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The closest thing to 'real-time selling'.

Website Owners can add the QwickPic displays to their sites and as what has become the norm can share in the results of visitors viewing the links,

-  what's different with QwickPic is that those visitors can become bidders and buyers but they will also 'alert' their friends.

It's not only their friends but also all the '6 Levels of connections' they can 'alert' as well, so each time just one ( 1 ) visitor decides to view the display on a Website Owner's site the response can explode in connecting to heaps of other visitors, almost instantly.

This means that the Website Owners can earn from all the connections if those 'extra visitors' register to bid and even buy, it can all start from just one visitor.

The Platform uses 'alerts' to send information internally about a QwickPic display,    Quik Alert

When a visitor comes to a website displaying the QwickPic panels, instead of gaining a share of a typically small 'click' value,

-  what happens is if the visitor is registered with QwickPic and buys an item during that visit, the website owner will earn 2.5% of the full list price of the purchase.

For the visitor there's no difference if they link directly from the website to any of the deals or from the main QwickPic website.

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