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The Media industry has changed with audiences increasingly turning-off from advertising and content paywalls

-  for print media and journalism and any content providers, the overall dilemma is how to get revenue.

Traditional advertising is usually a paid lump sum, or the 'paid per click' model, each supposedly spreading the word

The Platform provides revenue streams for journalists, artists, authors  

-  any Content Provider can gain revenue from viewers and listeners.

There are two Options for Users to access the Content on the Platform,

-  one is a Paid Option, the other is earning a % of items sold from free ads displayed with the Content.

Either way, once the QwickPic Ready Opt-in is clicked, the QwickPics ( ads ) start earning for Publishers.

The Platform enables any media to monetize and be paid on performance using Free Advertising

The medium receives 2.5% of the full Selling Price for each unit sold during a campaign.



QwickPic Ready

Businesses usually advertise with discounts to build demand, the incentive now for any business is to use no discounting and just leave it to OutSell.

Businesses can still use Marketing Agents with Free Advertising, without it costing.

The Platform does the marketing reach with economies of scale.

What the Platform focuses on isn't trying to suck money from a business or marketer, it's built on top of a productive global economy that has a global crowd of people who are able to earn money as virtual wholesalers competing to drive that economy.

Advertising is now 'sales' performance based

It doesn't cost the Publishers to use the QwickPic Platform, it's there for the industry to become a key part of the Digital Economy  -  rather than just be an entry point, Publishers can play a major role in global commerce and economies.

Traditional forms of entertainment that rely on paid advertising is still able to be part of the Scalable Global Economy, with the likes of IA  -  Interactive Advertising to engage with viewers of Television, Print and Radio with Free Advertising.

News publications can contribute news or add the QwickPics to their news feeds

Economies of Scale has a new meaning

The economies of scale multiplies exponentially beyond the typical single level of advertising offered  -  the Platform's Global Crowd takes over and spreads the word globally, with the Global Crowd.

Businesses that normally pay for advertising can now be offered 'free advertising', importantly sellers don't need to discount to gain attention, that's already part of the Platform's process  -  sellers always receive full 100% selling prices.

Performance is gauged by the quantity of products and services sold  -  receiving 2.5% of the full price for every item sold,

-  the % is not drawn from the Seller's full selling price, it's drawn from the OutSell process.

Traditional Media is still an important Industry, it has traveled along in one form or another as a hub to bring local news to local people, it still has a role in keeping the wheels of local communities and economies rolling along together  -  that's why having the tools to track a location's commercial activity in real time, wherever it is, is an important identifier in seeing first hand how a Media's efforts can help their local community.

Publishers and Agents can do their own sums

Think of the % of a car's value, and every car sold, or a supermarket's full inventory with quantities sold in the 000's, it can all be from just one QwickPic display that's released to millions in the Global Crowd, items are simply sold by Outsourcing the Selling.

With unique algorithms a QwickPic display of an item is released out into the Crowd, it can be initiated on the Publisher's website, or in hardcopy, as viewers see the QwickPic they will engage with it to earn Cloudfunds and then spread the alert.

Publishers have a real time dashboard tracking views being recorded and how many alerts are being spread around the world.

Unlike traditional commerce where terms and credit are used to give some incentive to the buyer, what the Platform does is instant payment, as soon as an item is sold by a Seller ( business advertising ) and payment is exchanged with a buyer anywhere in the world, the Publisher is immediately paid, there's no 30, 60 or 90 days waiting to be paid for 'advertising'.

Media Option 2

'Payment for Content' going forward

The Platform provides a paying model to media businesses that can link media news stories etc, whether videos, tv, print and Internet versions with the Platform's selling process on mobile or desktop, which doesn't cost the media businesses or their clients but would overall have a greater ROI per advertisement than any current models.

The Global Crowd's involvement doesn't go down the path as what modern marketing is trying to follow in annoying audiences with technology to track patterns and try to anticipate what product advertisements should be placed in the path of a user,

-  the Platform stays with a traditional view that each individual Buyer is unique and should be treated as such, by giving them the choice to decide their path and keeping the excitement alive in wanting to know what's around the next corner  -  a bit of serendipity.

  Media Option 1
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