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QwickPic Ready

The closest thing to 'real-time marketing'!

Advertising from mail drops to newspapers, television and even radio has been to simply expose the seller's offer and get paid a set amount according to what audience exposure there is, then get the money for that display and leave the issue or problem with the seller of trying to get sales.

That problem of selling sufficient inventory to warrant the cost of advertising has gradually shifted and is now on the shoulders of publishers in the marketing world who need to prove that their exposure methods are rewarding for the seller.

There are few advertisements in any media that don't have products or services with discounts to get the attention of potential buyers.

That attention grabber is the discount so not only does the seller lose the discount value they still have to pay for the advertising.

  Cloudfunding uses 'Sell high and Buy low' dynamics

Here's an example of how just one (1) ad display in any media could produce revenue  

-  once the advertisement is displayed in any media form, a unique code is presented to potential local Buyers in the Publishers audience, it's linked and locked with that Publisher.

-  even a single one display could connect to one viewer who released the viral alerts world wide to get the Global Crowd needed to sell ( outsourced selling ) what's being offered, then ultimately to the seller's local Buyers.

This connect to only a few viewers changes the dynamics of advertising online  -  instead of saturating screens looking for a true potential buyer, which is almost like looking for needle in a haystack, OutSell connects directly with a network that both monetizes the items and sets the deals so the Seller's local Buyers have an incentive that's too hard to ignore.

-  the process begins on the Platform and virally alerts a global Social layer of buyers, which completes the OutSell process ready for a local Buyers to purchase

-  it's activated when a local Buyer in the trading zone set by the Seller hits the Activate button, triggering the Buying Price to start falling down to the price set by the winning bid of the virtual wholesaler ( a maximum price of 20% or less of the listed Selling Price ).

Local Buyers have equal opportunity to win the Deal with the mechanism being equally fair for each party  -  regardless who wins the Deal, a Seller's local Buyer will always be the final buyer.

Sellers have control of the Selling Prices  -  Buyers have control of the Buying Price with Price Demand.

Price Demand starts at the full 100% Selling Price and gives the local Buyers the option of being the first Buyer to click the Buy Now button before the other Buyers while the price falls to 20% of the Selling Price.

Buying Prices are 20% or lower depending on the final bidding price of the winning OMM  -  the Selling Prices remain at the full value regardless.

  - Item has a full List Price:             $10.00                                           - Item has a full List Price:             $100.00
Price Demand  -  Min Buying Price:            $2.00                                 Price Demand  -  Min Buying Price:            $20.00           

                Publisher's 2.5% share = $0.25                OR maybe                           Publisher's 2.5% share = $2.50

              Sales quantity       1,000 = $250.00                                                   Sales quantity       1,000 = $2,500.00   
                                      10,000 = $2,500.00                                                                            10,000 = $25,000.00   
                                  100,000 = $25,000.00                                                                        100,000 = $250,000.00  

A scenario using a Sales quantity of 1000 @ $100 from above can be outsourced to the OMMs in about 1 hour with only a few display outlets  -  the quantity of deals displayed only increases as more viewers come to the outlets or the more outlets tap into the Platform, even the time is reduced  -  once the distribution is done, the OutSell process takes over and has the deals ready for the Sellers to release to their local Buyers.

The number of viewers a Publisher, Content Provider and Website operator attracts increases the volumes of deals capable of being seen at any one time  -  unlike traditional Digital Advertising, once a deal has distributed the free working capital needed for the processing, that deal is removed from the distribution  -  this increases the quantity of sales that can be directly linked back to where the display was originally seen.

This scenario is multiplied by the continual flow of products and services listed for outsourcing that a Publisher, Content Provider or Website operator wants to connect with on the Platform  -  having exclusive Seller ( advertiser ) inventories increases the sales.

Online Advertising can now have better ROI for all

Most local Sellers wouldn't risk buying in large volumes of stock and then paying for an advertising campaign if they had doubts that they could 'sell' enough to cover the advertising and make a profit

-  Free Advertising and OutSell changes that by having predictable and guaranteed sales, without discounting.

Well you get the idea!  -  an advertising agency can get involved in the actual commercial sales and benefit from the bigger dynamics instead of only giving promises that sales might be there!

Unlike traditional advertising where a form of display is exposed repeatedly or released to mass number of households, the QwickPic model uses minimal exposure at the outset and that initial display ignites the reaction from the Crowd in real time,

-  the viral effect takes over and spreads the products or services for sale on a world wide journey that can be tracked by advertisers and media groups to see real time results.

-  the real time feedback that OutSell has been completed up to the required quantity of items listed by the seller is a new dimension of selling, normally advertising is like blanket bombing, annoying to viewers and costly to sellers.

-  with early feedback that every item listed by the seller will be sold at the Global Crowd stage means that a medium running the campaign can move onto other sellers

-  if an item is 'sold' at the Crowd stage, it's guaranteed to have a maximum 20% buyers price when it's released to local buyers, and if the item is not sold at the low prices to any local Buyer, then it's proof that the item is not saleable.

The feedback results can be monitored to see if another exposure is needed or see the results have hit the target, if they have the next advertising campaign can fill the vacancy in the media 'slots' without missing a beat.

This is real time advertising that can be expose how good the hype of some forms of media really is, no one can hide from charging prices that don't get results like in traditional advertising, with QwickPic you get paid for your results!

The Platform uses alerts to send information internally about the ad,             Quik Alert

For any media outlet with news to spread they can link to the Platform,    Local News

The media owns the news copy on the Platform and owns the income generated from the 'news alert displays', according to whether they used the Platform's Seller alerts or added their own cliental base Sellers in which case they earn the 2.5%.

An increase to the full List Price gives a hint to what the revenue streams can be without change to the processing method.

Adding news content to the mobile news feed gives publishers a big opportunity to multiply viewers and payers if they want to use QPay

                                                                                   Local News       Quik Alert   mobile

The biggest hurdle confronting the print media and journalism in this digital era is getting paid for content  -  good journalism still needs to be paid for and the Platform has a payment option that can be used to fit that need.

                                                                                   Local News       Quik Alert   desktop

QPay can be used as a payment method to charge users to read 'news articles' or even subscriptions,

We all know that getting payment is hard to achieve from Internet users, it's expected to be free or they simple find another source, the Platform can provide a publisher or author with QPay as the paid gateway option to read an article,

-  instead of a user being asked to pull out their credit card or use other methods of payment the user could automatically be cleared through one or more articles even to read an ebook, by being registered on the Platform a user is able to collect 'money' by viewing seller's items they have for sale, this account can be used to pay to read articles offered by a publisher,

-  the amount charged can be a few cents that can automatically be debited from the user's Cloudfunds account,

-  or a user could be offered another option of allowing QwickAlerts to be sent to the viewers '6 Levels of connections' and not use the payment option.

-  or a publisher could offer subscriptions for various time periods that would automatically clear a reader whenever they are on the news site,

The QwickAlerts sent out can be linked to the article or even directly to the advertisers that the publisher has as a client.

Unlike typical advertising online where either a view or a click is recorded and charged to the client, the Platform only operates with actual sales, and this is where the publishers can have a direct engagement with the economy.

See    IA - Interactive Advertising for the next step in advertising!

Discounting is now more part of modern business  -  so get used to it!

Discounting is part of the supply and demand event and with the speed of global commerce changing the discount is the key mechanic that tries to find that next sale  -  with the speed that the new global commerce operates at, that's been brought on by the Internet  -  which seller is going to be first to remove the discount from getting the attention of the next buyer?

Discounting merely moves the pendulum back and forth between 'which seller' will the buyer go to, many will say this is the free market but this is all at a cost both to the seller and all their employees and suppliers, and the overall economy that misses out on the taxes etc from full sale prices.

The Platform provides the mechanics that keep both buyer and seller in the best position to grow while still providing plenty of price competition but in a more manageable way that it doesn't affect the local economies and lives  -  and it gives 'publishers', as in media groups, a new approach to offering marketing to their advertiser clients  -  Price Demand

Publishers can be part of the 'sale event' and get paid on the success of the sales in real time  -  they can become part of the solution rather than continue to be part of the dilemma!

Real time has a more profound meaning with the way the mechanics operate on the platform

-  traditional business has 30, 60 and 90 day payment terms but with the Platform those terms disappear as the payment is in real time, meaning that as a customer hands over the 'collection code' the payment is released from escrow and the seller has access to the funds

-  no more waiting or non payment as the Platform operates purely on fully paid value and not credit.


Getting sales from advertising is like the saying

-  "you can lead a horse (buyer) to water but you can't make it drink!"     

                                                -  we solve that by getting buyers with the intention to buy!

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