Collaborative Industries
local inventory  .  .  available to buy  .  .  with Price Demand
    Free for sellers to list inventory

No more marketplace commissions,
marketing costs or payment fees.
Guaranteed to sell at full selling prices.
  Free for buyers, no memberships

Just search for items and Activate
and watch buying prices cascade down,
then buy at prices you want to pay.
Automation of Cash Commerce  
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Sellers list their inventory to outsource the selling  .  .  to a global crowd that fully monetizes each item  .  .  before buyers buy at prices they want to pay!  
1-Click Commerce
  Sellers Global Crowd Buyers  
  1-Click to automatically outsource the
selling of inventory at full selling prices
1-Click to automatically set strategies
and monetize global inventories
1-Click to automatically buy products
and services as prices cascade down
Cloudfunding opens up new Capital flows across the real economy
Cloudfunding monetizes the internet's missing economic infrastructure by catalysing productivity into a ubiquitous universally free flowing capital
.  .  it challenges traditional banking by distributing free micro-values directly into local economies with financial incentive that generates productitivity   
.  .  it shifts the economic structure in commerce away from the reliance of credit to an intrinsically backed value that's entrenched in local economies   
.  .  it taps this unlimited resource interlinking countries, and monetizes its value into an international trading unit of account, dissolving rent seeking   
Cloudfunding directs new Capital into SMEs to restructure Main Street
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