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  Entrepreneurs entering the global market!

The Online Entrepreneur is often confronted with unique challenges during development of a business model built around a product that's either a new concept, maybe an App or a different approach in selling products or services, whatever it is, the future viability of the business will depend on selling and making a profit.

Any business venture has challenges when they are trying to get traction in sales and the same steps as how Entrepreneurs approach the challenges can be used by a brick and mortar shop or an online store.

The difference of surviving development and gaining sufficient traction in early launch comes down to how quickly the business can earn money and being profitable.

From the time an Entrepreneur is able to exchange a product or service to a buyer is the time that the Developer can begin using the Platform and take advantage of the selling process.

The Platform's selling process gives seller their full retail price while the buyer pays down as low as 20% of the sellers price with the cascading buying prices.

An Entrepreneur only needs the product image, full retail price, details of where the product is located for pickup or delivered from and the trading zone that the product can be sold within, there's no need for payment options or back end structure just the product info and the Platform does all the rest to get it in front of the global crowd.

Entrepreneurs can be on the road to developing a business model based on content maybe around music, news and other creative content all these can be listed in Content Kings and use the global crowd and the various payment options.

If the product or service can be measured and sold as a unit of value with a full price, or as downloadable content for a small value, or as Subscription Deals then the Entrepreneur can use the Platform's process to sell the item as a Deal for the full 100% Seller's price and have a Buyer's price as low as 20% of the full price, or using the other payment options.

With the architecture of the Platform using the global crowd it exponentially increases the chances to sell a product and especially allow the global crowd to decide early if the product will even be 'good enough to fly' by finding sufficient intentional buyers  -  it can be a test bed to see if a product is even wanted or it can form the foundation of a business's product sales that doesn't need to add the cost of marketing.

The reason to open up for Entrepreneurs at this early stage in their business life is to help foster the many promising businesses with products at the core of their business model that can often fall victim of not being given the chance to be seen, only a Entrepreneur will know if the products they are building their business around would have a better chance of turning into a profitable venture if the products were able to be sold as low as 20% of the seller's full price from an early stage.

And when sales do get completed the Entrepreneur can use Pay it Forward, Now! the P2P exchange payments to send or pay bills to suppliers or maybe pay staff wages anywhere in the world without any fees!

The P2P payments utilizes UDC as a central currency that operates world wide  -  it's compared to a basket of global currencies in real time to gain a stable value while the global currencies fluctuate via their own trading  -  this allows any global currency to be used to buy UDC using 'Pay it Forward' at any time, and so eliminating any need to pay for transfer or foreign exchange fees.

Note: Payments from sales cannot be completed unless there's a successful sale of product or service with the buyer, once the exchange is finalized the value is released from escrow and available to spend or send.

A hidden bonus with the sellers getting the full selling prices while the buyers pay as low as 20% is that the selling dynamics can be sustained indefinitely using the same model, and, with many businesses with products there's the opportunity to go deeper by involving the local manufacturers and producers to sell using the same dynamics earlier in the Supply Chain, this can set off a whole chain reaction.

The Entrepreneur world has many twists and turns and many decisions have to be made along the way  -  but one major decision is usually around Co-workers and Co-founders.

The Platform has an incentive option that could provide the solution for many startups, it's structured to provide the incentive to draw talent to the business without releasing equity, while gaining loyalty and Productivity.

It's the Co-worker / Co-founder Incentive Vision program

In these times when the world is trying to find its way between the Industrial Age into the Digital Age the volume of attempts at ideas will run into the millions but there is one key factor that will decide which ones will survive, being able to monetize by selling enough products to be profitable!

Many Entrepreneurs will build a features or services that can only rely on advertising as an income source but it's to the business models that will rely on selling products or services for their model to survive and grow that the Platform is offering.

A key part of the Platform's design is to equally help online and offline businesses to both operate online, we want to give Entrepreneurs the chance to spread the news about their product and give offline businesses the chance to move online and be seen, giving the benefit to both,

-  a further benefit for all Users is the way the commercial activity is collected from all locations and distributed world wide into specific Locations to add the exponential growth value to UDC.

The offline businesses have a huge Capital Investment in infrastructure that shouldn't be allowed to evaporate by being dominated by online businesses with much less infrastructure invested that can sell at less cost.

The two need each other to survive the long journey more than ever especially for online businesses when it comes down to getting physical products manufactured and delivered or producing crops for food  -  and where this intersection meets is in every developer's local environment surrounded by 'brick and mortar' businesses that they deal with daily or weekly directly and indirectly in order to buy products or services to live and run their business.

The main influence that buying online has over brick and mortar is the price and saving of money, the convenience of 24/7 and being able to buy something while watching TV is certainly part of it but what if the prices of products at brick and mortar stores were lower than online stores then it wouldn't be hard to see which would be used as a brochure, what the Platform does is it makes that happen!

The fact that operating online uses a faster digital approach to cut costs is only a small part of the bigger picture, changing the economic dynamics of selling and buying makes it a paradigm shift in how products and services can move from seller to buyer and be a benefit to the broader ecosystem.

Think of services like rents, power, insurances as well as all physical products if they were available as low as 20% of the full selling prices, how would that affect a business's growth and the flow on effect of everyone linked to it, all this is part of what the Platform does.

What the Platform offers are two ways for online business Entrepreneurs to both monetize with products they have available to local or global buyers and the other is to get local businesses that sell the products and services up to speed with moving their business online.

It can be a win win for Entrepreneurs who should know how the digital world works and what can happen when it can get a winning edge with markets opening up earlier for them, and then by having the chance to buy locally themselves as low as 20% of selling prices from 'brick and mortar' businesses they introduce to the Platform by becoming a LA Agent  -  earning 1% of any sales that the business sells on the Platform.

As an Agent the Entrepreneurs could pick and choose the types of businesses they would want to look after especially if they sold products that they needed as low as 20%, the options are plenty and the time spent can be minimal to the 'return' the Entrepreneurs would get back, and important to Entrepreneurs is the need to liquidate money from products they sell by redeeming at the local stores they introduce to the Platform, or somewhere else.

Everyone needs to be located somewhere and to have a local environment with online and offline businesses both operating online should foster a better location and ecosystem to work and live in.

To have a global manufacturing system that involves crossing so many borders and obstacles in the Digital Age seems to be missing the obvious when it has all to do with the buying prices, it's the most simplest detail in the exchange of any product for value, yet it can feel like a mountain when it can stop any sale, the Platform moves that mountain by changing the dynamics and can sustain the mechanics indefinitely.

The Platform's selling process of sell high and buy low dynamics using the location structure provides the opportunity for developers to utilize local manufacturers and suppliers to build products at their full prices and Entrepreneurs buy as low as 20% of the full selling prices via a limited selling network, this should be very competitive in pricing against similar products manufactured and imported from elsewhere, let alone a much faster in delivery.

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