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Operating Cost Deals

All businesses have operating costs that need to be constrained so profits are maximized.

Although the costs can vary between industries, what the e2eCommerce and Trade Platform provides is the way to reduce the operating costs by offering the essential services in the similar way as Outsourcing the Selling of Rooms, Beds, Meals etc to the Operator's customers.

Those basic operating costs usually include, power, phone connection, laundry supplies and services, transport, fuel, food supplies, insurances, leases and rentals, etc  -  some Deals can be from local suppliers looking to broaden their trading zones, maybe national or global suppliers  -  even if an Operator wins a Deal and the service or supply is not accessable to the Operator, the Deal's value can still be moved into the Business Account and liquidated to local currency via the normal Pay It Forward.

The services and costs are packaged as Deals directly by services and suppliers or as Generic Deals and released on the Seller's Global Trading Platform where Operators can Activate Deals and compete with other Sellers around the world also looking to reduce operating costs  -  as with all Deals the Global Crowd drives the Outsourced Selling.


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