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  Want to sell a car?

Auto Demand has the platform for sellers to sell new and used cars at the full selling prices, guaranteed!
All that sellers need to do is list their inventory to outsource the selling and be ready to release the deals to the local buyers, then watch as buyers get incentivized to buy  -  there're no fees or charges to list, sell or get paid, and importantly, sellers remain in full control of their inventory, and never need to discount  -  it's no longer about seller discounts looking for demand, it's now all about automated selling!

Price Demand
  Sell It Forward, Now!
Want to buy a car?

Auto Demand offers buyers Price Demand, where the full selling prices begin to cascade down when a potential local buyer clicks the Activate button  -  once that happens, notifications are sent out to other local users who showed interest in the vehicle  -  then it comes down to who hits the Buy Now button first and pays what they want to pay as the buying prices cascades down to 20% of the full selling prices ( without it effecting the seller's full selling prices ).

So that nobody misses out on great deals, there're plenty of Building Block Deals that can be bid for to win at really low prices to help build up a bigger stake for when that next great car deal or big ticket item comes along  -  users just download the QwickPic Ready App to automatically and subliminally collect Free Digital Capital, and use it globally as free working capital to help win Building Block Deals, and be ready to use the extra funds in real-time online cash commerce to buy products and services  -  Commerce is changing, and the day of paying full price is gone!

    Pay It Forward, Now!

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Example Deal   Any Location Category Autos
Image Description Date Deal Code Flag Location Selling Price Price Now Activate
Leaf EV 2019 Nissan
Leaf EV
$10,000.00 min*
1 Jan LAC-H89FHW-934N Australia Any Location $50,000.00 $50,000.00 10:00:00
Leaf EV 2019 Nissan
Leaf EV
$10,000.00 min*
1 Jan LAC-H89FHW-934N Australia Any Location $50,000.00 $16,500.00 01:37:50
Buy Now
Leaf EV 2020 Hyundia
Ioniq EV
$11,000.00 min*
1 Jan LAC-H89FHW-934N Australia Any Location $55,000.00 $55,000.00 10:00:00
Leaf EV 2019 Hyundia
Kona EV
$13,000.00 min*
1 Jan LAC-H89FHW-934N Australia Any Location $65,000.00 $65,000.00 10:00:00
Leaf EV 2020 Renault
Zoe EV
$11,000.00 min*
1 Jan LAC-H89FHW-934N Australia Any Location $55,000.00 $55,000.00 10:00:00
Leaf EV 2021 Kia
e-Niro EV
$13,600.00 min*
1 Jan LAC-H89FHW-934N Australia Any Location $68,000.00 $68,000.00 10:00:00
Leaf EV 2020 BMW
i3 EV
$15,000.00 min*
1 Jan LAC-H89FHW-934N Australia Any Location $75,000.00 $75,000.00 10:00:00
Tesla Model 3 2020 Tesla
Model 3 EV
$13,000.00 min*
1 Jan LAC-H89FHW-934N Australia Any Location $65,000.00 $65,000.00 10:00:00
min* price indicates the minimum QwickBid Price
that was achieved during the earlier monetization process
This means potential Buyers need to have a minimum* of funds
( incl BBDs ) to compete with Price Demand for the vehicle.
Building Block Deals
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How It Works:  Auto Demand uses Cloudfunding to change the dynamics in how all types of vehicles ( products and services ) can be sold and bought  -  it means any new or used vehicle can be listed either by an individual owner or dealers  -  vehicles are listed at full market selling prices ( along with any on-road costs, taxes and insurances ), ready to outsource the selling  -  the full selling prices are monetized by recycling the aggregate demand from global productivity back through a global network of market makers ( miners ), who use the capital in a unique bidding process that directs foreign capital flows into seller accounts, before the vehicles are released to the seller's local buyers.

Any local user can activate Price Demand to start the buying prices cascading down to 20% of the full selling price, but other local buyers get notified and so it's just a matter of waiting to see who is first to click the Buy Now button  -  for buyers to activate Price Demand they fund their accounts by paying cash to local sellers wanting to liquidate their sales, just like any cash sale  -  sellers now have predictable 24/7 sales, and more profits by generating a greater FOMO, giving buyers the chance to buy as low as 80% off the full selling prices  -  the only problem for sellers is whether they can handle selling 100, 500 or 1,000 cars a week or a month, and still offer great customer service.

Heavy duty vehicles and mid-sized commercial fleet sales

All size electric vehicles, from heavy duty to mid-sized commercial fleets can be sold and purchased using Auto Demand's platform, just the same way personal vehicles are sold.

With mandates to switch over to electric vehicles already set in place across a number of countries, businesses and manufacturers will need to have certainty in sales  -  that's where Auto Demand can fast-track sales with predictability and sustainability, even take advantage of the many subsidies on offer to sweeten the deal.

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    The new mechanics of local cash commerce

It goes without saying that Outsourced Manufacturing has had a great impact on global trade and commerce across the world in the last decades, especially through the advances in technology  -  so it shouldn't be any surprise that the next phase is the Outsourced Selling of local products and services using deep tracking technology to bring a balance between Globalization and Localization  -  this deep tracking down into local economies allows the economic value of local inventories to be tapped and applied to stimulate local productivity on a global scale  -  it provides the governance and intrinsic value ( think old Gold Standard ) as it's exchanged around the world as a neutral universally distributed ( economic ) capital to facilitate local sales, which is basically local Cash Commerce operating ubiquitously on a global scale.

    Local Commerce  

The world of Commerce is changing, it's the New Economy and a paradigm shift in how Commerce and Trade will work in the 21st Century  -  where there's more focus on local economic growth that comes directly through a totally new economic alliance of local communities  -  there's a new narrative being written on economic distribution and productivity, based on real-time price discovery that's challenging Commerce's dynamics by separating the supply from demand in markets  -  this separation changes the way capital flows are distributed into local economies, allowing it to continually stimulate local productivity  -  it's the re-engineering in how global aggregate demand is recycled back to drive foreign capital flows into local economies, without using credit or debt  -  Cloudfunding commoditizes local inventories by directing the economic value through a series of algorithmic processes, after distributing that economic value as free working capital out to global users  -  which's then validated by the sale of local productivity, on a global scale, captured as aggregate demand, before it's drawn back down into local economies  -  it means that the unpopular and costly targeted digital advertising model is challenged by Cloudfunding by operating subliminally to sell local products and services, on a global scale through economies of scale, and, to do it all for free.

Cloudfunding is an autonomous platform with an economic infrastructure that taps the economic value of the local seller inventories, and distributes this in micro-values out to an independent network of global users, who are incentivized to directly help monetize productivity around the world, and, increase productivity in their own local economies  -  this local productivity directly draws in validated capital using in-depth tracking that's accurate down to 14 decimal points  -  and, is constantly governed in real-time by genuine products and services being sold in local economies around the world  -  it shifts productivity to the leading catalyst, forming a new level in trade between local economies with e2eCommerce, all through a democratic and decentralized network of global market makers and communities.

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