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Global Productivity
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Cloudfunding 'shifts' speculative markets away from value-based Supply and Demand

ComTechX's purpose is not to explain why the powers that be got it so wrong and out of balance for so many people but to provide the digital economic infrastructure version that is structured on value-based markets that're able to spread economic growth democratically using tools and mechanisms available today, and still be able to scale globally to carry economies further into the 21st Century as better technology is developed, without being hindered by the burden created by ineffective systems of the 20th Century.

The Free Digital Capital trading unit is part of Cloudfunding which operates on an autonomous and neutral global trading platform from where the trading units of value are able to be compared with all global currencies in real time  -  the platform's role is to 'track the exchanges and ownership of the global trading unit as it flows internationally through supply and demand'  -  whilst it never holds or transfers any global currencies, the platform is able to apply sophisticated algorithms to help stimulate markets into generating more productivity.

With annual global productivity ( currently 65 trillion dollars ) there's ample run-way available to perpetually offer sufficient incentive to generate more productivity without ever being involved or influenced by post GFC speculative trading  -  Cloudfunding has its economic base structured around the individual, followed by the next step in organizing individuals that are the grassroots suppliers of the world into co-operating together as global co-operatives  -  Global Co-Operatives ( e.g. Dairy Industry ) are structured so suppliers are fully supported financially by the Global Crowd  -  while the suppliers can form legal entity groups like local businesses or movements to operate effectively in the domestic markets, using their collective bargaining power to negotiate better trading terms with their buyers with Price Demand, where the buyers have the incentive of buying at a lower price than their typical buying prices.

The same type of advantages that suppliers have with Global Co-Operatives is afforded to buyers with Buyer Co-Operatives where local buyers can work in sync with local businesses to have low priced products and services flow into local economies  -  local Buyer Co-Operatives have the option of having central hubs in FastFill outlets established in their region to help with the distribution of the low priced products and services.

Free Digital Capital  -  FDC is validated at the exchange of product between local buyers and sellers, which constantly governs the global volume of FDC in circulation, it can never exceed the value of productivity exchanged between buyers and sellers, globally  -  it forms a neutral global trading medium of exchange that's distributed democratically with help from the global crowd to perpetually generate new productivity across borders via DFDCI  -  Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment, without being involved with any 'rent-seeking' financial or trading systems.

FDC is innovative, yet its free and simple distribution model challenges the traditional markets where trade and commerce often involves costly credit and loans  -  FDC disrupts this status quo by being validated as a key component of global trade, and as a neutral global trading currency unit it's able to be globally distributed for free to collect and hold  -  ready to be spent as free working capital towards generating local productivity on a global scale, without any conflict with the economic interests of global currencies and without falling into the Triffin dilemma.

Implementing FDC and Outsourced Selling only needs to begin in a small region like a town where the grassroots suppliers and local businesses usually collaborate together and feed off each other  -  once inventory is listed for Outsourced Selling the whole region comes alive within weeks of trading locally  -  from there the value-adding organically spreads outwards with other industries and cities adding to the new economies of scale.

Post productivity profits are the only true driver of economic growth

Structuring the global markets to operate on fully autonomous digital economic platforms is the natural transition to how 21st Century trade needs to generate and sustain economic growth  -  Cloudfunding achieves sustainable global growth by generating local productivity independently through the full selling price profits and lower buying prices  -  gaining post productivity profits from full selling prices exponentially expands economic growth but it still remains the servant of buying prices that determines demand, which remains the only action in trade that generates productivity.

This local productivity is tracked in real time on the Global Productivity Grid Index where supply and demand trading flows between buyers and sellers are collected to show the amount of local activity  -  " . . as a unit of account used to track international flows of assets and liabilities . . "  -  from the index the individual industries can be tracked down to the thousands of local regions, cities and towns  -  from the data collected a global activity wealth tax is distributed across the global crowd that helps generate the local productivity via the DFDCI - Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment.

Having the two price actions ( sell and buy ) dynamically operate in separate dimensions helps solve the equilibrium in supply and demand  -  with the generating of FDC explicitly tied to productivity where the full post profits are realized, it allows the organic expansion of the local economy to be increased genuinely by the size of the full selling price margins.

Velocity of trade is the only true creator of productivity not money

Cloudfunding is totally at odds with how modern money is created in banking and how it allows incumbents to extract profits prior to productivity, in banking money can simply be created by applying double entry accounting to provide credit and loans, much of which is used on speculating to inflate assets prices like real estate or used to inflate commodity market prices to gain short term profits, even before products reach the end buyers  -  this one sided speculation only shifts the onus back to the market supplier to find the buying prices willing to be paid, even if it's below production cost.

Cloudfunding creates the velocity in trade between buyers and sellers with FDC  -  as free working capital that's tied and intertwined back to actual global products and services being exchanged, Cloudfunding has the unprecedented position of ignoring the limitations of banking by not needing to repay the free working capital or charge for its use  -  that onus is held by the platform's dynamics using unique algorithmic economics that's able to operate in real-time on a global scale with DFDCI - Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment, all for free  -  it gives suppliers a clear run-way to produce products and services knowing that full profits are consistently achievable and debt isn't the dominant negative factor in seeking growth.

Local economic growth via greater velocity of local productivity at full selling prices using Outsourced Selling not only gives sellers more profitability so as to grow, it also earns for governments higher tax revenue that would normally be lost if sellers needed to discount to find demand  -  Localization brings Outsourced Selling to local industries with DFDCI as a winning combination that flows up to governments and down to consumers, encouraging more local manufacturing.

Binary verses Speculative

Having selling and buying prices operate in parity it has always meant that profits are reduced whenever the buying prices are discounted until demand is met, lost profits only exacerbates slower economic growth  -  but separating the selling and buying prices so they operate independently with their own specific goals changes the dynamics in how economic growth is achieved  -  Cloudfunding only discounts the buying prices and not the selling prices, which is the value that's fully monetized by the Outsourced Selling  -  Cloudfunding solves the dilemma ( of losing profits while meeting market demand ) by being structured as a binary system that tracks true values constantly around the world, which means it can never operate outside true values and so provides a stable equilibrium between supply and demand.

Value-based markets avoids being involved in speculative values such as increasing commodity prices or pumping up the real estate prices through artificial values ( perceived wealth via debt ) that are inherently part of the unstable boom and bust business cycles  -  this speculation normally plays the role of creating inflation to incentivize productivity but the increased values are also there to replace the rent-seeking value extracted from economies by the old feudal banking systems and trading incumbents . . that trade off the sweat of others.

True Free Markets have genuine Supply and Demand not speculation

'  .  .  Cloudfunding debunks the long held notion that only monetary and fiscal policy can stimulate productivity with the likes of interest rates and quantitative easing  -  Cloudfunding applies 21st Century technology to offer the neutral and autonomous digital economic platforms to stimulate global productivity across borders, without needing banking systems or government intervention to achieve true free global markets.

Cloudfunding moves well past the old world market mechanics and the relic thinking that has been held over from the early trading days that centralized trading with go-between traders to control pricing in supply and demand in favor of the controlling 'rent-seeking' few  -  this feudal ideology has continually imbalanced the societies and economies around the world with inequality for  .  .  '

Cloudfunding solves the lack of capital

FDC overcomes the financing barriers confronting global business and households by perpetually incentivizing the demand side of commerce for free  -  Cloudfunding challenges how trade is conducted, it operates with algorithmic economics and uses the intrinsic value of productivity as a free and autonomous medium of exchange  -  meaning that the Free Digital Capital is continually generated and validated as a neutral global digital trading currency ( medium of exchange ) against true productivity, all the while it's constantly being compared against all global currency values in real-time, allowing global payments to be free of currency spreads and remittance costs  -  apart from incentivizing greater productivity, it importantly doesn't add further debt to private or public sectors or create inflation or deflation.

Cloudfunding in fact has a natural mechanism that reduces debt to ensure profit and growth is maximized to safeguard the social security of individuals in the future  -  Cloudfunding forms the free flowing ecosystem where the collective producing wealth is able to shift democratically around the world by private entrepreneurialism using DFDCI to overcome the limitations set by the 'rent seeking' financial gatekeepers controlling the velocity of productivity wealth from within the global banking system.

Outsourced Selling rewrites the foreign Capital Investment rules

The disruption Cloudfunding has in global commerce is that by the time a product or service reaches the buyer, the product or service has already been monetized and paid for at the full selling price, all by outsourcing the selling to a global network of virtual wholesalers  -  FDC fully monetizes the supply side of trade for free, with payment held in escrow until the exchange with the buyer, as items are released to local markets the low buying prices ( cascading prices ) are hard to ignore for buyers  -  Cloudfunding disrupts traditional markets and commerce finance that typically charges to finance the trade exchange  -  Cloudfunding disrupts this model by operating with a democratic formula that represents equality in the outcome; whereas currency and commodity markets, operated by incumbents, do not.

Outsourced Selling is a natural disruption in how foreign Capital Investment crosses borders, with Cloudfunding the Outsourced Selling of products and services solves the costly involvement of needing foreign capital to boost local economies  -  the free working capital has no borders and can freely move globally to directly stimulate local business commerce with high selling prices and low buying prices that naturally spills out into local economies  -  this DFDCI into local commerce is what rewrites all previous rules in foreign Capital Investment, it doesn't involve the holding or transferring of foreign monies or involve any loss of equity  -  this is 21st Century trade and commerce, it's digital, free and operates 24/7 in real time.

It's a global economy stupid!

It's the Outsourced Selling component of Cloudfunding that has the most effect on trade and commerce, it reverses the old economic logic behind outsourcing manufacturing to other countries where there's cheap physical labor  -  instead Cloudfunding uses technology to only outsource the selling component of locally manufactured products and services using a virtual global workforce funded with free working capital ( DFDCI ) to dramatically change the cost structure of local productivity  -  Localization.

This change is a shift towards Localization where local industries and businesses have the use of DFDCI to gain the defendable comparative advantage over imports on price by using the Price Demand ( e.g. dairy industry ) to create the local demand  -  this goes a long way towards reducing the worlds' growing inequality by having a competitive market distribution rather than using costly financial and political intervention.

Real-time demand for offline and online

Cloudfunding closes the gap in operating costs between offline and online sellers with the option of cascading buying prices  -  offline selling, especially in retail markets has always been uninspiring and usually needed a sales person to talk the talk or adding discounts to get the buyers' attention  -  cascading buying prices solves how to get the attention and do it without sacrificing profits, offline buyers can interact online while out shopping  -  either way, animal instinct for low buying prices creates the buying power and incentivizes the demand, without it growth stagnates  -  gone too are the days when sellers needed to offer payment trading terms of 30, 60 even 90 days, with Cloudfunding payments are immediately released  -  Cloudfunding operates in any connected global location with technology that's only now capable of giving the smallest seller in isolated locations access and equal standing in global markets, in real-time.

The 'Jeckle and Hyde' free markets

The bargaining power gained by either the seller or the buyer is as old as trade itself  -  the difficulty of finding an equilibrium of supply and demand has always given one side the chance of taking advantage of the other, the so called free markets  -  there's clearly no true free markets when governments use policies and tax payer monies to influence markets by supporting industries.

Cloudfunding's neutral mechanics solves that feudal type system that gets used in many markets and industries to hold control over the very providers of the supply  -  take the Dairy Industry with its decades long battle with middle market buyer control that's not so much different to products like coffee beans grown in Africa where middle tier traders control prices  -  not much has really changed in some countries for many industries and suppliers since the old exploitive trading days of the British East India Company, the foundation of today's globalization.

What Cloudfunding gives to suppliers from the grassroots level up through the supply chains is a Global Co-Operative entity that's structured to gain a defendable competitive advantage with collective bargaining on a global scale platform, one that finds the equilibrium in supply and demand without gaining an overpowering advantage over the buyers.

Cloudfunding is about social economics

Cloudfunding gives sellers guaranteed sales at full selling prices in a global free open market environment  -  industry suppliers from farmers to manufacturers to big and small retailers list their full selling priced inventory for free using industry parity pricing set to local productivity costs, or global index market pricing ( both rise with global prices ) to maintain stability within businesses and industries  -  Cloudfunding's architecture is built around factoring in economic stability and viability across multiple regions on a global scale and intertwining all those economies to flow as one.

The GOMTX platform has technology that denies the profit taking incumbents from unfairly influencing market pricing  -  instead Cloudfunding applies advanced fractional economics to generate full selling prices for the sellers and gives sustainable low buying prices for the buyers, indefinitely  -  Cloudfunding incentivizes digital commerce at local brick and mortar stores by consolidating trust at the local level between buyers and sellers  -  it's still the traditional and natural transition point where sellers liquidate their sales with buyers wanting to buy goods  -  it integrates the offline and online worlds in a seamless exchange, with a win-win outcome  -  at no time does ComTechX or its associated group hold or accept physical monies for or on behalf of the global players, ComTechXs' role is to track and monitor ownership.

Global economic wealth can be shared democratically

ComTechX gives Cloudfunding the technology to integrate global commerce payments into a real-time flow of trade by merging all the functions from marketing to final payment exchanges, bypassing the rent-seekers  -  it intertwines the neutral global digital trading currency in Free Digital Capital with Digital Cash that is compared in real-time with all global currencies to ubiquitously and seamlessly generate new productivity with Outsourced Selling  -  bypassing market forces that set prices more focused on speculation and extracting spreads from trade between the buying and selling of future productivity  -  ComTechX ignores the speculation and enables local productivity to have the stability and the freedom to scale exponentially in 21st Century commerce.

All markets are part of the broader Globalization and as the world is realizing there are major flaws in the distribution of wealth  -  ComTechX disrupts Globalization with Localization by stimulating productivity within a local region by solving local market inequality, before looking to export  -  Localization creates a natural environment for Free Open Market Economic Zones when Cloudfunding is introduced.

FOMEZs are local regions where sellers freely outsource the selling of products and services to a global network of virtual wholesalers in real-time commerce  -  it protects local industries from within, productivity and jobs are defendable with comparative price advantages against imports and fluctuating global pricing  -  it integrates across the local commerce in all types of industries to help maintain effective social networks that flow on to solve local economic issues, and keeps the economic growth value generated by local sellers engaged in commerce activity within the economies  -  this global transparency in local productivity is indexed into individually operated portfolios to democratically distribute a share of global wealth accumulated from trade all the way down to locations of countries, regions and cities.
coffee growers to cafes  .  fruit growers to stores  .  milk farmers to stores  .  hotels to travelers  .  restaurants to guests  .  fuel to drivers
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Global Seller's Trade Xchange       -       Re-Seller Deals
Product Brand Deal Price Sub-Cny Unit List Price  Sub-Cny Location Vol Qty Buyers
  $1,665.00   $1,665.00   $9000.00   $9000.00   Australia 1000 1000 Check-In
00:00:00:00   Trends@ 2 Lattes @ $4.50 Australia 12:00 PM 01 Jan 2016
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  $0.875   $0.875   $5.00   $5.00   Australia Australia 1 1 Check-In
00:00:00:00   Trends@ 1 Latte @ $5.00 Melbourne, VIC 12:00 PM 01 Jan 2016
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Power   $26,100.00   $26,100.00 kWh $150,000.00 $150,000.00 Australia 500 500 Check-In
00:00:00:00 $54.90 @ $0.06 / kWh Trends@ $300.00 @ $0.30 / kWh Australia 12:00 PM 01 Jan 2016
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Global Open Market Trade Xchange       -       Retail Sales
Product Brand Deal Price Sub-Cny Unit List Price  Sub-Cny Seller Buyer Vol Qty Buyers
Power   $54.90   $54.90 kWh $300.00   $300.00   Australia Australia 1 1 Check-In
00:00:00:00 $0.06 / kWh Trends@ $0.30 / kWh Melbourne, VIC 12:00 PM 01 Jan 2016
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Farmer's Milk   $0.117   $0.117 ltr $0.60   $0.60   Australia 50,000,000 1 Check-In
00:00:00:00 $0.12 benchmark Trends@ Farm Gate Price / litre Australia 12:00 PM 01 Jan 2016
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Global Seller's Trade Xchange       -       Farm Gate Deals
Product Status Deal Price Sub-Cny Unit List Price Sub-Cny Location Vol Qty Buyers
Farmer's Milk   $1.53   $1.53 kg $7.69   $7.69   Australia 50,000,000 1 Check-In
00:00:00:00 $1.53 benchmark Trends@ Farm Gate Price / kg Australia 12:00 PM 01 Jan 2016
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Product Brand Deal Price Sub-Cny Unit List Price Sub-Cny Seller Buyer Vol Qty Buyers
Milk   $0.36   $0.36 ltr $2.00   $2.00   Australia Australia 1 1 Check-In
00:00:00:00 $0.40 max Trends@ Price / litre Melbourne, VIC 12:00 PM 01 Jan 2016
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Product Status Deal Price Sub-Cny Unit List Price Sub-Cny Location Vol Qty Buyers
Petrol Pump   $0.25   $0.25 ltr $1.45   $1.45   Australia 30,000,000 1 Check-In
00:00:00:00 NMA+/lt Trends@ Price / litre Australia 12:00 PM 01 Jan 2016
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Global Open Market Trade Xchange       -       Retail Sales
Product Brand Deal Price Sub-Cny Unit List Price  Sub-Cny Seller Buyer Vol Qty Buyers
Petrol Pump Sams $14.89   $14.89 gal $76.00   $76.00   USA USA 20 1 Check-In
00:00:00:00 $15.20 max Trends@ $3.80 / gal Washington, DC 12:00 PM 01 Jan 2016
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Industry players can directly drive productivity

The world connects differently to when early traders like the British East India Company were able to exploit suppliers and control pricing because of isolation, now everyone can be as close as a mobile phone away, but strangely, that same isolation gap between suppliers and consumers has remained  -  what makes trading using Cloudfunding and the GOMTX platform more open and transparent is how people within industries can be the drivers of the supply being sold, it opens up so they can genuinely help raise the demand for supply as a new type of collective voice that directly helps protect an industry's future.

It's like a global democratic Co-Operative enterprise on steroids using social collaboration ( collective bargaining ) that isn't investor or shareholder controlled or derivative futures driven, and it's not like crowdfunding that's more narrow focused, Cloudfunding on the GOMTX operates at the intersection that determines the profitability in productivity, on a global scale all the way down to a local region  -  it's where those within industries world wide can actively strategize risk free with FDC in the unique bidding process to drive their industry's productivity  -  no longer is it the case where suppliers idly stand by while incumbents set the selling prices.

GOMTX operates with a form of bidding, it's not like auctions that drive prices upwards on demand or use phone calls between traders, the bidding process sets a new level in global participation with pre-strategies that users set and leave it for sophisticated algorithms to process fairly and without collusion  -  the processing breaks down volumes in various sizes for simplicity before the automatic process that only takes 15 minutes to achieve the guaranteed sale, and have the low buying priced item is ready to be released to local buyers in the supply chain.

Whatever selling prices the industries or sellers set, the sellers receive the full selling prices after the Outsourced Selling process, the buying price is just the opportunity that local buyers get for being in the right location  -  it further enforces the universal belief that all sellers have the right to expect to recover production costs and to realize a profitable outcome.

For the GOMTX platform to operate neutral, its structured as a Global Chamber of Economies entity without shareholders  -  its purpose is to function between supply and demand using the perpetually validated FDC to continually drive productivity.

Location activity is the new global revenue stream

As jobs disappear new digital jobs will fill the gaps, the global crowd has a new role as freelance productivity traders  -  job description; Productionist, someone with the power to help influence the selling of products on a global scale.

Global productivity has always been influenced by middle tier traders that spin tales to financially gain by speculating with other people's money  -  much of today's global turbulence is man made, and it's no coincidence that deep studies into global markets have shown that inequality stems from the way commodity and currency market trading is mostly oblivious and blindly ignores the true definition of supply and demand and social distribution.

GOMTX challenges that with genuine trading values, it doesn't use credit or loans so therefore no debt is added back into economies, to either private or public sectors  -  instead it applies fractional economics to claw back existing debt, and, generates sustainable demand by scaling the buying power with free Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment  -  DFDCI.

Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment

DFDCI is a correction to the way Capital Investment value has been shifted away from some of the once vibrant industries in some countries to those with cheap labor  -  instead of loaning money, DFDCI injects free working capital into regions from around the world to help build more competitive and defendable trade environments for industries inside local economies, all without transferring currencies across borders.

By basing economic flows at the heart of local productivity, it allows DFDCI to democratically distribute the growth value on a global scale  -  it bolsters economization with sustainable growth that's gained from within local economies with the free help from the global crowd, and opens up the ability to scale outwards and move from economy to economy to strengthen other regional productivity.

It differs from top down economics that only trickles down through the hands of fewer people, instead it reaches deep down into the local economies of grassroots businesses and industries that are often strangled by top level control, and it eliminates the loss of equity often associated with FDI ( foreign direct Capital Investment ).

With Cloudfunding's broad scalability, it's not limited to just buying and selling products and services in commerce, it's capable of financing projects with DFDCI of any size, such as infrastructure project or community projects that have flow on effects that contribute benefit to the communities.

To equitably distribute global wealth built from true productivity, the global crowd is now in the position to be able to directly benefit financially by tracking and actively participating in the trading trends in locations around the world where products and services are sold, and gaining from the added growth each time that there's productivity  -  genuine long term productivity is the only suitable resource value that's unlimited and can form a democratic foundation needed for a universally Distributed Income  -  FUI that establishes a permanent stable force integrated into global economies, and kept away from speculative rent-seekers that dilute global growth.

Location Productivity
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