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Fashion - World Wide

Fashion is a wide industry that designs, manufactures and sells to the consumer like all industries, and one that is being continuously disrupted.

The industry has always flourished in various centers when it comes to leading the way in fashion trends across the world but those trends are now challenged with the way fashion is sold online.

The shift in the last few years with groups being able to sell online has brought many brick and mortar a new competitor that is structured with different operating costs  -  still at the end of the day the cost of the product ultimately still drives that business and all the Suppliers.

While having displays in brick and mortar stores is and will always be a draw card for Consumers to see what the items look like and feel but that experience is now being used as a comparison for what could be online and sold be an online Seller.

Leveling the playing field so both Sellers have an equal chance to sell that same or similar product to the Consumer regardless of their shipping location, comes down to the price and when the product can be in the hands of the Consumer.

Both brick and mortar and online only stores can use OutSell ( Outsourced Selling ) and Price Demand to level the playing field with the Consumer determining the price they want to pay  -  this is real-time demand.

Brick and mortar stores have greater infrastructure costs and obviously higher operating costs to overcome before getting to the Selling Price of a product with a profit margin  -  Sellers all have suppliers and utility costs and this is where OutSell and Price Demand can help reduce those operating costs.

Fashion is somewhat different to other industries when it comes to maintaining Selling Prices at a high level, the higher Selling Price often represents the Fashion Houses brand status in the eyes of the Consumer  -  this is where Price Demand satisfies both Buyers and Sellers, with OutSell being able to process unlimited values and quantities of products and services.

A need for new economic strategies

OutSell and Price Demand offer new strategies  -  the turn-around time to restock can take too long to get stock back on the shelves if it relies on outsourced manufacturing overseas  -  this is where local Manufacturers now have the upper hand with time of delivery and price  -  both the local Manufacturers and the Retailers can take advantage of OutSell and Price Demand back along the Supply Chains for their competitive advantage, without needing volume and discounting.

The great advantage of real time commerce is that there's no trading terms of 30/60 or 90 days to delay cashflow  -  making it simple like cash over the counter, with all global payments being directed into a Seller's mobile or cash register in real time.

Limitation is already being seen in social media

The change with Cloudfunding is that it jumps directly to the selling, first by selling the products or services to a network of virtual wholesalers to fully monetize the sale, before connecting with genuine Buyers in the Seller's trading zone with Price Demand  -  Cloudfunding changes the advertising industry by merging the advertising exposure into the Commerce Loop as a free component and uses Subliminal Organic Advertising ( SOA ) to gain the economies of scale with exponential reach.

Free Economic Zones

The Digital Era has produced major shifts in how some industries operate  -  Free Economic Zones and its mechanisms are no different, they can also be disrupted to level the playing field and bring balance back into the local industries  -  OutSell and Price Demand are part of that new balance with Free Open Market Economic Zones - FOMEZ.

Businesses need to react in real time, that's where Cloudfunding changes the status quo with free business working capital, strategies and cashflows  -  with no credit or trading terms, everything is in real time  -  businesses can set targets with production, control incoming supplies and use OutSell for predictable sales  -  a Digital Sales Division with a unique Business Console can control supplies, sales and operating overheads  -  that advantage is further expanded with a scalable loyalty project.

Fashion Season Ordering
Globalization is an old model in sheep's clothing

Globalization has been around for centuries but it can now stop and change its approach to solving more than the bottom line.

Digital technology can close the gap between 'those workers', by first changing their status to 'people', who like other people around the world are connected by mobile phones  -  this dramatic shift allows people in developing countries, who have needed to rely on work in industries such as the fashion industry, to being able to directly connect with global commerce.

Paradigm shift in the Globalization model

Cloudfunding provides the free working capital to everyone so they can access global markets as virtual wholesalers along with the rest of the Global Crowd  -  having a democratic way that each user can collect free working capital.

This shift means that the manufacturing industries like fashion and textile, the backbone of incomes to millions of people in richer countries, can now refocus on bringing manufacturing ( even if much of it is now robotic ) back onshore to give meaningful work to the generations that have little chance of having a basic job.

Local now has economies of scale to go Global

The days where local designers and brands needed to manufacture overseas for cheap labour, has in the last few years moved to fast fashion where some brands can still use cheap labour but have shortened the time-gap from design to store in as little as a couple of weeks, even a week  -  Cloudfunding flips that and adds the advantage of real time trading terms, no more 30/90 days.

Local manufacturing and retailing is now able to take advantage of economies of scale with Cloudfunding  -  it's no longer a matter of big volumes and buying power getting a competitive advantage over small enterprises  -  the level playing field is now a reality.

Fashion can now lead the world in ethical manufacturing

When money is involved in economics there are always those in industries that will give lip-service when confronted with exploiting countries where cheap labour can be sourced  -  Cloudfunding offers a solution today with a shift that goes beyond the lip-service, one that truly makes a difference by solving the economics of the full commerce and trade cycle.

With OutSell and Price Demand it changes the economics around retail fashion with the sellers being monetized by Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment  -  DFDCI stimulates better results all round for the local economies when higher tax revenues are gained from full selling prices, rather that cheaper imported fashion that can still be discounted.

Cloudfunding shifts the model from Outsourced Manufacturing to Outsourced Selling without leaving anyone at a disadvantage  -  local manufacturing can now be reestablished to gain local jobs and provide economic growth  -  all the while millions of people living in low wage countries have the freedom to earn new incomes more in line with developed countries.


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