InfinitySubliminal Interactive Advertising.  .  decentralizing new Capital flows in the digital age with e2eCommerce

The internet now has a sustainable economic infrastructure
Cloud Capital
.  .  with an economic utility linking local economies through economic value
Cloudfunding has the economic infrastructure for the digital economy to generate new capital flows that move seamlessly from economy to economy,
.  .  merging Offline with Online Commerce into economic activity and solving what sellers really want  -  SALES  -  the central core of all real economies!
First came search engines  .  .  then marketplaces  .  .  now comes e2eCommerce, to automate the ubiquitous flow of supply from sellers to the real time demand of buyers
Cloudfunding disrupts commerce finance by offering sellers free working capital  -  there're no fees or interest charges, and it never needs to be paid back, ever!
.  .  instead of paying costly incumbents, sellers just list their inventory and outsource the selling to a global network of market makers to fully monetize each unit of inventory
.  .  decentralized local economic markets can take over from centrally controlled financial markets
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       Listing inventory is free                     Crowd Consensus                 Guaranteed full selling prices            Cascading buying prices               Liquidity Seller / Buyer      
e2eCommerce  .  .  jumps all the advertising noise and marketplaces, and goes directly to sales
Sellers now have an Automated Selling channel
RingLink Carousels
Local commerce isn't flat anymore with 'one to one' selling  -  it's gone global and automated with 'one to many'!
.  .  now a decentralized global distribution infrastructure bypasses the old economy's incumbents, bringing with it real time demand for supply
Local Media has a role in creating new channels of exposure that can take local products and services on a global journey to stimulate local productivity
e2eCommerce revolves economic control back to the way commerce has traded openly for thousands of years with financial independence between buyers and sellers

using cash as a medium of exchange, only now it's done with a secure and neutral P2P Universal Digital Capital that's intrinsically tied to and governed by genuine productivity
What's changed is how economic data is tracked and validated internationally to allow Capital to flow ubiquitously across local economies
Cloudfunding is the overall economic infrastructure behind e2eCommerce  -  with commercial activity tracked in the Global Chamber of Economies  
Cloudfunding provides users with a direct financial benefit from the monetization of global supply and demand as it flows freely from economy to economy
Economic Distribution Layout

Here's a table napkin sketch of how it works

Cloudfunding Economic Model

" .  .  the job of Banking is to sell Capital  .  .  Cloudfundings' job is to distribute free Capital"

.  .  changes the way retail works

Sellers         -         Global Crowd         -         Buyers
.  .  the velocity of Capital flowing around in a local economy has a huge bearing on wages and the local standard of living
SME funding Online
Local Cash Commerce brings real time global P2P payments Online
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It's the new digital dawn  -  and the New Economy has a new way for Capital to flow

The Digital Age is only in its early years and while great advances have shown the enormous possibilities of what could be achieved, the Internet's economic infrastructure has never been fully addressed.

Just as the internet has given us the free flow of information, Cloudfunding opens up the financial system with the free flow of Capital, achieving the promise of the early internet founders, that the benefits be inclusive for all users.

So far the Internet's prime source of funding its growth has been to rely on digital advertising, but that now has started to change with the negative responses  -  so far early technology companies have been able to use advertising as a means of targeting user privacy to fund growth, and it's becoming evident that this business model isn't the ideal structure to build out a scalable level playing field for the digital economy  -  by changing the mechanics in that model, Cloudfunding brings a new era in the way Capital flows Online.

Cloudfunding resurrects an almost forgotten major economic event that happened over 70 years ago when there was a proposal for an international trading unit of account to operate across the world to track and balance the flow of assets and liabilities in trade  -  the proposal was modeled for the analogue world and ahead of its time, and never implemented  -  that concept's time has now come, it's been digitized and expanded to merge the Offline brick & mortar and Online worlds into a seamless and ubiquitous O2O Commerce ecosystem for the digital age, and a sustainable economic infrastructure for the new economy.

e2e  -  economy to economy Commerce

Tracking of an international trading unit of account is where a paradigm shift synergizes Commerce on a neutral autonomous economic infrastructure, offering the freedom of a fully ubiquitous financial pathway across the Internet  -  it's a borderless infrastructure that moves supply to demand, from economy to economy forming e2eCommerce, not by using credit or debt to drive economic growth but by using RingLink technology to change the way Capital flows across economies.

Central to any economic infrastructure there needs to be sustainable funding and a monetization model that offers users the freedom to choose, coupled with a democratic consensus to drive growth  -  that's achieved by shifting from paid digital advertising to free subliminal advertising where users have the choice of viewing or not but still gain financially from the economics  -  this innovative shift to subliminal organic advertising is a game changing mechanism that frees users from the 'digital noise' and opens up new channels at the heart of local productivity where there's now far greater global access and scale to engage buyers with sellers.

Cloudfunding gives brick & mortar retailers a digital future

What seemed to be an unknown future for brick & mortar retailing has now been turned around to give 'see and touch' sellers a competitive advantage over Online only sellers  -  now with fully monetized inventory, at full selling prices, and real time Price Demand taking care of sales with automated selling, there can be a level playing field  -  it all comes down to logistics with things like Stock Management and Customer Service as the deciding factors of who gets better stock turn-over and more sales.

Cloudfunding is accountable every step of the way, from the listing of inventory to the hand-over of products  -  there's no credit issued or used during the process, it's just the way Capital flows can be changed across economies without costly fees or interest.

Retailers don't need to discount just to fit the market

Discounting selling prices to compete in online commerce has a limited future for retailers trying to digitalize their sales  -  anyone can discount prices to look competitive in front of mass audiences, it's sales and profitability that sellers need  -  Cloudfunding comes from the opposite direction to traditional commerce dynamics by giving sellers the freedom to prove their entrepreneurial skills in getting supply to market, and leaves Price Demand to bring automated selling, with Black Friday deals, directly to local buyers 24 / 7.

    Price Demand  .  .  it's a new buyer experience!    
Price Demand on mobile Mobile Buys

Cloudfunding targets several key areas

-  brings online Commerce back to traditional in-store Cash Sales

-  eliminates Seller discounting to retain full selling prices  -  helps save the local economy

-  allows Buyers to pay what they want with real time price demand  -  a new level of buying power

-  automates selling so Sellers can focus more on Customer Service

-  merges O2O seamlessly across local economies to level the playing field

-  structures economy to economy e2eCommerce to perpetually stimulate B2B and B2C

-  builds the autonomous and ubiquitous economic infrastructure for online global commerce

-  brings a real time P2P digital currency to commerce with a stable universal cash without incumbents

-  changes online advertising dynamics so it's free and scaleable for the digital economy to grow

-  eliminates any need for credit or trading terms in online cross border trade and commerce

-  eliminates credit ratings by providing an ecosystem that gives financial inclusion to all

Retailers don't need to split profits with marketplaces

e2eCommerce sits above B2B and B2C trading and all the various online marketplaces  -  instead of sharing profits with marketplaces, sellers can simply bypass the middleman altogether and take advantage of Cloudfunding's free to list and sell ecosystem, it's ready with a global network of market makers to fully monetizes the inventory, and Price Demand to do the selling.

Inventory can arrive one day and be sold the next at full price

The days of relying on discounting and static web sites to find demand changes with Cloudfunding, now inventory can be listed Online and by the next day each unit can be sold at the full selling prices with the cash liquidated to the in-store cash register, free of marketing costs and payment service providers  -  e2eCommerce changes the economic cycle in Commerce by providing supply with frictionless selling of inventory, at full selling prices, while generating greater demand by giving buyers the chance to buy at prices they want to pay.

Changing the mechanism changes the way Capital flows

Instead of targeting users by ignoring privacy, subliminal advertising reverses the mechanics and economics and instead incentivizes by monitizing users with free Capital, there're no fees or interest and it never needs to be paid back, ever!  -  users opt-in to an app that operates automatically in the background on a PC or mobile collecting free Capital that's been distributed from seller inventories.

The free Capital is not like credit that's made up out of thin air, it's value comes from inventory listed by sellers around the world  -  this inventory is listed at full selling prices, which is split into micro-values and distributed world wide, it's where the unique tracking of an international trading unit of account comes into play  -  Cloudfunding is able to track the distribution and validation of each micro-value on a global scale, so accurately that any local product or service can be listed and fully monetized before it even gets to the local buyers.

Basically users can open a browser and while surfing the web the distribution process flows through the carousel of product and service inventories listed by Offline brick & mortar and Online sellers, with the micro-values collected in a user's account  -  those accumulated micro-values can be automatically set to be working capital and validated into Universal Digital Capital to spend and send Online or Offline  -  this initial distribution of micro-values begins the decentralization in the control of Capital and establishes local economies as part of the new treasury that holds the fiat cash, allowing it to continue to flow locally instead of taking it out of circulation  -  this shift in how Capital flows in local economies creates a free open market economic zone ( FOMEZ ) around the local industries and communities.

Decentralized Capital distribution with a democratic consensus

The backbone infrastructure behind the digital economy is directly focused towards the user's local economies where commerce and trade is the central driver of local economic growth  -  what's now possible, is for the local economies to be independently incentivized through the mechanics of an ecosystem working for and with multiple local economies to gain a new level of commercial activity, that's democratically driven on a global scale  -  this is e2e, economy to economy Commerce, which decentralizes financial and economic control and gives it to users in local communities to track and respond co-operatively to drive local productivity.

Paid Digital Advertising displays brands  -  Free Subliminal Advertising sells inventories
. . RingLink technology decentralizes the control of Capital by directly incentivizing global users

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e2eCommerce hands Sellers the trigger for the next revolution

e2eCommerce is the new O2O level in trade between sellers and buyers  -  e2e sits above the B2B and B2C levels and offers a new economic system with innovative and automated processes that fit all industries and marketplaces along the complete supply chains  -  guaranteeing sellers predictable full selling prices by getting their inventory fully monetized by outsourcing the selling, before buyers get to buy at prices they want to pay with Price Demand  -  automated selling comes to Commerce.

Sellers no longer need to sacrifice profits by discounting, just to find demand!

Even payments are seamless and ubiquitous with the new asset class in the neutral peer to peer ( P2P ) Universal Digital Capital that aggregates global currencies to hold a sustainable international value, enabling it to flow freely across borders without restrictions or costs  -  UDC is free to send and spend, and as an international trading unit of account currency it's able to be compared with local fiat currency values in real time making UDC the digital upgrade to traditional Cash Commerce  -  for security RingLink technology tracks the deep historical authentication of the UDC value as it's spent and collected across multiple users and countries.

The fluency of local fiat Cash currencies exchanged to and from Universal Digital Capital is free of fees and incumbents, it eliminates payment providers, miners, producers and exchanges and brings the KYC ( know your customer ) more in line with the direct contact between buyers and sellers in local Commerce  -  Cloudfunding offers users a streamlined approach to digital commerce by validating UDC at the Point of Sale or the Point of Trust, where sellers and buyers both authenticate the transfer of the digital medium of exchange with the fiat currencies  -  this is the point in e2eCommerce where UDC is fully governed and validated by the amount of fiat currencies that gets exchanged with UDC between buyers and sellers across countries and economies.

Local economies are the new Frontiers

Economy to economy or e2eCommerce is achieved by changing supply and demand trading mechanics in a way that Capital can now flow directly into communities and specifically into the hands of users  -  free Capital now removes the role that indebtedness has played out for the last decades where users have been pushed to borrow and operate with credit to afford their local standard of living.

Changing the flow of Capital by directing it into the hands of users for free through an open global distribution, before there is any productivity ( buying/spending ) changes everything in the way traditional money flows into economies  -  incumbents have forever controlled Capital Flows but the digital age operates on a vastly greater scale and removes the incumbents by validating Capital during its distribution as it incentivizes users, and flows through to stimulate local economies in real-time.

RingLink brings new validation to Capital

RingLink technology is a distribution process that interconnects micro-values in a formation that provides unique pathways ( data footprints ) which are used for auditing and authentication of value being exchanged  -  an infinite number of Rings can form from locations around the world that have a connection to value and ownership, which then interconnect with other Rings  -  it's the tracking through these interlinking Rings that provides the deep security for the value and ownership being exchanged.

RingLink technology opens up new distribution channels to allow free Direct Foreign Digital Capital to move seamlessly from one economy to another  -  it's a major shift away from the way Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) often stifles businesses and economies with ongoing debt.

  Cloudfunding leads with Productivity    
  Old Economy                                                                New Economy    
  credit/debt  >  distribution  >  productivity                        productivity  >  distribution  >  free capital    

By decentralizing control over Capital, it allows community and global consensus to democratically spread financial inclusion with greater security on a global scale  -  it removes control and restrictions held by old feudal type regimes that have shown time and time again to be more beneficial to only a few  -  free Cloud Capital is the paradigm shift that hands over control to a democratic consensus of users and communities where their actions have no limits on directing economic growth directly into their towns, cities, regions or countries.

RingLink technology has the secure decentralized infrastructure to distribute and track micro-values that businesses can use to track inventory history through supply chains ( IoT )  -  that historical tracking data can be downloaded and stored offline by businesses and users to authenticate with when online ( as a piece of the puzzle ) to form the overall online ledger  -  the transfer and exchange of product for value has a unique real time auditing process that tracks the historical records of the funds being exchanged, and secured by the Smart Contracts between sellers and buyers.


It's all about the economy  -  not the currency

While Banking systems control scarcity of Capital by holding back the flow of money and credit with interest rates  -  Cloudfunding automatically controls and governs the scarcity of the amount of Capital flowing into the local economies by placing Productivity as the leading catalyst and distributes Capital for free without any interest or fees  -  by distributing the Productivity value with the incentives to complete the productive cycle, it changes how economic growth can be gained predictably and sustainably.

Cloudfunding doesn't restrict the Capital flows by holding onto or handling any local cash, once the local cash is authenticated and validated as it passes through the hands of local buyers and sellers it's released into the local economy to help economic growth  -  fiat money after all is only a medium of exchange, and so while the transition from the Old Offline Economy to the New Online Economy takes place, there's no reason to hinder the parallel economies by hoarding the fiat cash when it's exchanged for digital cash.

Cloud Capital is not like fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies, both of which are created without any true intrinsic value that can be linked to or be governed by, and which is why fiat and cryptocurrencies are ideally designed to be speculated with on prices  -  Cloud Capital / Cloudfunds / Free Digital Capital and Universal Digital Capital are permanently governed by the inventories of products and services being continually added to the ecosystem and can be fully tracked as a unit of account, meaning that pricing consistently remains stable  -  the neutral value of UDC is the aggregated value of all ( basket of ) global currencies, therefore is the most stable currency of all without the threat of devaluation  -  the economic value of a neutral aggregated Universal Digital Capital to transfer from user to user across the world is complex in the background but simple and free to authenticate in an instant without the burden of it costing large amounts of power.

A Digital Treasury to gain and maintain growth

The platform is structured like a country with an economy that sits above the B2B and B2C commerce, its function is to operate as the Treasury for the Global Chamber of Economies, with a mandate of gaining and maintaining economic growth overall, but unlike the old economy that uses inflation of prices to offset the dilution of money and its buying power  -  Cloudfunding gains economic growth in the unique distribution process that spreads a local activity tax that acts as an inflationary value when this additional value is added continuously in real time to the Universally Distributed Income portfolios of users  -  this means that instead of following central banks and have a broad inflation of prices to create an illusion of more money, Cloudfunding can directly pinpoint and add true value to individual users and economies without diluting any users' buying power  -  the economic gain across multiple economies provides a linear growth for users that increases as productivity is perpetually processed.

Cloudfunding brings together supply and demand where both sides gain advantages with free services and tools  -  sellers gain from free advertising and a competitive advantage with Outsourced Selling's Game Theory process that fully monetizes their inventory via a network of market makers  -  and buyers gain buying power by having Price Demand to buy things as the prices cascade down from the full selling prices to 20% of those selling prices, all without it effecting the seller's full prices.

Having the OMMs or network of market makers decentralizes the control over the Outsourced Selling process by having sometimes hundreds even thousands of users participating in any single process  -  each user is operating independently for their own benefit but they still need others to help move the inventory through the process.

As local productivity scales, LED - Local Economic Distribution Hubs can be established in networks across local communities, providing the brick and mortar contact where sellers can distribute inventory to buyers at more convenient pickup points or have products stored and delivered free to the buyer's door.

New Economy deserves new mechanics

In the incumbent banking system there's been a reliance on inflating prices, mainly in real estate, to increase the asset values and reduce the risk in lending out money, in which reserve banking plays a big role in creating money out of thin air by creating credit, and therefore needs to first distribute debt to operate  -  Cloudfunding places Productivity, or in other words the value of inventory of products and services being sold as the leading governing factor for the amount of money that's flowing through the ecosystem's local economies at any time  -  by changing the order in which money is distributed into communities by leading with Productivity, it provides the genuine connection with real assets and Capital values that get tracked globally in real time  -  this Capital flow gives real time analysis on how much buying demand there is pushing supply through the local economies, all indexed in the Global Chamber of Economies.

The Cloudfunding ecosystem is built as an organic infrastructure so it can expand outwards from the seeds planted by sellers adding their inventories to the system's processing tools, which then directs the products and services out towards the buyers who perpetually keep getting incentivized  -  sellers gain from the ongoing productivity with Queen Bee, the customer loyalty and collaboration program.

Cloudfunding shifts the mechanism in the New Economy to lead with genuine productivity  -  creating a self governing democratic economy      
Cloudfunding - New Economy
Some of the Industries that will be impacted by Cloudfunding :

fuel   -   taxis   -   hotels   -   restaurants   -   events   -   travel   -   trekking   -   sharing   -   Cloudfunding Main St   -   gig economy

groceries   -   fashion   -   books   -   delivery   -   content   -   subscriptions   -   On-demand   -   connecting   -   insurance

health   -   education   -   energy   -   housing   -   leasing   -   logistics   -   Used Market   -   Used Cars   -   Wage Shift   -   more
Paid Digital Advertising displays brands  -  Free Subliminal Advertising sells inventories
Supply      New Rails of Trade      Demand



Central to most economies is Home Ownership

The benchmark in gauging economic growth in most developed and even developing economies is Home Ownership  -  it's one of the controlling factors in spreading economic wealth across communities.

The value of Home Ownership has always been beyond the normal savings of the majority of people with the price of housing at times between 8 and even 12 times a person's annual income  -  this is where borrowing Capital to take on ownership has been a part of life for generations  -  but how much someone can borrow depends on the demand at the time the credit rating of the borrower, all controlled and set by central incumbents setting the interest rates on the borrowed Capital.

This centralized control of mortgages has created boom and bust cycles for decades and depending on when someone borrows at higher property prices in those cycles often places borrowers in difficulty when the cycle turns down, leaving borrowers with lower property prices and higher repayments  -  most developed economies use increasing property prices ( wealth effect ) to build an illusion of economic growth.

Generations left behind  -  the generation gap

Cloud Capital and Smart Contracts replace that Mortgage commitment ( 'death pledge' in Latin ) with outright Home Ownership with Cloudfunding that offers a solution for Millennials, Gen Xs and others who have been unable to afford buying their first home  -  unlike banking where the business model is selling a loan product to a buyer in return for payment and interest over time  -  Cloudfunding offers the economic environment and neutral digital interaction between sellers and buyers for free, with no marketing costs, no listing fees or agent fees  -  the property is listed by sellers at a validated and fair market price ( based on data compiled from local sales ) and the Outsourced Selling takes the property to the Global Crowd to process and decentralize the full monetization of the property.

Smart Contracts are generated at the listing stage to outline the legal obligations of sellers and buyers  -  details like Title Searches, Ownerships, conveyancing, valuations, marketing, and associated taxes an fees are either eliminated or absorbed by the Outsourced Selling process, leaving the full selling prices to the Sellers  -  while giving the winning Buyers outright Home Ownership at prices as low as the deposit they might need for a Mortgage.

The disadvantages placed in front of the younger generations and others that find themselves behind the curve is solved when the Global Crowd establishes the low Buying Prices at 10% of the Selling Prices  -  again Price Demand is activated, even from a mobile, with the full Selling Prices cascading down towards the low 10% Buying Price ( set in the Outsourced Selling process ) and only stopped when a Buyer accepts a price  -  this simply means that a Buyer pays the price for the home and own the home out-right, with no loans or debts  -  eligibility may only be available to local Buyers and those who qualify as First Home Buyers ( owner / occupier ).

What has forever been the situation where those with assets and available credit to borrow have more likely been in the position to get homes that have been unaffordable by others with fewer assets and lower available credit  -  that has now been turned upside down with Cloud Capital  -  now house affordability is on the Open Market, where strategies, and a little bit of serendipity, play the bigger role in buying a home.

The predictability of selling a home and the purchasing of another is fast tracked when the selling is guaranteed to sell once the Outsourced Selling is listed to proceed, locking in the full selling prices, with no subject to finance  -  and buying a home is more predictable with the buying prices when it's up to the buyers to be the first to buy at the price what they want pay.

Owner / Occupiers wanting to move from house to house are eligible to use the platform to list their existing house and/or bid for a new house with much more predictability over a shorter time frame.

Smart Contracts guarantee seamless exchanges

There's now a seamless movement between supply and demand made possible when a product or service is processed using a proprietary bidding process that generates a Smart Contract and guarantees the seller their full selling prices  -  Smart Contracts which can only be executed when it's released to a seller's local buyers, who then need to use Price Demand and be the first buyer to click 'Buy Now' as the price cascades down from the full selling price to as low as 20%, depending in the final winning bid price.

The generating of Smart Contacts for each individual product and service unit with the Global Crowd ( users ), who have collected the free Cloud Capital to use as working capital, spreads the distribution and validation across multiple economies  -  when Smart Contracts get released to a seller's local buyers and get purchased using Price Demand, this is when the final stage of distribution is executed to drive the neutral Universal Digital Capital, which's already been validated locally, back into the hands of users spread across other economies.

That economic stimulation at the local level is done fully Online and at brick and mortar Local Economic Distribution Hubs to form more tangible connections between local supply and demand, with sellers and buyers taking advantage of local pickup and delivery centres to generate productivity on a new commercial level  -  each LED Hub, which are FOMEZs ( free open market economic zones ), are uniquely linked to other globally Hubs, perpetually generating e2eCommerce via RingLink technology to give the financial and economical benefits a democratic distribution and validation the global scale.

Cloud Capital takes traditional Commerce global

Payments are seamless and ubiquitous by being able to flow across borders without restrictions or costs using free peer to peer transfers of the neutral Universal Digital Capital.

What begins as free Cloud Capital distributed into the hands of users and into regions that have limited access to the global financial world, can be validated into local currencies for local sellers and buyers to interact using mobile phones to sell and buy local products and services  -  it's just like traditional cash commerce using local currencies between buyers and sellers without there being any incumbent fees or delays  -  what's changed is the how the free direct Foreign Capital Investment provides new Capital flows into local economies to validate the exchanges of the stored value and the products.

What makes Cloudfunding and e2eCommerce so distinct is that from the initial distribution of the free Capital to the liquidation of a seller's sales is that local fiat money exchanged between the buyers and the sellers remains in the local economy to continue circulating, and not held by a third party  -  the level of governance and trust established with Cloudfunding between the two parties sets and proves that third party incumbents such as payment processors, miners, banks or exchanges are no longer needed  -  the change comes with the decentralization of control being passed down from central authorities to the users, and especially when a number of users ( anonymous to each other ) are located within an economy  -  when this expands to other economies with their users interacting commercially with users in other economies, this then starts a friendly contagion that flows from economy to economy - e2eCommerce.

Supply and Demand achieve a unique sustainable equilibrium level with Cloud Capital by being able to operate separately with different pricing dynamics that allow both sellers and buyers to achieve what they both want  -  to sell high and to buy low  -  the autonomous mechanics controlled by users allow the trajectory of activity and growth to be established locally before the benefits move outwards into other economies and scale indefinitely  -  autonomous and automated economic growth.

New Rules of Engagement  -  decentralizing economic control

The Cloudfunding economic platform plays with new rules of engagement by staying autonomous from traditional incumbents to forge a new frontier in a direction where businesses and consumers are offered a better seat in the digital economy.

Markets where supply and demand can be tilted by subsidies on the supply side and discounting on the demand side, these types of influences muddy the water and don't give a true perspective of how much is economic growth and how much is an elusion  -  Cloudfunding and e2eCommerce disrupts that old economic trading model by separating the pricing in the supply side from the demand side to allow each to find the best balance in efficiency.

Cloudfunding has an unique universally open market where there's a level playing field for both offline brick and mortar businesses and direct online businesses to compete by using the platform's tools and both still offering a far better outcome for the buyers using Price Demand to give real time demand with users paying what they want, all without it affecting the seller's guaranteed full selling prices.

The automation of functions that allow free transactions and distribution of the stored value are governed and monetized from the algorithmic economics operating in the background, this allows the Capital Flows to freely move globally from economy to economy without incumbents taking a 'clip' from the stored value movements  -  while RingLink technology provides the global distribution it also uses real time auditing to validate the exchange of ownership and Global ID back through several layers of historical records to continually validate the origin of the stored value  -  auditing historical record threads of the origin of ownership has the Byzantine fault tolerance built-in to validate in real time.

It's these economic digital tools that change the way Commerce will be played out in the digital age to drive real growth into the local level  -  the real time analysis available to all users world wide is a key Competitive Advantage to operating in the New Economy  -  the Old Economy still operates in forecasting future trends but that's now obviously proving to be a red herring with debt still mounting in both private and public sectors, all the while trying to inflate market prices, and wages still continue to remain stagnant and out of sync with minimal growth.

Cloudfunding provides local communities real time data to directly analyze and set strategic micro-economic moves in co-operation with a democratic local community consensus, rather than waiting for slow responses from incumbents that don't or can't handle local concerns  -  algorithmic economics decentralizes democratic control into the hands of local users in local economies, away from centralized incumbents, by having the tools to set and adjust local inflation rates in real time to maintain sustainable growth through the genuine demand side in local productivity, even while combating the cyclical economic downturns that're embedded in old economic models which will inevitably come back to regions and countries while transitioning from the Old to the New Economy  -  the fundamental facts with genuinely distributed economic prosperity is that it's not the speculation and control of a stored value held only by a few but the democratic decentralized distribution of that stored value into the hands of users that generates genuine sustainable productivity and benefits the wider community.


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QwickPic Ready logo is all that gets shown for SOA to work

For the User they earn from visiting web site carrying the QwickPic Ready logo, and for web site Owners they automatically earn 2.5% of the full Selling Price of any sale linked to Users that earned FDC - free working capital while visiting their web site  -  collecting FDC this way from web sites avoids any click fraud as the free working capital still needs to be used in strategies before moving to full validation.

As the Users collect FDC they carry the link from the web site but it's also linked with products and services that they get to select which deals they want to register with, and then allocate their free working capital in strategies to win deals  -  the more deals Users participate in the more FDC that gets fully validated to spend on deals listed for local Buyers to buy with Price Demand, or something else.

With the way digital advertising has worked via the internet until now has only been to expose a product to an audience who gets nothing for their effort unless they buy the product, which inevitably is offered at a discount to attract the Buyer  -  SOA will change how advertising can work on all types of medium, with freedom to view Content being the main attraction that determines the User experience  -  the SOA economic model expands revenues exponentially with connection back to the Queen Bee Project.

Generates passive incomes for Users and Content Providers

Web site Owners never have any real connection to anything more than a tiny share of the advertising payments paid by the Sellers that gets spread across thousands and even millions of views through the various channels  -  SOA flips that model by reverse-engineering advertising's commercial dynamics so that global scale can be expanded without flooding the environment with unnecessary advertising displays.

SOA raises the bar by giving web site Owners the direct connection to the end sale of products and services sold through their web pages  -  instead of needing to spread across thousands of views, SOA from just from one visitor could earn 2.5% of a sale ( maybe a toothbrush or even a car ) worth more than the entire advertising budget of some Sellers using CPM  -  instead of taking profit away from Sellers with paid advertising, SOA focuses on the full Supply and Demand cycle and taps into the real productivity along the Supply Chains by rewriting and streamlining the dynamics in Commerce  -  rather than just adding the cost of advertising for Sellers to do business, without any true accountability.

SOA bypasses the ads over-kill and goes directly to Sales

Although the Advertising Industry has been around for some time, its relatively young in the context of how old Commerce is  -  the form of advertising where it's constantly displayed in front of everyone has reached its maximum acceptance level with society, as many surveys have concluded and increased ad-blocker use  -  paid advertising model is said to be the only way to view Online content for free, and that there's no alternative ( most Online content providers would only be a function or feature if it wasn't for being an advertising channel )  -  with all that, it's probably a good time now that subliminal advertising comes along and makes selling free for Sellers, and gives Users a better experience.

Option for Subscription and Pay Per View for Content

The option is there for web site Owners to decide if they use SOA or display the QwickPics ( even their own products and services like news content ), the outcome for the web site Owner is the same in earning 2.5% of the full selling value from any sales  -  the change is in the experience for the User, especially on mobile where ads are not wanted, hence why subliminal and organic is a better future for advertising.

SOA is suitable for any web site looking for a better User experience, even TV  -  it's an ideal option for Video and Publisher sites that are wanting less intrusion and cleaner pages without ads but still get the income streams they need, even better incomes  -  adding to the organic earnings of both Users and web site Owners, especially those with content like Publishers, there's a payment option that seamlessly operates in the background by transferring micro payments to Content Providers ( with full disclosure to Users ) when Users view content.

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