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When commerce throughout the world is combined, it generates productivity, that outcome of productivity value has always been directed back into the country and locations where that productivity originates.

Technology through computer efficiency and connectivity, now enables the commercial productivity that happens down at the local level, all the way to the international level, to be integrated onto a Global Productivity Grid.

The Global Productivity Grid tracks the commercial activity between Buyers and Sellers wherever the activity takes place, recording the financial exchanges of value between the players in the trillion dollar digital commerce markets.

As Buyers and Sellers use the mechanics and tools provided in the Scalable Digital Economy, it equalizes all the global fiat currency values by using a global neutral trading currency, allowing real time settlements of all commercial exchanges.

The Scalable Digital Economy changes how money flows with Free Digital Capital and Free Direct Backing.

The GPG sits above all Global Markets in the stack, with each market's players being able to seamlessly interact across all markets and borders with the neutral global digital cash traded as the common value in all markets.

The GPG operates all along the Supply Chains in all Global Markets, including resources, utilities, health services etc - the mechanics that generate the productivity value also generates a surplus value, adding to the local and global GDP.

The gained surplus value is earned by all Users from a real time process that distributes a global wealth tax.

Users can strategize on where Global Productivity takes place by buying and holding location symbols units in their own UDI Portfolio and receive the gains as a surplus value according to the quantity of units being held,

-  the surplus is the increase in the Global Productivity, and instead of disrupting any fiat currency values, the surplus is added as global neutral trading currency by distributing it equally to the number of location units held by each User.

-  a distribution transfer automatically counters any manipulation through mass buys in locations linking to a known future increase in productivity to avoid the dark side that Share Markets are known for in creating bubbles via ramping.

-  a counter incentive is the Co-worker / Co-founder Incentive Vision program that provides businesses with ways to give reward for work loyalty and productivity based on true future growth.

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