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These are unprecedented times  -  needing unprecedented demand!
Local Demand
Local Demand
And we're gonna need lots of boats
. . and, on a global scale!
Boats full of SMEs and Consumers linked in an economic alliance
this time, SMEs need to be better prepared, from the ground up!
SMEs have never been structured as an economic force before
.  .  never been given a true 'level playing field'!
Now Commerce and Technology are merged as an economic exchange industry  -  ComTechX
reshaping local economies
    so what's it about?      
It directly stimulates SMEs and Productivity with new capital flows in local economies, instead of debt
It gives SMEs access to new cashflows and free working capital in ways that by-pass debt and banks
All SMEs have untapped collateral in their inventories that's just sitting around waiting for buyers
.  .  that collateral has an economic value  .  .  it's 'idle capacity'  .  .  and it can now be tapped to fully monetize sales!
Blue Dot     .  .  it merges Main Street and Online Commerce on a new global economic infrastructure platform that sits above all the B2B, B2C and D2C marketplaces Blue Dot     .  .  it gives SMEs the operating platform where a decentralized network of market makers directly stimulates productivity by monetizing SME inventories  
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Blue Dot     .  .  it fills the void, left by the financial system, with an asset-based system that liquidates SME inventories into real demand, real sales and real productivity Blue Dot     .  .  it opens up a new era in economy to economy commerce  -  e2eCommerce  -  it changes the way capital flows can now be controlled by the people for the people  
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New capital flows are distributed through free subliminal advertising, without creating debt!
  Blue Dot SMEs hold a 'huge stockpile of economic value' in their local inventories but it's something that banks
ignore and rarely want to accept as collateral!
  Blue Dot What's been missing, was the infrastructure to turn that idle economic value into new capital flows, and
link it together as a stable universally distributed capital!
  Blue Dot It makes a change in the way new capital flows begin and are accounted for  -  instead of using Credit,
Productivity is shifted to be the leading catalyst!
  Blue Dot It frees that economic value by turning it into new cashflows for SMEs, without any discounting or costs,
and provides buyers with a new buying experience!
  Blue Dot It opens up new income streams for global users living in local economies, where lack of employment
and under-employment weighs heavily with the increased cost of living!
  Blue Dot It makes SMEs 'the new local banks'  -  they hold the local economy's economic value and license, to
a true intrinsic universal resource backing the new economic infrastructure!
  Blue Dot It places Main Street as the primary driver of productivity in the local economies, where communities
are finally in control of commerce finance linked along new economic highways!
SME Credit   Vs   Cloudfunding?
With debt at unprecedented levels, SMEs need to release their productive capacity, so they and their local economies survive!
    so what does it do?      
Liquidity in Local Economy
Liquidity is:  quick access to cash flows        -         Solvency is:  maintaining access to capital
Blue Dot     .  .  liquidity relates more to the short-term measure of sales  -  having the ability to exchange products or services at any time, without disturbing the profit margins! Blue Dot     .  .  solvency relates more to the long-term financial stability of a business  -  the degree to which the current assets of an individual or entity exceed their current liabilities!  
It shifts debt-based economies into asset-based economies utilizing true local economic value
Blue Dot     .  .  it gives local economies an accountable value defined by the volume of global productivity! Blue Dot     .  .  it flips foreign direct investment so global users directly stimulate productivity in local economies!  
Blue Dot     .  .  it makes equity stakeholders in local economies more productive than company shareholders! Blue Dot     .  .  it brings automation to local productivity before robots and automation take jobs and incomes!  
Cloudfunding cracks the code in bringing predictable sales and demand to local economies!
.  .  it's the new economics behind real productivity that fits the new reality facing local economies!
Cloudfunding - New Economic Flows
    so how to use it?      
Sellers just list inventory and let Automated Selling do the rest
.  .  leaving the sales personnel the important job of customer service!
Then giving Buyers the way to Pay It Forward so they can  .  .
Compare - Activate - Buy
Price Demand With Sellers full selling prices locked in escrow, the Deals are released to Buyers, and the price comparisons begin!

Once comparisons are done, anyone can click  Activate  and immediately watch the Buying Price begin to fall

Prices cascade down to 20% of the full Selling Price or until there's a Buyer, without effecting a Seller's full margin

Buying prices fall down to the LA Buying Prices over 1 minute  -  longer for cars and houses

You'll be hesitant but eager to click  Buy Now  knowing you're not the only one seeing the Buying Price falling

As deals are activated, notifications get sent to local Buyers who list their interest in the items, and they too can buy

Don't worry, most Sellers will have a quantity of stock to release  -  so stay alert and see what prices are in demand
Price Demand is a buying experience that'll change how you buy!
Now it's about real time price discovery and market trends
Mobile Buys Shopping
Singles Day / Black Friday everyday
.  .  gives SMEs and Start-ups a new funding source!
.  .  free backing without needing loans or losing equity!
Accommodation Price Demand Events
QwickTime "Do you want delivery with that?"

Entrepreneurs can start their own business
and support the local sellers

Sellers compete with others to win the deals
- delivery services decide to accept the job
- with full payment on completion
    so who can use it?      
cities, suburbs, towns, shopping precincts, malls, franchises, seller groups, seller co-ops, can now collaborate across local economic hubs
Every business belongs to a local economy, what the platform creates is free open market economic zones around all those local businesses
.  .  it provides a new level in free markets that protects small enterprises from major price discounters, by having a system that levels the playing field
    Want to know how to build a FOMEZ? Know More    
then there's the buyers who can join together in buyer co-ops, families or individuals  -  everyone can benefit from cascading buying prices
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everyone needs a roof over our heads
It's all the same, whether it's a mortgage payment or rent, it's a commitment that the majority of families and businesses need to keep to hold things together.

That action is able to be quantified and generated as a service that can be monetized into real estate deals to service the demand, which's a universal issue, and more so now!

With the banking systems around the world 'stealing' the fundamental rights of generations of families and businesses by using real estate as a profiteering feature through the financial system  -  it's been one of the core issues in creating an increase in inequality in recent decades, with record levels of debt and a lower standard of living, disguised within asset bubbles.

Cloudfunding is structured to monetize products and services by generating a location activity tax in the monetization moment during the Outsourced Selling process, and it's this activity tax that's 'spent' to monetize the real estate deals such as mortgage and rent payments, and even 'Building Blocks' to help buy a home or commercial premise  -  it's in a major shift that brings productivity to the fore as the main driver of economic growth, and not rent-seeking.
Real Estate
Real Estate Affordability
Qwick Subs Subscriptions

For businesses wanting to use Subscriptions, there are several options to select from as the payment methods to access their products and services.

The Subscription Deal model offers a business the unique benefit of having an Opt-in feature for their web site, with the choice left to the users to decide if they want to gain the benefits of using the Opt-in function.

The flexibility of how Subscription Deals are generated can greatly enhance the success for any type of businesses in getting new customers and keeping them.

Businesses can list their own Subscription Deals using the full 100% Selling Prices of the subscription they are offering customers and have the Deals processed via the Outsourced Selling bidding process,

- this allows a business to store the Deals and release them when they are needed.
e.g: bundles of 50, 100 or 1,000 deals can be released to existing customers or to the interested users on the platform.

Another option is for businesses to select from a list of Generic type Deals that are set at various prices that business want as their standard Subscription cost.

With any of the Subscription Deals Price Demand is the means for consumers to activate and start the full Selling Prices to cascade down to a minimum 20% ( 80% off the full Selling Prices).

QwickFill QwickPic QwickCup
    so what makes it important?      
It's structured to flow from the grassroots up, focused on productivity
.  .  it's based on economic zones around local economies where direct stimulus increases productivity and cashflows
Blue Dot     It shifts productivity from being last in the cycle, to being the leading catalyst  -  in doing so it has a direct link to the economic value and 'idle capacity' in local inventories Blue Dot     The local economy's economic value is tapped and subliminally distributed as free working capital  -  then validated as an universal trading value by aggregate demand  
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Banks create and sell money for profit, adding debt to society  -  Cloudfunding is structured with an economic architecture that generates new capital flows, and no debt
Centrally controlled money is proving to be old school rinse and repeat 'trickle-down' economics

-  decentralized ownership offers a direct stimulus into productivity in local economies
.  .  it's an ecosystem that opens new channels and breaks down barriers of inequality, removes financial exclusion that has limited many from joining global commerce
Cloudfunding operates with a stable universally distributed capital that's compared in real time with a basket of global currencies, without involving fees and spreads
operates only between supply & demand
It 'isolates' local supply and demand markets in a new paradigm
.  .  markets are separated so that both can be incentivized
.  .  it overcomes the issue of currency exchange rates effecting trade flows in and out of a country
Productivity Demand Flow
new Capital is tapped from local inventories and monetized by global aggregate demand via an infinite flow of consumption of goods and services
.  .  this environment is where a stable and neutral universally distributed capital is exchanged peer to peer, in commerce, from economy to economy
Liquidity is:  quick access to cash flows        -         Solvency is:  maintaining access to capital
Productive Standard  -  accountable and governed by global productivity!
Avoids debt as an instrument for economic power by tying the economic value of real productivity to a neutral universal capital ownership exchange system
Blue Dot     It shifts capital from being an instrument of power, to capital serving the people in local economies, interconnected along new economic highways Blue Dot     It challenges the remittance world with peer to peer exchanges from economy to economy, from local currency to local currency without fees or spreads  
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Blue Dot     Banks have centralized control over who and how much credit is released  -  capital is democratically distributed now by decentralized user networks Blue Dot     Local cash is exchanged to digital with an accuracy down to 14 decimal point on RingLink technology that's able to track and audit movements, globally  
    read more   read more  
Blue Dot     While the financial system uses debt to inflate asset prices, like in houses and sharemarkets  -  Cloudfunding tracks real productivity in local economies in a global index Blue Dot     Cloudfunding is a paradigm shift away from credit creation, and debt  -  it's a shift that places real productivity as the leading catalyst, creating no debt!  
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Cloudfunding is the new economics in real productivity that fits the new reality!
Leading Catalyst
    so what does it solve?      
it solves the unequal way economic wealth is distributed
decentralized ownership changes finance
.  .  solves the complexity and cost in moving capital from one economy to another!
.  .  solves the lack of demand that local economies suffer without consistent stimulus!
.  .  solves the dilution of money and buying power by having a stable universal value
brings collaboration to new domains!
cities, suburbs, towns, shopping precincts, malls, franchises, seller groups, buyer co-ops, can now collaborate across local economic hubs
"it's a new era, where being an economic equity stakeholder in local economies, is more productive than being a shareholder in companies!"
everyone can be an equity stakeholder in local economies with universally distributed incomes, while proactively helping to stimulate productivity
.  .  gives all local SMEs a Competitive Advantage over, everything!
SMEs have been disadvantaged for too long  -  now SMEs can compete with the 800lb gorillas!
SMEs are 'the new local banks' directly stimulating local productivity!
perpetual growth in productivity increases the velocity of capital
Infinite Loop
no surveillance or targeted advertising
The platform has an Opt-In / Opt-Out feature so users keep control
subliminal organic advertising
QwickPic Subliminal Organic Advertising

The distribution of the SOA out to global users is effortless
as from the time the free App is downloaded it can begin to
collect Free Digital Capital for as long the Opt-In option is on
-  it all works in the background collecting the free working
capital so that users can be ready to help monetize the seller
inventories, and validate the FDC so it can be spent or sent

The ideal social balance

Users can enjoy building out their network of friends and
associates knowing that there's no tracking or surveillance
happening in the background  -  and there's no advertising
to spoil the connections

Qwick Chat
Millennials were never given the chance to live without credit!
.  .  now's the chance!
New type of business
Mobile Strategy Shopping
"jobs will be lost to automation and robotics but controlling productivity will control pricing!"
SMEs are the 'new local banks'

Every seller would agree that the inventory sitting in their store or warehouse, just waiting to be sold, has true economic value  -  a digital economic infrastructure, termed Cloudfunding, captures the 'idle capacity' in those inventories, and uses it as collateral in a process that continually distributes it as free digital capital to global users to use as free working capital, which through an automated 'monetization' process incentivizes global buyers to spend  -  this aggregate demand from global sales is collected, and through a recycling mechanism directs it back as a universally distributed capital to a decentralized global network of market makers to validate their free working capital, thus helping to monetize the full selling prices of the next inventory waiting to be sold  -  the paradigm shift is the cascading buying prices that incentivize buyers while maintaining full selling prices for sellers, without incurring debt!

SMEs collectively hold more resources than banks

SMEs have been pushed around by the demands of all the players in the Supply and Demand cycle  -  they continually battle the highs and lows of the financial system's economic cycle, and are usually the first to fall  -  there has never been a safety net there to catch them as they risk everything, for something they want to be a success with.

Cloudfunding provides the platform and the economic infrastructure to bring SMEs, from all around the world, onto an independent and autonomous platform that collectively uses the inventories as collateral to fully monetize the products and services that businesses want to sell, basically the platform provides the automation of sales on a modern version of the assembly line  -  using the collective resources in local economies, where there's more economic value in SME inventories than what banks can ever create with credit  -  allowing all size SMEs to freely list and sell, with no fees or commissions, leaving it with the economic engine in the background to carry the load.

SMEs just list their inventory and the automation begins

The constraints of the past are gone with deep reaching technology, the days of having stock and not being able to use it as collateral at its full selling price is changed forever with Cloudfunding  -  there's no complicated system to navigate, no contracts, no limits on volumes that can be listed  -  if the business has products or services they want to sell, it can be listed and the automated selling begins  -  and it doesn't need or use banks or payment providers to take a cut, businesses do what they normally do and complete their sales with their customer base 'paying it forward' in real time as they fund their accounts.

.  .  it's like SMEs are 'the new local banks', in a new industry of Commerce and Technology, where Productivity is the leading catalyst!

Shifting Productivity to the leading catalyst changes the structure in how Commerce has worked over the last 40 years where Credit has been the leading catalyst  -  the difference between the two is that Credit is not truly tied to any productive outcome, it's more likely used for speculative purposes like real estate  -  whereas Cloudfunding is tied and governed directly to Productivity and the aggregate demand that it produces, keeping the velocity moving between productive products and services being bought and sold, which gains the economic growth.
"swimming between the flags'
Cloudfunding makes it revolutionary by operating only within the two markets of Supply and Demand, a domain that's autonomous and independent of the financial system's means of creating money from thin air  -  Cloudfunding is like 'swimming between the flags', between Supply and Demand in an infinite loop, using the huge resource in the Supply, in seller inventories that's governed by being tapped, tracked and globally validated ( as universally distributed capital ) by genuine productivity, as it's exchanged between buyers and sellers in local economies  -  linked together around the world, trading from economy to economy.

Cloudfunding's architecture has real time accountability that tracks and records the Ownership of the UDC ( universally distributed capital ) as it's exchanged between global users  -  the platform is not and doesn't operate as an ADI, as it doesn't need to hold or transfer any local currencies across borders on behalf of the global users  -  in a totally new economic alliance of local communities operating under a governing mechanism that sets a new level in accountability with a modern Productive Standard in global Commerce and Trade.


SMEs have a competitive advantage
SMEs have been disadvantaged for too long  -  now SMEs can compete with the 800lb gorillas!
SME funding Online
.  .  sellers have the economic value in their local inventories to generate new capital flows
A new era in SME Funding
Automated Selling generates faster 'cash flows'!

SMEs are entering a new era in local demand  -  with free direct backing

The era of using seller discounting to find demand is over!

local demand means more local news
news is central to all societies, whether that's local or global news
  Start your own local news outlet Print or Online
Local Media    Local Media       Local Media

    NewsFeed          News Feed
Local Media    QwickPics         QwickPics Mobile App
Food Pantry    SocialDemand   QwickChat

If you're a journalist or a news junkie here's your chance to get involved in reporting local news!

Unlike typical local and global news outlets that have relied on traditional paid advertising that has virtually destroyed the original revenue streams with the onset of digital advertising

Instead Local News uses si
Ads as the income source to directly gain the revenues to pay for operating overheads and journalism.

Each local community can have a Local News outlet connected to the Cloudfunding platform that has an economic infrastructure that directly drives local productivity in local economies.

Instead of convincing local businesses to pay for advertising, it's free  -  it opens up revenue streams much wider than the single payment model and taps into a broad global productivity based economic structure that helps drive back sales to those local businesses.

Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the Local News formats that only need basic details to launch a unique local content Local News, and be the chief editor calling the shots  -  it's designed to give local journalists and news buffs a chance to contribute local content, and gain revenue using economies of scale to connect to a global audience of readers and viewer.

Local News
Local News
Cloudfunding flips advertising around
Local Media
. . giving media a new business model
a new way of balancing (trade) payments
. . by directly funding local economies!
If global trade ends up in local environments  .  .  then it's logical to control it locally!
being a stakeholder in local economies
Universally Distributed Capital
means society gets more of the pie!
Investing in company shares is passively taking advantage of someone else's productive effort!

Being stakeholders in local economies helps someone take advantage of their productive effort!

Stakeholders can be individuals or co-operatives looking to gain a bigger piece of the pie!
Free Digital Capital
Free Digital Capital  .  .  it's free to collect, has no interest or fees, and never needs to be paid back, ever!
    There's a new narrative being written around the use of a largely ignored local economic value, and how it's tapped from local seller inventories and used as collateral for a globally distributed free working capital, that's used democratically to drive Productivity  -  where businesses operate with a business model, backed by an accountable global economic infrastructure, tied to the intrinsic economic value in those inventories, giving it a stable store of value in the form of a neutral ubiquitous universally distributed capital that's constantly validated by the global aggregate demand for users to seamlessly exchange globally, without fees  -  it operates under a Productive Standard that both governs and stimulates Productivity  -  in an infinite loop  -  connected through local economies engaged in supply and demand activities that simultaneously guarantees full selling prices, and cascading buying prices through an economic architecture that's designed to raise supply and demand without incurring debt  -  it's a paradigm shift back to an era connecting true value with a means of exchange, using technology in the form of Cloudfunding, a decentralized economic platform, controlled by users who form an economic alliance of local communities that will ultimately define the way global Commerce and Trade works more effectively this century!  
RingLink technology
Open Market Makers
  Sellers - Sign up for early access
We're opening up to Sellers early, so if your business wants to get a Competitive Advantage, add your details

  .  .  .  for more details

see the broader details of the Platform
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