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Price Demand
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Price Demand has the platform for sellers to sell all types of products and services at the full selling prices, guaranteed!
All that sellers need to do is list their inventory to outsource the selling and be ready to release the deals to the local buyers, then watch as buyers get incentivized to buy  -  there're no fees or charges to list, to sell, or get paid, and importantly, sellers remain in full control of their inventory, and never need to discount  -  it's no longer about seller discounts looking for demand, it's now all about automated selling!

See how restaurants and take-aways can build out their own Delivery Service and avoid the huge costs of Delivery Apps.

Price Demand is part of an economic platform that fully monetizing seller inventories  -  then invite interested customers to buy deals etc with Price Demand, which's where interested customers have the chance to compete for deals with buying prices cascading down to 20% of the full selling prices, without it affecting the business operator's full selling prices  -  this change in commerce's dynamics helps businesses build a new collaboration between industry and local communities  -  it brings free market dynamics back to Main Street through a strategy for all types of businesses to offer customers totally sustainable incentives, where everyone wins.

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Want to buy stuff?

Price Demand is where the full selling prices begin to cascade down when an Activate button is clicked by an interested local buyer  -  once that happens, notifications are sent out to other local users who showed interest in a room or longer stay  -  then it comes down to who hits the Buy Now button first and pays what they want to pay as the buying prices cascades down to 20% of the full selling prices ( without it affecting the seller's full selling prices ).

When a buyer clicks the Activate button there's a delay of 10 seconds before the cascading begins, this is to allow buyers to take the option of buying at the full price and paying over several installments as a Buy Now Pay Later ( linked to UDI portfolio ) or a Subscription feature ( not available in some deals ).

So that nobody misses out on great deals, there're plenty of Building Block Deals that can be bid for to win at really low prices to help build up a bigger stake for when that next great car deal or big ticket item comes along  -  users just download the QwickPic Ready App to automatically and subliminally collect Free Economic Value, and use it globally as free working capital to help win Building Block Deals, and be ready to use the extra funds in real-time online cash commerce to buy products and services  -  Commerce is changing, and the day of paying full price is gone!

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Price Demand

Price Demand is a buying experience that'll change how you buy!

Buying has always been somewhat limited, with little flexibility to bargain with on the buying price

That now changes with Price Demand where buyers find true Price Discovery!
Price Demand gives buyers the option to Buy at the full Selling Prices


compete to Buy as Buying Prices cascade down to 20% of the full Selling Prices

.  .  without it affecting the full selling price for sellers!
Price Demand  
How Price Demand works!  -  Imagine going online or in a store and find Price Demand deals with cascading buying prices

First thing you do is check to see what the Buying Price is set at  -  it's always close to 20% max of full Selling Prices

.  .  then you check out prices with other sellers  -  get out your mobile and do some showrooming, compare prices!

Check how much UDC you have in your QwickPay account and if you need to add some cash, just Pay It Forward, Now!

If you have any questions about the product or service you can link up with QwickChat to talk to Customer Service

When you've compared the others, click  Activate  and watch a 10 second count-down begin

.  .  beat the count-down and buy at the full selling prices


.  .  compete with other interested buyers who've been notified and they too can buy while prices cascade

The first to click  Buy Now  gets the deal!

When a buyer activates the Buy Now button there's a delay of 10 seconds before the cascading begins

-  this allows buyers the option of paying the full selling price.

As deals are activated, notifications get sent to local Buyers who list their interest in the items, and they too can buy

Don't worry, most Sellers will have a quantity of stock to release  -  so stay alert and see what prices are in demand

Buying prices fall from full Selling Prices down to the Buying Prices over a minute  -  longer for cars and houses
  Price Demand

So what price would you pay?

.  .  this is real time price demand!

Compare - Activate - Buy
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Being an OMM can be even more exciting!
  Users now have the chance to help monetize their local seller inventories as market makers

It gets even better, Users can freely collect Free Economic Value and use it to help buy products and services

RingLink technology establishes the foundation for sophisticated algorithms to decentralize Capital for global distribution

FEV is free working capital that helps Users set strategies to win deals  -  even helps to automate shopping lists

OMM help generate Smart Contracts locking in the value, which can only be executed by Buyers using Price Demand

Even if local Users don't get to buy early, there's still time to buy from local stores or LED Hubs with Price Demand
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RingLink technology
Free Economic Value
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