the flow of inventory moving from the supply side to the demand side without the predatory actions that could begin to emerge once the recovery phase begins  -  SIA operates with decentralized local economic markets and partners with local Media so more businesses are able move inventory out the door without discounting and costs  -  SIA gives local Media a leading role in moving local seller's products and services ( at full selling prices, no fees, and real time liquidity ) through the coming 'bottleneck' to consumers, who will all have the chance to get products and services with cascading buying prices  -  which determine the real time price demand through open market competition  -  SIA can dramatically change the local landscape for the supply side with greater predictability of sales, giving the supply chains more confidence to invest in gearing up production ( adding jobs ) in a new commercial reality.

Although traditional advertising has shifted to more online digital advertising in the last decade, its size in value is still only a fraction of the size of inventories waiting to be sold  -  this huge local resource is what SIA and SODA is able to tap into by offering free advertising to the large volume of sellers that may limit or never advertise  -  SIA offers local Media a new generation of advertising that shifts from convincing sellers to pay to advertise ( and most likely ask them to add some discounting ), to a model where local Media can guide local sellers into advertising with SIA for free through a process of listing what they want to sell, and leave it up to the Automated Selling and Price Demand so local buyers can fight it out for the products and services.

Nuts and Bolts  -  all roads lead back to local economies

SIA doesn't need to infringe on traditional TV, print or radio advertising  -  on television it operates during the content time, such as the typical 45 minutes between the 15 minutes of traditional ads shown in every 1 hour of television  -  what makes SIA different is that once a viewer connects via the siAds logo, as many as 700 plus different QwickPic ads can be distributed subliminally in the background during the 45 minutes via the viewers Online device of mobile or laptop without interrupting the content viewing.

Newspapers and Radio work similarly with daily Codes ( in 24 hr windows ) being placed in the Newspapers or spoken over the Radio, maybe during news time  -  with newspapers just one siAd logo or radio siAd code could be equivalent to weeks of paid advertising due to the backend connections that readers and listeners have.

It's not just the 700 plus different products and services but the depth in the number of units in the inventories behind the initial QwickPic ads, which could be 1,000 cars or 10,000 holiday rooms, or 100,000 cinema tickets  -  it could even be back along the supply chains where viewers could engage with the local dairy industry in a direct market-based solution to help monetize farmgate milk prices, and then get another advantage at the local retail end  -  even take the coffee industry where a local coffee outlet or a group of coffee houses collaborate to have a million cups of coffee processed and released to the communities, or a single or a group of fuel outlets across several cities combine to release millions of litres of petrol  -  or having more affordable rents / leases and mortgage payments and utility bill payments processed and released as service deals in the 000s  -  each industry group can use SIA connected via the local Media to stimulate their local economies, no matter where the businesses or consumers are located  -  all products and services are monetized by the global crowd and governed by the validated aggregate demand of global productivity, before being released with Price Demand for users to pay what they can afford.


Subliminal Interactive Advertising takes all the negatives
and completely flips Online Digital Advertising around
to form a new eco-system, where everyone benefits!

Economic Engine - Subliminal

Consumers no longer need to be 'the product' for Online
Advertising  -  but be in control of where, when and how
they buy products and services, that they really want!


News Agents are ready

Local Media have ready made distribution networks to liquidate sales and give newspaper outlets bigger revenues through outsourcing their inventories and subscriptions  -  this gives local businesses the foot traffic and a central role in raising the velocity of local cash ( digital ) commerce that flows through to other local businesses, keeping the local economic value within the local communities.

News Agents

All businesses large and small need funding

Local SMEs can get free direct funding from the local and global crowd by outsourcing their inventories and showing that their business is worthy of direct funding or as a business within a productive local economy.

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