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Global Productivity

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Social influence on a global scale will drive global growth

If the influence an individual can have on the Internet is hard to measure, then the influence that a crowd can have is immeasurable.

Social Capital is the result of influence when it can be measured as an economic value.

Influence on a social level is quite diverse, like when a friend suggests going to the cinema or to go shopping, or even when a celebrity comments about a certain product, this influence ( advertising ) is part of the dynamic of Commerce but it can be so 'random' that it needs to be constantly updated or otherwise it just melts away.

The time spent in social media to influence is difficult to scale sufficiently to achieve anything more than isolated results.

Time itself has become a servant of the modern economic landscape, where for anyone to fit in with communities, they need to keep up with the lifestyles around them, often by committing themselves to working more so they can afford to pay for those lifestyle items, friends and communities influence each other.

Time has become more valuable in recent times than ever before and it's a key to how the future of global growth will be achieved, time can now be gained back by individuals and businesses so that it provides an economic benefit for everyone.

It starts with the connection between businesses and individuals located around the world, for businesses they want to influence individuals to first look at what the business is trying to sell, that's achieved by giving a financial incentive to look, that influence becomes Social Capital, which has a value and an influence of its own.

Social Capital is Cloudfunds, used by the Global Crowd to directly influence Commerce in all types of products and services on a global scale, it's the combination of individuals all seeking their own financial benefit to afford their lifestyle.

A unique global consensus is formed by individuals instigating their own strategy, which creates a perpetual motion of productivity.

Social Capital is 'time gained back'  -  by earning this free working capital to use to bid and buy items for themselves, it creates a social activity that excludes no one  -  it compliments the ease in which a Cashless World will be less complex without the banking systems.

Being able to buy affordable products and services at low 20% Buying Prices achieves a greater buying power and 'buys back time' that would typically be spent working.

The influence that the Global Crowd can achieve in driving Global Productivity bypasses the centrally focused Markets that are controlled by incumbents with the undeniable intention to extract value for themselves first, rather than focusing on the livelihoods of the Suppliers.

Influence is now in real-time

Global Cloud Productivity


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