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How UDC Works

  UDC                UDC Symbol  
Universally Decentralized Capital functions as a neutral international trading currency that is controlled in growth by the global interaction at the ground level berween global sellers and buyers in the New Digital Economy.

UDC operates as a neutral Universally Decentralized Capital currency in which national fiat currency can be compared and exchanged at zero cost across all borders to remove trading costs and remove manipulation by countries and currency traders.

As a digital cash currency, UDC differs from fiat currencies that are centralized and controlled by Central Banks to try and stimulate each country operating with each fiat currency  -  UDC operates within the Digital Free Trade and Commerce ecosystem.

UDC operates between all fiat currencies, which allows it to always be compared and fluently exchanged with a fiat currency in real time, this gives UDC the ability to be exchanged within any country as easily as spending the local fiat currency during commerce,

-  only UDC is a digital trading cash that is exchanged between Buyers and Sellers using a mobile or desktop, free of fees  -  just as cash is exchanged between local Buyers and Sellers.

-  UDC takes the digital form of a neutral international trading unit of account called Bancor, first proposed over 70 years ago by John Maynard Keynes at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944.

UDC is a decentralized digital cash currency that's exchanged between buyers and sellers in commerce as a digital cash trading currency, just as in typical cash commerce  -  the major strength is that the digital value is never drawn into a central holding center where it can be held and controlled by a central entity  -  unlike the banking system which keeps control of the flow with fiat currencies, and, creates fictional money with no backing other than trust.

UDC is held in QwickPay accounts using a free global payment system     QwickP2P - Pay Here

UDC remains within the 'owners' control in a digital form where it can be recorded individually as proof of ownership, it can never disappear like cash, such as being destroyed by fire, UDC provides a digital trail as proof in the exchange of ownership, separated down to fourteen ( 14 ) decimal points, this is enforced with anonymous yet still transparent trend streams of activity screened to all Users as 'ledgers', making it an 'open decentralized system'.

Individual Ownership of UDC and the exchanges between ownership is monitored and recorded by a Global Chamber of Economies non profit entity for the security, it does not hold UDC or does it operate as an exchange or transmitter, its primary role is to safeguard the individual ownership of UDC, without cost to the owners.

This free decentralized flow of digital currency, spells out that globally, a value of currency can operate in a secure environment on a global scale, without being trapped and corralled behind costly third party, old world, closed gardens, as some players advocate.


The unique approach of updating the value of a currency using commercial activity generated in individual locations at the micro level on a global scale has never been achieved before let alone doing it in real time.

This gives UDC the fortunate position of being the global trading capital that's able to achieve exponential growth in 'value' without being hindered or being sucked into the currency trading industry, as is the case with other currencies.

UDC operates within and between each D.O.M.E. that forms naturally around 'hubs of locations' where commercial activity is generated using the Platform's features.

UDC is only generated once a validation process is completed by an open bidding process that 'votes' for a product or service to be accepted into the Global Inventory Value, by a Global consensus!

The money supply which can be distorted by Central Banks when they add' more value into an economy with actions such as quantitative easing, this method is not able to be applied with the volume of UDC as each decimal value of UDC must be validated with true productivity when fiat currency is exchanged for UDC at physical brick and mortar stores in typical commerce activity.

The exchange of UDC with fiat currencies as part of normal commerce activity removes any need for exchangers or third party incumbents from entering the global flow of UDC, which would inevitably add additional costs.

The value of UDC originates from activity between sellers and buyers trading real products and services from various real locations around the world  -  in all the locations any selling is processed generating a unique value in LAT  -  Location Activity Tax that is collected against the locations of the seller and the buyer, and through a process it re-evaluates an increased value in those locations that results in minute growth in the volume of 'new' UDC in circulation across the world in real time.

The increased value recorded in each location is shown in GDP ( Growth Domestic Product ) and the micro adjustments of the growth where the activity takes place  -  this is done globally in real time updating the value in the locations by multiple micro amounts.

By having a central currency constantly with a stable value that can be compared to all other currencies provides a better control over commercial activity and the payment of that trade.

This unique method to hold the value of UDC is designed to counter manipulation of the fiat currencies from speculation that is so prevalent in global currencies  -  a global currency has been looked at by world financial bodies before but never implemented because of issues of who controls the value and how it would operate.

For a global digital currency to operate ubiquitously it needs to be neutral of any existing banking hierarchy or fractional banking methods, it should be tied to something tangible and measurable with a credible value more than just what someone is willing to pay for it, it should be capable of providing new ways of adding value to economies other than as a means of currency trading  -  this opens the way to introduce Fractional Commerce to counter the dilution of values.

The Internet is structured to operate around the world as a layer that sits above all country borders and acts as a neutral connection for all populations, it should have its own neutral currency in which all people have access to, from where they can be involved in a broader environment in global commerce and be able to get benefit in a measurable way.

UDC is measurable in real time because it's not competing in currency trading that can only produce winners and losers, UDC can only be value added because of the fact that it's taking a global position of involving 'productivity' in all corners of the world and not just from one country and its currency,

-  benefit of the UDC currency value remaining stable is that while the volume in circulation has a positive gain for an individual the currency doesn't cause inflation of prices because of the neutral and organic flow it has in the supply and demand.

                                                                  -  see Location Index measuring Productivity

Gold was once used as the standard but it too has been and will always be subject to speculation and manipulation for the benefit of a few but not all  -  hence why another method of control and evaluating a neutral global trading currency needs to be placed more where it cant be ‘steered’ by a country or a banking system,

-  nor should it be tied to a commodity that has no way of being correctly evaluated on its commercial worth

-  UDC evaluates in real time against all global currencies and Gold, removing itself from any downside if any of the main currency has any major fluctuation or being involved in currency trading.

-  the value in UDC constantly holds steady to all global currencies by being a comparison value, while any increased value gained by the real 'productivity' in the sale of products and services world wide is added to the value of Location Tokens allocated to cities, states and countries where the activity takes place,

-  the new value of these Location Tokens is the price paid by users wanting to gain from the amount of activity generated in those 'locations',

-  during the process to generate the new price for these locations there is a LAT collected that's uniquely distributed to all Users holding amounts of locations, the difference between the previous price for a 'location' and the new price is then allocated to a Reserve Balance in each User's UDI Portfolio, these are the distribution outlets for the increase of UDC into circulation,

-  UDC is a trading currency that has an organic growth, that growth is filtered into circulation via the micro activities generated in 'locations' around the world, an individual has the ability to use their own strategy to harness some of that growth by holding any amount of locations,

-  this way of releasing UDC into circulation via all the users linked to the actual productivity source and location sterilizes the currency from any manipulation which can happen when a central body creates a currency from no true source  -  it's controlled by the actions of the Crowd in every step of the validation,

-  with UDC having zero charges or fees it can move from one party ( change of ownership ) to another with ubiquitous ease just like cash can move around but with UDC each exchange is recorded as a unique action  -  a true global digital cash currency with an intrinsic value.

UDC - How it's Validated

UDC begins to be generated when a seller lists their products and services and QwickPic starts displaying them to the users, each step taken as it moves through the process is subjected to a 'Global vote' before being validated when the buyer receives the product or service and completes their buy,

-  to keep neutral UDC is monitored via a gateway API, it's role is to ensure the security over all parties and their actions on the Platform  -  it doesn't charge fees or hold funds

UDC should not be grouped with other virtual or digital currencies, as many are simply a currency for exchange and add nothing, while others can be used to speculate on just like fiat currencies to find winners and losers, UDC steps forward with a focus on solving inequality in the world.

                                                                  - see exponential and ubiquitous exchange flow

As a digital cash currency UDC is just like cash, the only difference between normal cash that is paper notes and coins is that UDC is held and used from a mobile phones, desktop and other devices.

The flow can be a simple as going to the local Farmer's Market and exchange UDC for goods from a mobile or being at a Restaurant or Bar and even if there are no Deals a Tab can be opened and run using a mobile.

Even those times which can happen often when out with friends, when it's time to pay a feature that's ideal to use is the Platform's Split Bill feature that can split the Bill at the time or later, it can be split by percentage or amount, which can save those tricky issues of 'who had what'!

Banking Future

It's a fact that ‘banking’ overall is a business model to provide financial services at all levels to the populations of the world, and there are many who work in the best interest of the people, however over time the model has shown that it opens up to ways for many financial institutions to build up a self interest environment that places themselves and shareholders well before the interests of the overall communities in how they operate.

A bank's initial main purpose was to support society on behalf of a government but over time the heavy introduction of shareholders has swayed the need for a more profit driven existence, changing that initial purpose.


The Platform is designed to operate neutral and is structured to allow people everywhere to create and build with Cloud Commerce,

-  how it operates makes it extremely secure against manipulation and speculation by giving the control to the people through dividing the actions down to single commercial activities in multiple locations around the world operating simultaneously 'on the ground' with merchants rather than channeling value up and away into holding areas such as bank accounts or exchangers,

-  exchangers are a peripheral service that would dilute the value of UDC and place a risk between a buyer and a seller so the Platform's architecture eliminates the need of including these services,

-  UDC's unit base value is calculated by combining the mid rate of at the minimum, the 10 main global currencies, which is designed to keep a steady value in comparison to all global currencies, when exchanging to and from any fiat currency a unique mid rate is used so that there're no gains or loses encountered, and so no exchange costs or commissions are added, keeping UDC as a neutral value centered around commerce in productivity and trade,

-  instead of using exchangers trading with a local fiat currency to UDC this action is handled by the same local merchants in the 'brick and mortar' stores registered on the Platform, the local merchants already trade face to face with local customers and are judged on their credibility on a daily basis, so if trust is there between the seller and a buyer then the Platform is an extension of that trust,

-  for a brick and mortar business to even participate in an exchange they need to have sold products or services on the Platform and therefore hold UDC from those sales, the UDC can then be used to exchange with the local fiat currency as a buy or sell, just as a normal sale would accept the local fiat currency from a customer and handed to the seller ( local business ), the seller is simply taking the final step in getting ( liquidating ) the payment for a product sold earlier into their cash register

                         Pay It Forward, Now! helps complete seller sales!

'. . . send P2P payments around the world for free!'

-  UDC cannot be created out of thin air like virtual currency can be done or mined at a floating value, it can only be generated when a merchant sells a product or when various actions are made on the Platform that generates LAT, it's the generating of 2.5% LAT that adds additional UDC into circulation, which is still backed by inventory

-  the amount of UDC in any exchange at a brick and mortar merchant is verified with the age old 'face to face trust' to change ownership, it can then be used in any amount to transfer to another User, spent to purchase products or services or exchanged for a local fiat currency at a local merchant, to continue the cycle

-  UDC is not able to purchased using credit cards or bank accounts, it is a cash system only, and that ensures no diluting of value via fees and exchange rates or reversals through charge backs are possible

-  UDC is not 'owned' by the Platform, the Platform's role is to strictly monitor the change of ownership and apply the mechanics that secures any growth, leaving UDC in the hands of merchants and users to freely operate without borders.

While the Platform has no skin in the game by directly holding fiat currencies, products or services it still has an interest in ensuring that UDC remains neutral and free to operate between sellers and buyers as it does gain from its position in providing services for the buyers and sellers to engage in commerce without there being any conflict of interest.

The position held by the Platform is to protect the overall economy and currency on behalf of all users from existing and future incumbents that have reason to feel threatened.

In comparing fiat currencies of the world in cash ( paper money ) with UDC as a digital cash currency is like comparing cheese and chalk, with a digital form of currency it has a historical trail recorded for every action made in each account that's linked to a profile ID of an individual, that's verified at various interval, this historical trail can follow along any number of splits that could occur where funds added to an account or collected from other accounts.

-  in evaluating cash notes, this physical form of value is the more logical object to use for illegal activities because of its untraceable form, throughout history it's been the most prominent object used to transact in illegal activity and therefore to remove the physical form from circulation could go a long way to removing many crimes.

    Growth Guage
UDC is uniquely neutral and global

The unique difference with UDC operating as a neutral and central currency is that when any value is exchanged across traditional country borders it does not exchange with the local fiat currency, instead it exchanges with UDC that is linked to the equal value in the 'productivity' listed in that country by the sellers as part of their normal commercial trading dynamics.

-  the ownership of the UDC within any receiving country is held by the sellers and buyers which is linked to the equal value in the 'productivity' listed in that country by the sellers as part of their normal trading dynamics,

-  this unique action means that no exchange between fiat currencies is made, nor does any fiat currency cross any border, therefore it renders third party incumbents unnecessary.

-  ownership is held by individuals at the local level rather than by the Platform, it's not tied in value with a commodity like gold sitting in a vault somewhere that can fluctuate due to speculation, this direct ownership of UDC is tied and connected to actual inventory previously sold and verified on the Platform, the UDC owner uses the safety of the Platform to hold the digital value and knowledge that it's all part of a democratic Global network that uniquely controls and protects the continuation of the value,

-  the flexibility of UDC is like what cash is to the world, just like handing over the physical notes or coins but with UDC it can be 'handed over' by mobile, desktop or printed form by supplying a Collection Code that either confirms the exchange instantly or controls the acceptance by using an escrow process, which 'holds' the UDC between the two parties,

-  the UDC is held until the receiving buyer is satisfied that whatever is being exchanged is what they agreed on and confirming that the other party is the true other party, then the seller has the value released or if a dispute is called by the buyer then the funds remain held in escrow until either the item in question is returned in the same condition to the seller or a satisfactory outcome is agreed on,

-  any exchange is handled with the minimum information being transferred between the two parties in regards to names and profiles but still sufficient to correctly identify the opposite party so the exchange can be either completed or suspended until there's complete satisfaction between the two parties,

-  the Collection Code is only known and held by the buyer and this unique code must still link both buyer and seller profiles at the 'point of exchange' to be completed successfully, avoiding or limiting use of fake codes and fraudulent attempts to intercept any exchanges, this avoids situations such as when a credit card can sometimes be used by another person,

-  anonymity can still be held by a buyer just like handing over cash but for protection to both parties there are steps integrated in the exchange algorithms to highlight issues that may trigger a need for more details,

-  security of accounts and profile identification can be monitored in all locations from a central point and any clarification of identity can be made by either the algorithms in place or the monitoring of activities,

-  by having no exchangers or wallet services that could hold large amounts of value from individuals, there's a reduced risk of attracting large scale hackers as the value is held in singular 'traceable' accounts, which need verification at some point.

-  the value of UDC is decimal and accurate to fourteen (14) decimal points,

-  for UDC to operate in Cloud commerce it has established a policy that information of seller or buyer is not given, provided or sold to any other party, not for advertising or for follow up contacts either, our policy is to provide the balance between an anonymous environment and transparency to ensure the security against those that operate in illegal activity.

Summary of Points:

UDC in Locations

UDC can be held by Users in unique UDI Portfolios and used to strategize by buying Locations where more productivity at the ground level may be in real locations around the world, these locations are cities, towns and countries ( displayed on a screen showing value and growth etc ) where the commercial activity on the Platform is happening, and through a real time process this productivity generates the growth value ( GDP ) in UDC in these locations benefiting those Users who have added the active locations to their portfolio's strategy, this increased amount of UDC can be held to grow or spent throughout the Platform's economy or elsewhere

-  UDC is not like global fiat currencies or shares in stock exchanges that can go up and down via speculation and runs, UDC has been structured with several key attributes to hold steady in value while the LAT ( Location Activity Tax of 2.5% is collected against the sale of a product or service ) increases the quantity of UDC in circulation by distributing the Location value held into the User's
UDI Portfolios  -  there is no reverse to productivity, there can only be either some productivity or no productivity therefore Locations can only hold steady in value or increase but never decrease,

this is real time Global Trade Commerce and Global distribution intertwined to support real growth!

-  this all means that if someone from a one country felt that they wanted to follow a business brand that was in another country and location on the Platform they would buy into the location where that brand was trading and selling products, this increases the number of Users benefiting from the activity, and the same in the reverse can happen if locations were sold or liquidated possibly through lack of productivity it can increase the amount of growth with a lesser number of Users  -  this all adds to the thrill of real time global Cloud Commerce!

-  Example; someone in the USA could hold some Chinese locations or even locations in the USA and as the genuine productivity in selling is completed it directly adds value to those locations held in UDI Portfolios, the value of each location around the world operates independently and has a unique UDC value that can be compared against all fiat currencies, hence the amount of value held in a portfolio can grow at various paces depending on the collection of locations and genuine productivity there is,

-  Holding the unique locations is not like holding a single currency or share in a company, any quantity in a unique location can be sold at the latest value ( less any debited value ), and even if the locations are held the increased growth is shown in a higher UDC value over the initial price that a user had purchased the Location at  -  the increased value over the initial purchase price is the new UDC currency that can be withdrawn to use on the Platform or elsewhere, this value is recorded as a negative value in a portfolio against the overall value,

-  This connection between locations and productivity is the genuine drive in growth for UDC and removes the drama of a collapse in value while still providing the thrill of chasing the trends in brands as they sell in locations around the world

                                                                                             see Location Activity Index Screen

Value Confirmed

UDC genuinely generates a true value that is shown digitally and is available physically with the exchange of products and services by a confirmed and verified procedure in real time, unlike a virtual currency that can be created without any value to back it, regardless if supply is limited a virtual currency's value is only what someone is willing to pay for it based on speculation and what equivalent value it has with a fiat currency at the time

-  The value of UDC cannot fluctuate up and down erratically, it can only hold steady in value against the global currencies, any increase in value from additional productivity is added to the individual location's value, those User with FUDI Portfolios holding these locations have the additional growth added as an increased amount of 'new' UDC to spend,

-  This increased growth adds to the amount of UDC in circulation but doesn't change the value of existing UDC, this value is calculated by combining all the values of each of the 350 'Location Tokens' to get the aggregated value.

-  Each of the global currencies and gold are all mostly speculatively driven, with gold used as a safe haven to cushion any volatility with currencies but although gold has a industrial value it's value is purely forward speculation so if it can go up it will go down, unlike UDC that is valued backwards on Productivity that exists in real time therefore the value cannot alter on the whim of any speculation.

UDC doesn't operate with a middle man or exchangers, leaving it to operate as a true P2P digital cash trading currency without transfer fees or foreign exchange fees.

-  UDC has been battle-tested over a number of years using locations and thousands of individuals strategizing to maximize the benefits, this has helped to construct ways to utilize Global networking and refine the mechanics to eliminate manipulation,

-  Even to begin to buy UDC someone needs to find a brick and mortar merchant in their location that has UDC, who may have either gained UDC when they sold items or they purchased UDC from a local customer, they can even be paid UDC by another merchant or supplier, this connection with local merchants helps to stimulate activity locally by giving the incentive to merchants to increase the volume of products and services on the Platform and so increasing the flow between UDC and the local currency, it enforces that no exchange can be completed without there being something of equal value, and it helps keep the security of value spread across multiple locations around the world using the local Global environment,

-  Countering hacking at the merchant level is approached differently, any hijacker of a merchant account would still need to have another merchant or a User with local currency to exchange for there to be any gain, that and the fact that each transfer regardless if it was merchant to merchant, or anonymously between user to user there is still the tracking codes recorded against the movement

-  Hacking a user's account can be a risk at any time but a user is able to apply a safeguard against such by instigating a security tool that ensures that any withdrawals at a merchants regardless of where they are located needs to verify a photo of the user, if funds were transferred to another user then that other user would also need to have confirmed their identity somewhere on the Platform

-  With regulatory concerns, UDC has created its own domain as it operates as a comparable currency, it can be transferred and exchanged from party to party like any currency but it has a unique bond with real products and services that generates productivity between a seller and a buyer using inventory to confirm its true intrinsic value, this is an extension of the everyday actions of exchange at the 'point of sale' that are the norm around the world, this is Cloud Commerce!

2 speed tag

The world is now locked into a two speed global economy where the world is made up of the have and the have not's  -  while one side can dominate how wealth and value is divided up the other side is held down with little or no hope of getting any share of growth  -  the Old Economy and the New Economy.

We’ve all seen the world changing events like the Arab Spring that changed control of countries and the Occupy Movements each using Global media, and, although some outcomes have been relatively successful politically the outcome from an economical position has been far from a success,

-  the economical success that has eluded these movements in correcting the inequality is how UDC was originally designed to operate around the world, with control being held by the masses in the Global environment level rather than being left to the political wilderness to correct inequality!


                                                                                             see more on Fractional Commerce

With each action between one buyer and one seller on the platform the selling process takes place in the Cloud environment level where transparency and the ‘load’ is being spread across many people around the world and this lays the foundation to reverse engineer the fractional splitting of values that banks have helped place on countries, resulting in building up vast debts that are unable to be repaid using a slow country by country taxation system.

History has shown that empires have fallen, not only by being conquered but by taxing their population beyond their ability to pay, this same dilemma is facing not one country in present times but many countries.

The Platform’s process using UDC as the neutral base value in altering the dynamics of exchanging the values of products and services between a buyer and a seller, - we term it as Fractional Commerce and it's part of Fractional Economics, - it multiplies the value gained at the ratio benchmark of 5 to 1 by setting the buying cap at 20% of the full pricing and the selling price at 100%.

Fractional Commerce doesn't hinder the buyer or the seller, it solves the problem being faced by both the buyer and the seller in the one action leaving more for the buyer to repeat the action again, it contains rising prices therefore contains inflation and is totally sustainable and unlimited for sellers to use in their business strategy.

The process to apply this ratio uses a Global connection with users that ultimately controls the success of any commercial activity by individually voting to compete with others in bidding for product and services using strategy and responses on a level playing field.

This overall change counters the method that banking has done by using the fractional banking methods of diluting values, but by the Platform doing so in minute steps at the ground level base where the buyer is able to get the advantage of 5 times the buying power while the seller gets the full value, it has an immediate impact on the individuals instead of waiting for policies and interest rate changes that can only melt away to 'little too late',

-  by using Fractional Commerce it opens up the entry points for mass numbers of people in developing countries to participate in global commerce by being players like Open Market Makers to bid and buy products and services in other countries

-  using the Fractional Commerce that can only be processed on the Platform provides the freedom for all users to freely participate, it allows the value to move genuinely to and from developed countries to developing countries by distributing and building wealth without being obstructed by political policy or protectionism

-  a key positive is that governments are able to gain full sales and business taxes from the full prices and inflation is not an issue compared to when governments use quantitative easing and money printing to try and increase productivity, which simply dilutes a currency’s value and hands the problem to businesses to give heavy discounts to stay afloat, leaving little taxable value to make it all worth the trouble

-  the benchmark buying cap provides the direct incentive to the single individual as opposed to changing an interest rate higher up in the supply and demand chain, this direct benefit helps support individuals away from the dynamics path that countries will need to steer the masses down as the aging populations reduces the size of workforces and increases the burden with higher taxation on the remaining number

-  the days are numbered where countries are expected or capable of supporting the masses and fewer days are ahead where the masses begin to fully support their country, and from that crossover point Global masses will begin to control and balance the inequality.

UDC comes along not only as a global digital cash currency but with an economy that aims to help solve some of the many issues concerning 'inequality' that's in the world!

The architecture of the Digital Free Trade and Commerce ecosystem Platform is now opening up for developers and businesses to take UDC and the Service tools to build out the Social Economy of the Internet!


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As UDC is validated and exchanged in the Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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