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  Social is more than the New Economy's global voice

With the world using the internet as a revolutionary new channel for connectivity, it opens up to a broader opportunity to strengthen the world's economic value with an ability to have a universal democratic consensus at moving the world's economies forward, in sync.

As we've seen there can be good and bad results by ignoring the basics of privacy of individuals in such an ecosystem  -  our ( society's ) understanding of what should be the right to privacy hasn't been adhered to in these early days of the internet  -  which's why Social Demand has set its foundations on a different path around privacy  -  by changing the status quo  -  by reversing the norm where users have become the product, to users being able to directly profit from their Online activity without sacrificing their privacy.

Social Demand bring users to the forefront in modern connectivity by giving users the control in what level of financial freedom they want in their lives  -  users can freely collect free economic value and use it as free working capital as incentive to drive the productivity in local economies with the selling of products and services.

The Free Economic Value / Cloud Capital / Cloudfunds is the economic value drawn from local economies and shared with global users who can use it to build an independent income stream  -  users have control over when they want to Op-In to collect FEV.


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Free Economic Value  -  it's the Internet's Cloud Capital  .  .  free working capital

 .  .  it's free to collect, it has no interest or fees, and never needs to be paid back, ever!

Social Demand offers a new conversation

The structure of Social Demand allows users to connect contextually in real time with other global users, to have well meaning and constructive conversations primarily about economical issues confronting users around the world  -  with a particular emphasis on maintaining privacy that users control.

The connectivity between users is formed via the normal friendships and associations using the platform's tools to invite users to build teams  -  where users can discuss all ranges of economic issues that can lead to a collaborative co-operation between the users in driving their local economies, benefiting from each other  -  and because users can come together from different towns, cities, regions or countries, it makes everything so much more decentralized and democratic with the way strategies are played out.

The basic structure of the real time conversations is ephemeral and moves the user messages along with the real time flow of the platform's economic activity  -  it provides for a cleaner ebb and flow of the conversations to link with the real time performance of the productivity that users can directly be involved with, without being constrained by being drawn back to older issues and conversations.

Social can demand the supply side to be 'good citizens'

The demand that society has had to influence local, national and global economics has largely been limited in the social media to praising them with photos or maybe even shaming  -  this is where Social Demand changes that by giving local communities access to an economic infrastructure platform that can directly stimulate an economy as part of the global crowd that can help generate Productivity in a particular industry or a company.

Because of Social Demands structure around economics and productivity it has a unique ability to influence the supply side to be good corporate citizens, not by lampooning them via bad remarks via social media but by slowing down or even ignoring being involved in processing their inventory in the Outsourced Selling or buying any of the products or services  -  it has a direct influence on their bottom line even if it's just marginally delayed.

The good corporate citizen can be judged on things like how they are supporting climate change and if they use slave labour to manufacture their products  -  the pressure of selling and staying in the good books with not only end consumers but by getting a through the Outsourced Selling when users have a direct effect on sales by how they regard important social issues.

The demands that users can direct at the supply side would be intended to be for the better of society overall, and this is where the guidelines of the local Chamber of Economies that can be formed to give sellers a clear set of standards of what the local community expect in their local economies.

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