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modern retail is changing
There's little doubt that the digital era has changed all industries in some way

And the Fashion industry is no stranger to changes and challenges

Now Cloudfunding comes along and challenges the economics in all industries

Cloudfunding challenges the dynamics in Supply and Demand

Outsourced Manufacturing was last century's strategy  -  this century's strategy will be Outsourced Selling

The world will not go back to the old economic model that indebted society to the point where inequality won!
be sure to be on the side of change!

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Cloudfunding merges Main Street Offline and Online Commerce

Fashion is part of the Retail industry that designs, manufactures and sells to consumers, and like many industries, it's often challenged.

Fashion has a way of inspiring trends around the world but those trends are now being challenged with the way fashion is sold.

While having physical displays will always be a drawcard, that experience is often used as a price comparison for what's sold online.

Although Brick & Mortar and Online businesses have different costs, at the end of the day the buying price is ultimately what drives sales

Leveling the playing field between Main Street Offline and Online businesses, so both sellers have an equal chance to sell products to consumers, regardless of their shipping location, it comes down to price, and when the product can be in the hands of the consumer.

It's time for an economic strategy to merge the Online and Offline worlds

Cloudfunding has an economic infrastructure that merges Main Street Brick & Mortar and Online businesses with Supply and Demand dynamics that change how sales are made  -  Cloudfunding brings sellers and buyers together with incentives that constantly stimulate productivity, raising cashflow velocity and building economic growth  -  opening up to a totally new economic alliance of local economies.

Deleverage: Sellers get full selling prices while Buyers get cascading buying prices

Both Main Street Brick & Mortar and Online sellers can use Outsourced Selling to fully monetize products and services with guaranteed full selling prices, without discounting  -  and give buyers the chance to activate deals with Price Demand, so they pay what they want, as prices cascade down to 20%, without effecting the full selling prices  -  this is a paradigm shift using technology to level the playing field.

Cloudfunding isn't a marketplace per se, it's the missing online economic infrastructure behind modern B2B & B2C Commerce and Trade

Price Demand cuts to the chase
Cloudfunding brings Automated Selling to Commerce

Cloudfunding changes the mechanics in Commerce so that Main Street and Online Sellers can operate 'fairly and openly' in the new real economy, where both have access to the same tools to bring Automated Selling to global Commerce  -  where deep tracking technology in Supply and Demand economics, shifts the activity into decentralized local economic markets, to streamline sales.

Cloudfunding brings traditional Cash Commerce Online, giving buyers and sellers the freedom to exchange ownership of a secure and trackable international trading unit of account ( validated by aggregate demand ), to flow like cash  -  but function purely as a neutral and stable means of exchange, with deep reaching security, to buy and sell products and services globally, without fees, interest or spreads.

Contrary to what many have accepted, that Online Commerce behemoths will always win on price, Cloudfunding gives SMEs of all sizes ( and big business ) tools to be more than competitive  -  SMEs can let cascading buying prices automatically determine sale outcomes, without effecting the full selling prices  -  and it's not limited to one industry, it can be for coffee or rent payment, even movie tickets or petrol, food items and accommodation  -  it all starts at the core of Commerce where sellers want sales, and buyers want low prices.

Compare - Activate - Buy
Price Demand on mobile                                   Mobile Buys                  
Price Demand  .  .  it's a new buyer experience!
Price Demand finds real-time trends

Sales with predictability, profitability and affordability

Fashion is somewhat unique to other industries when it comes to maintaining Selling Prices at a high level  -  higher Selling Prices often represent a Fashion House's brand status in the eyes of the consumer  -  this is where Price Demand satisfies buyers, and Outsourced Selling allows sellers to process and sell large volumes and single products, and still maintain full selling prices ( no discounting ).

Fashion Season Ordering


Sustainable cashflows along the Supply Chains

Outsourced Selling and Price Demand offer new strategies in Supply and Demand  -  like the turn-around time to restock can take too long to get stock back on the shelves if it relies on outsourced manufacturing overseas  -  this is where local Manufacturers now have the upper hand with time of delivery and price  -  it's still open for both local and global Manufacturers and Retailers ( B2B and B2C ) to automate selling and take advantage of Outsourced Selling and Price Demand, all the way back along the Supply Chains that gains a competitive advantage, or to just get sales orders, without the hard sell  -  Cloudfunding has a flywheel dynamic with an infinite loop.

In the above scenario, it can just as easily work for a Main Street Retailer to receive new stock as normal from a Manufacturer / Supplier and monetize it, ready to release to local buyers, as it can be for a Manufacturer / Supplier to monetize products and release it to a group of Retail clients  -  as with all trade shows and exhibitions there are access areas for industry insiders separate from the end consumer  -  the market makers monetizing the products don't need to specifically see the products ( as they're incentivized to validate their working capital ), they may be interested in the brand or designer  -  remember that the market makers themselves are the end consumers, so they'll have an interest in what's coming down the line.

Outsourced Selling can work from the Producer, Manufacturer to the Retailer to the end Consumer by listing the volumes that have been manufactured or for volumes ready be manufactured  -  these listings can be priced all the way to the end Consumer, while still setting the Manufacturer's price to the Retailer ( WSP ) price, and Retailer to end Consumer's ( RRP ) price  -  this direct processing from the Manufacturer to the end Consumer allows the Manufacturers to set the market pricing, and reduce the time needed to monetize the inventory from the Retailer to Consumer  -  the amount paid by the Retailer remains the same purchase activation ( WSP ) process  -  the benefit is the products are immediately ready to release by the Retailer for the local buyers to Activate with Price Demand.

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The Fashion Industry is like many others, there're designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers
What Cloudfunding does is it brings all sectors together in a collaborative way, so everyone benefits!
there are new cashflows waiting
SME Cloudfunding
.  .  sellers have the economic value in their inventories to generate new capital flows
a complete new scale of selling
Cloudfunding takes selling to a new level with predictability when the products are listed and ready to release to buyers with Price Demand, whether they be wholesalers, retailers or end consumers  -  the seller has the control of the volumes and prices that will be released ( orders or pre-made )  -  the seller also has a reputation rating to maintain for delivering on what they are selling  -  Cloudfunding can handle any volume that a manufacturer can make and supply, and the same with wholesalers and retailers, they will know more about their markets, and what they can handle  -  the key to Cloudfunding's Automated Selling is the predictability on selling prices and sales, and the confidence that gets built into the seller's strategies in scaling out future growth.

Competition is never far away for sellers and buyers  -  for sellers it can be the competition with other sellers to get the attention of the market makers to help monetize the products and services, which could slow down the monetization  -  for buyers it's the notifications that get sent out to other buyers, informing them of deals they expressed an interest in  -  it opens up the chance that the activator of the deal can be beaten on price, but as with most sellers with inventory to sell, there's usually more deals that automatically flow through for the original activator to try and win the next deal, knowing what price the previous deal sold for  -  it means that not just one item is sold from one activation but the full quantity of similar stock could be sold by the competing buyers within a couple of minutes.

Manufacturers to Main Street can be pro-active in determining their sales

Overall, industries can change from a slow traditional sell where Retailers have relied on advertising and discounting to attract demand, and where Manufacturers have relied on sales personal going out to sell orders, or wait for orders to come in  -  the change in the market ecosystem that Cloudfunding gives Manufacturers to Retailers is a new buyer experience where the seller is pro-active by being able to incentivize the market with cascading buying prices, while safely guaranteeing their own full selling prices  -  and it's not limited to main cities, it can move inventories in rural towns for any local seller just the same  -  many industries ( media ) have been caught out by under-estimating economies of scale and what technology can do when the dynamics and mechanics in industries are changed.

Selling prices are governed by the GPI ( Global Price Index ), with shelf pricing, aggregate demand levels and mark to market pricing all being continually analyzed to help maintain the flow of direct stimulus to monetize the Supply side  -  the real time productivity taking place in local economies is tracked and viewable in the Global Productivity Index.

Fashion can lead the world in ethical manufacturing

When money is involved in economics there are always those in industries that will give lip-service when confronted with exploiting countries where cheap Labour Market can be sourced  -  Cloudfunding offers a solution today with a shift that goes beyond the lip-service, one that truly makes a difference by solving the economics of the full commerce and trade cycle.

From Main Street to Fashion Parades, with Outsourced Selling and Price Demand, it changes the economics around retail fashion with the seller inventories being monetized through a democratic Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital process  -  DFDC stimulates productivity in the local economies, where higher tax revenues are gained from full selling prices, rather than discounting to clear stock  -  DFDC offers a unique spin on the balance of payments between economies.

Cloudfunding shifts the model from Outsourced Manufacturing to Outsourced Selling without leaving anyone at a disadvantage  -  local manufacturing can now be re-established to gain local jobs and provide economic growth  -  all the while millions of people living in low wage countries involved in manufacturing now have the freedom to earn new incomes drawn from helping productivity in developed countries  -  the majority of low wage workers only receive 4% of the highly lucrative margins gained by brands and middle suppliers from developed countries using outsourced manufacturing.

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new economies of scale in play

Advertising is flipped around and is now free

The change that Cloudfunding has with the basic mechanism of Commerce is that it directly jumps to the selling, bypassing traditional marketing by directly working with a network of market makers to fully monetize seller inventories, before releasing products and services to local Buyers, where Price Demand is automatically offered as the buying incentive  -  Cloudfunding solves what sellers really want  -  and that's SALES  -  the central core of all real economies  -  Cloudfunding does it by changing the advertising exposure of products and services by tapping and distributing the economic value of the seller inventories through Subliminal Organically Decentralized Advertising ( SODA ) to gain the economies of scale with exponential reach to perpetually stimulate an infinite loop in Productivity.

With the internet there's never been a time in history that so many people have access to so much information  -  much of that access has been funded by the digital advertising model that's pushed brand awareness out to internet users, so much so that it all becomes a blur as to what really works  -  Cloudfunding flips the digital advertising model around so it gets directly to interested parties through SODA, keeping the 'advertising noise' down to a minimum  -  so instead of spreading annoying advertising out across the internet, the effort is directed to global users via a free app, who can Opt-In and Out for collecting free working capital, as part of the mechanism of spreading both value and information that predictably results in sales  -  it goes further, by giving economic and financial inclusion to the vast numbers of societies that have largely been excluded from being part of global commerce and trade, more to the point have been 'the product' for some of the internet pioneers  -  a new social demand will emerge between consumers and businesses offering a connection with privacy at its core.

Simple steps in selling

Blue Dot  Sellers list products and specification details, availability etc - no contracts / products remain in the hands of sellers

Blue Dot  Monetization process takes place - sellers are notified on the process, and when payment is locked in escrow

Blue Dot  When products are released, the buyers are notified via a number of connections

Blue Dot  Once the products and services are released the Price Demand Activation is ready to go

Blue Dot  When a buyer activates a deal, if another buyer beats them, the next deal appears for the buyer to try again

Blue Dot  Buyers only need there mobile phones to buy, no sales person is needed other than for customer service

Blue Dot  Buyers need to fund their account prior to activating and taking advantage of the cascading buying prices

Blue Dot  When a buyer wins a deal the seller is notified of the buyers details and what delivery type

Blue Dot  At the time of the exchange of product or service, a Code given to the buyer is exchanged with the seller

Blue Dot  Payment for the full selling price is immediately released to the seller's account, ready to spend

Blue Dot  Payments can be liquidated into local currencies through the seller's business console with local buyers

Blue Dot  Quantity inventories such as manufacturer volumes are processed similar to a single item

Blue Dot  There are no costs to list, sell or to receive or send payments / no currency spreads with Cloudfunding

Blue Dot  The platform neither holds or transfers local currencies across borders, its role is to track and record ownerships


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