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Need help to find other services?

Any trip needs other services to make it more enjoyable and come inside budget.

There's always a need for eating and other services, like where you go, and the Platform merges a number of services to apply in the same way as how to get a hotel room.

A trip might be for business or pleasure so there are all types of attractions to visit and most will require an entry fee so Quik-Pass can come in handy to get Smart Contracts in advance of going on a trip or even when you are at the location.

Operators of all types of venues can use QwickPass Smart Contracts to offer visitors and locals Deals where they still get their full list prices while you get prices as low as 20% or less.

Restaurants and Cafes can be notified of you or even a bus load of visitors need a meal and drinks and Operators can give immediate feedback of any Deals available, and even if there is are free tables.

How it works for Guests!

You can add a Request for all types of things to do and see in locations where you are going to visit in advance or while on your visit and then Operators at Attraction venues or Restaurants can Respond with what Deals they have.

It allows you to plan your movements before or even while on the move with more certainty, no spending the time getting somewhere and finding no tables or passes to get to see places like museums, cinemas, theatres and other places.

Maybe you need a car to get around, well that can be handled with the Platform with a hire car!

For services like a Restaurant where meals are more often eaten before payment, the menu could be presented before the visit or Smart Contract Deals can be set at a value, and the meals selected are offered within the Deal price.

Payment is made at the time of the accepting the Smart Contract Deal and the payment value is held in escrow until you are finished.

If everything is satisfactory then it's just a matter of Releasing the payment.

Global Co-Operatives are a unique Loyalty Program with a long tail benefit for businesses and their customers, even spreading to other commercial activity the customers engage on the platform.

Co-Operatives for Buyers & Sellers

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