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Outsourced Selling Process

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Outsourced Selling process is for New and Used

The advanced mechanics behind the bidding process in QwickBids, especially with the pre-bidding strategy, will redefine how selling will be done in the future!

Online bidding is known for being time consuming and unfair, more so annoying when someone can jump in at the last second and take the win,

Online bidding is often seen as the way for sellers to clear stock, at whatever the price  -  Online bidding has come to be known as the place to go when something can't be sold by normal selling, it's a market place to get rid of things, just throw it onto an auction site and get whatever price.

That destructive selling method is antiquated

Well that's not how QwickBids works  -  firstly the mechanics are more productive and focused on making commerce fair for both buyers and sellers  -  giving longevity in difficult markets for businesses and buying power for buyers.

For starters QwickBids sets up the sell high and buy low dynamics where the seller gets the full 100% selling prices and the buyers can buy at discounts they can't ignore.

The QwickPic Platform's technology disrupts more than the bidding process, it changes the limited selling options that have been around forever  -  many of the costly steps to selling have been eliminated so now a seller only needs to focus on supply and customer service.

When a product or service is processed the Deals generate a Smart Contract that can only be executed when it's released to a seller's local buyers, who then need to use Price Demand to be the first buyer to click 'Buy Now' as the price cascades down from the full selling price to as low as 20%, depending in the final winning bid price.

No fees

Sellers don't pay listing or highlighting fees, no advertising or payment fees

Apart from sellers being able to list and pay no fees for selling items, the sellers get the full value of their sold items  -  why, because the QwickPic Platform works by increasing the demand for products and services, to do that, incentives are added to ensure the supply flows are directed to meet the demand.

Cloudfunds are an integral part of the neutral global trading platform in which the digital form of a free and neutral universal trading unit of account helps monetize businesses and individuals, without adding the barriers and penalties used by the finance industry


Free Digital Capital

The paradigm shift with Cloudfunding and Free Digital Capital is to operate and be governed within post economic activity and productivity value, whereas Modern Banking operates within pre economic activity with credit and debt, and is not governed or constrained by actual productivity  

Cloudfunding operates on a global scale with true productivity which drives global economic growth without incurring debt.

Cloud Capital / Free Digital Capital - FDC is Cloudfunds

-  it's the free working capital for the Digital Era, it's free to collect, has no fees and never needs to be paid back, ever!

The foundation of Cloudfunding lies in how FDC is created and validated from actual productivity in commerce across global economies  -  the process of validating FDC against productivity and then distributing the value freely with the global crowd differs totally to how Banking offers credit and debt to be distributed before the possibility of any productivity.

Collectively FDC is able to be used to strategize on a global scale by being able to cross borders to freely and democratically drive productivity in any country where Sellers want to sell their inventory, new or old  -  DFDCI - Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment

Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment
Just as with New Product any Used Item can be sold with Outsourced Selling


Seller gets 'Fair Price'  -  Buyer pays as low as 20%

When a Used Item is won by an OMM


Items get released in QwickFlip Buys where Price Demand finds the demand

starting with the full Selling Price cascading down to the low Buying Price set in the Outsourced Selling.

See how a QwickBids Deal looks in the Lead-up time before the Opening Call

-  the lead-up time is when Cloudfunds can be adjusted to set a strategy.

QwickBids can be seen in a smaller window so you can keep looking at other things but keep up to date  -  QwickBids

Buyers have 2 ways of getting their hands on products and services at these low 20% prices, one is bid for deals early along with the Global Crowd, the other way is to buy a deal if it reaches the Open Market where QwickBuys has the Price Demand.

QwickBids is the home of the Global Crowd, who use it as their business base, the Global Crowd does much of the heavy lifting by being the dominant bidders behind each deal that gets to the Open Market.

Something extra that QwickBids brings to the party is that deals can be listed for any sellable product or service that can be exchanged for money, things like ebooks, subscriptions, music downloads, anything that has a value and is deemed to be legal.

To meet global productivity there needs to be more sustainable ways to stimulate supply and demand, markets need to be more productive and not be so erratic that it harms buyers and sellers  -  the QwickPic Platform helps to provide that need.

To meet that consistent flow between supply and demand sellers need to have some predictability and confidence in selling their inventory, and buyers want to see Competitive prices in their markets, this is where feature services like Price Demand help to find the demand.

Price Demand is where Users gain from participating in the QwickBids process to get their share of the distribution of the amount of the Buying Prices paid by a Buyer.

Early birds can still get the advantage!

Buyers have the chance to earn and use the majority of their bidding total using Cloudfunds, the Cloudfunds spent during the processing are returned to bidders as an average with other bidders who reach to the same stage  -  it helps keep bidders on their toes with their strategies.

Strategies are allocating Cloudfunds into 5 boxes before the start of the bidding process

-  Cloudfunds give the advantage of bidding for deals to everyone, it makes it absolutely fair for every user who wants to bid, the number of combinations in allocating numbers into the 5 boxes is huge

-  this means that bidders will have a low number of Cloudfunds in some boxes and that means the Cloudfunds are spent faster, that's when a bidder needs to have funds in their QwickPay account ready to 'add a bid or be eliminated' at the end of a Call stage.

Only around 5% maximum of the seller's full prices will be spent in bidding with UDC if the maximum Cloudfunds are used in the pre-bid strategies.

Even the bids spent from the QwickPay account are returned to each bidder apart from a small 2.5% Location Activity Tax - LAT that bidders still benefit from in their UDI Portfolios, there are no fees to participate in bidding and everyone can become an OMM to earn a business profit.

It's as simple as placing some numbers in 5 little boxes.

Step 1.  Register

-  Opening Bids are automatically debited from your QwickPay account

Step 2.  Add some Cloudfunds, there's a maximum that can be added

-  Cloudfunds you have collected will be deducted from your Cloudfunds account, this may be limited by the Cloudfunds available

Step 3.  Adjust your strategy

-  You can adjust your Cloudfund strategy as many times as you want before the start of the Opening Call.

Step 4.  Bids are automatically added

-  In each of the 5 stages during the bidding, if your Cloudfunds are all spent in any of the Calls, then a bid is added automatically so you are not eliminated at the end of any of the stages  -  Bids are deducted from your QwickPay account.

-  if you are eliminated because the time lapsed or there were insufficient funds then the bid process will return your equal share of the Cloudfunds and the bids 'spent', less the small LAT deduction.

Watch how a typical deal plays out     QwickBids              

QwickBids disrupts the dynamics of commerce  -  sellers have only ever received what a buyer agrees to pay

QwickBids changes those dynamics by splitting the buyer and seller and gives the new global players the tools to do the job of selling.

Separating buyers from sellers solves commerce's dilemma in supply and demand  -  finding a fair and continuous flow between buyer and seller.

The new player is the Global Crowd, being a virtual wholesaler between a buyer and seller

New dynamics lead to new tools that can solve the supply and demand dilemma  -  it gives low buying prices and full selling prices in the same commerce action.

QwickBids sets the changes even before the bidding begins, by giving all bidders the chance to use Cloudfunds to preset a bidding strategy that plays out during the main bidding process.

Cloudfunds are freely earned just by viewing QwickPic images showing products and services that sellers from around the world want to sell and can be 'spent' on bid strategies and to buy various products and services.

All that a bidder needs to do is collect Cloudfunds and use as many as they want in their strategy, then add a small amount of funds to their QwickPay account and let the automatic bidding do the rest.

It's not just new products that can be sold using the mechanics of QwickBids, there's also QwickFlip that can sell used items that still gives sellers the way to get their full fair prices while giving buyers the way to pay as low as 20%.

Here's an example at the pre-bidding stage  -  see a snap shot of a deal in progress  -  register multiple deals
Hide All Call Strategy Lead Up Time Strategy Lead Up Strategy - Multiple Deals    
Product Stage Call Opening Call          l First Call            l Second Call         l Third Call            l Final Call    
Ticket 01:10:25 1 $0.50  $0.50    $0.00  $0.40    $0.00  $0.30    $0.00  $0.20    $0.00  $0.10     
Time Lapse 70 8   $2.00  7   $1.75  6   $1.50  2   $0.50  10   $2.50     
$8.75   Total  $0.25  Cloudfunds allocated in your strategy is : 33 Cloudfunds Confirm    
Your Cloudfunds strategies can be updated any time prior to an Opening Call - click 'Confirm Change'    
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -    
Cloudfunds strategy is simply allocating a maximum number of Cloudfunds into 5 boxes, which represent the 5 stages of the bidding process

-  the 5 stages in the bidding process take a total of 15 minutes

-  in each of the 5 stages there is an elimination process that checks to see what number of Cloudfunds remains active for a bidder

-  if a bidders Cloudfunds have already been spent in the elimination process then the only way to not be eliminated is to 'add a bid'

-  the 'Auto' mode looks after the bidding

-  a certain number of bidders get eliminated at the end of each of the 5 stages until there is a final winner

-  the maximum bid total is a combination of Cloudfunds and whatever bids from the QwickPay account

-  a winner will either be the last bidder to reach the max 20% buying price or last bidder with the highest bid total at the end of the 15 minutes

-  if a local Buyer wins then they use the Collection Code to collect their Deal

- if an OMM wins then the Deal is released in the QwickBuys where the Price Demand finds the local Buyer

Bidding Process              
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