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Turn Back The Clock
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For a start we make advertising FREE!

Advertising usually pushes out to potential Buyers information on products, what QwickPic does is it pulls in intentional Buyers instead, without advertising costs

QwickPic changes the approach by being the complete ONE STEP in commerce

-  in ONE STEP a seller can list an item and the Crowd will do the selling for them

-  QwickPic gets intentional Buyers ready to buy, not fake clickers that cost money

Selling is different today!

Sellers have a new home and it all starts so simple for a Seller

Sellers are predictable sales without the typical advertising hype and cost

-  No listing costs or performance fees, no service fees, no selling fees

-  No discounting so the seller gets their full 100% selling prices

-  No need to monitor the never ending analytics, pie-charts and search jargon

A simple hand over of the item in exchange for a Code!

Payment is immediately released to a Seller's account as exchange is made.

Sellers can immediately use the funds or liquidate to their local currency.

If all that's too hard, Price Demand solves how to get sales!

Every Seller has their own Our Store to list and display their Brands,
as well as Chat with customers.

Sellers can use the QwickPay  -  Pay Here payment option

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The Global Digital 'Shift'
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