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How does it work for Operators?

Accommodation Operators list their inventory of Available Rooms at the full Selling Prices including any local taxes.

There are two ( 2 ) options that an Operator can use to Respond to Requests from potential Guests

Option 1. Accommodation Operators list Available Rooms for the Outsourced Selling process for free,

-  the business has their own unique Smart Contracts that they can release with Price Demand whenever Rooms are available 

-  stored Deals can be released instantly to fill vacancies for the night  -  providing a real-time demand from the market.

Option 2. An Operator can buy Smart Contracts from the Operator ONLY list of Deals that are processed in advance by the Platform

-  the quantity and the price are selected from the listed Smart Contracts before Activating the Price Demand.

-  these Smart Contracts can be customized with inclusive variables with specific values.

How does it work!

To buy Smart Contracts from the Seller's GOMTX, Operators fund their QwickP2P Business account before Activating the Price Demand  

-  the price paid by the Operator is redeemed when their Guests complete their stay, the cascading prices provides real-time demand across the full Supply and Demand ecosystem.

Even if the released Smart Contracts are unsuccessful in being sold, the Deals are still valid for up to 30 days from the initial Outsourcing process to Sell to any registered customer for a limited time at the low Buying Price set by the OMMs  

-  or the Smart Contracts reverts back to the full Selling Price for the Activation to begin again at a later date.

The Requests received by an Operator can be allocated from either Option 1 or 2.

For an Operator to operate their Platform's account they can either fund or liquidate by selling or buying UDC with the local currencies  -  this can be done either with guests or with local Buyers and Sellers wanting to do the same.

Cloudfunding Industry

Global Co-Operatives are unique Loyalty Programs for single Operators that have a long tail benefit for businesses and their customers, the benefits spread across all the commercial activity the customers engage in.

Cloudfunding provides benefits for businesses and customers to join together to get more out of both Supply and Demand

-  for Buyers, Co-Operatives can be formed at the local level between friends looking for better deals or for group buys.

-  for Sellers it makes sense to co-operate with similar businesses or with a range of Suppliers looking to get sales.

Global Co-Operatives  -  Seller Co-Operatives and Buyer Co-Operatives

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