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Taxi Transport

The taxi industry is being disrupted in a way that's challenging a tried and tested industry.

Maybe the industry felt that its way of operating was impenetrable, it doesn't matter now because it shows that everything can be disrupted.

The taxi industry, like other industries that rely on transportation, are all being effected by costs and challenges that filter down to consumer.

Well, now the cost of a taxi fare can be linked to a global Taxi Fare payment system that can merge into the local environment where the taxi operator is located, instead of taking money out the local economy.

The overall strategy of the Platform is to merge existing infrastructure and industries by adding tools that provide new advantages.

The QwickRide is a service for 'taxi fares' that anyone can have as a Taxi AnyOne! global account, it can be updated to hold more value if they see they'll need to grab a taxi regularly, or just as a backup.

Taxi Fare Deals are like all Deals, with Sellers ( taxi ) receiving 100% of the fare  -  with passengers paying as low as 20% of the fare.

As with most Deals offered by businesses and industries the Price Demand may apply.

Taxi companies or individual taxi operators can list Fare Deals whenever they want to get more profitable fares  -  the deals are just like any deals that sellers can list on the platform.

Other businesses and industries such as Accommodation that use the Taxi and Limousine Services for their customers can buy Deals in bulk from the Sellers Trading Xchange Platform at the low prices and pass the Deals onto their customers in their Package Deals or in other ways.

Deals can be listed from any country and in any quantities and values that suit the types of fares paid for in the region - being able to afford to grab a taxi more frequently could change many local economies.

Security wise, the payment is transferred immediately to the taxi operator's account, without the risk of holding any money in the taxi - the operator can then go to the nearest outlet to pickup the cash or when it suits

-  maybe use the payment at a QwickFill outlet where the taxi can use Deals to get petrol at as ;ow as 20% of the normal cost.

The Platform is where all the services and industries can collaborate, and be more profitable  -  and give the consumer, the ultimate buyer of the product or service, a better deal.

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