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    There's no doubt that Renewable Energy and its industries have an important role in the world's future.

The push over the last decades has pivoted in favor and then back again as existing industries used both political and media to promote the advantages of maintaining traditional industries, due to the enormous economical and trade that would have loses in Labour Market and infrastructure etc.

The true base and core difference between general acceptance of Renewable Energy comes down to money, the price of the alternative.

The Scalable Global Economy is structured with a clean slate that needs to be built out  -  this unique time in history allows different thinking without having the heavy baggage to carry, that sways influence.

The hurdle of price between existing and Renewable Energy options can be handled by the Platform by providing the Sellers with a Comparative Advantage in offering low Buying Prices of 20%, which can be sustained indefinitely using Outsourced Selling.

This can be done in several ways, one is for Sellers to list products or systems at full Selling Prices and allow the Global Crowd to do the Outsourced Selling, then have the low Buying Prices available for the Seller's local Buyers on the Open Market Platform.

Another is for Buyer Systems where the Sellers are able to provide products or systems to Buyers with little up-front cost and the Seller utilizes the Global Trading Platform to generate Deals ( using the Global Crowd ) and have low priced Due Payments directed at and only available for their Buyers to purchase at a low 20%.

Buyers can alternatively compete to win Deals specifically generated for these types of Due Payments that're similarly structured to ease the burden of paying for Rents and Leases and other due payments.

These Selling Options are simple to set up with both Sellers and Buyers, each using the Platform's Accounts and Payment Systems, which have no costs involved.

These Due Payments are structured to encourage the Productivity Cycle to constantly move forward by adding the stimulus to the various local economies.

This is where the Global Productivity Grid is able to provide the engine for businesses to keep industries moving while buffering from external issues, the GP Grid has the global scale to continue growth.

Industry businesses can trade directly on the Seller's Trade Exchange either to list supplies to Outsource the Selling or to buy at the low 20% prices from Suppliers.

Bulk contracts such as due payment schedules, full fit out contacts etc can be listed and / or purchased to meet the needs of the industry and the consumers.

All the various associated costs to manufacture components for solar panels are able to use Outsourced Selling to reduce costs of manufacturing, other sectors of Renewable Energy such as wind, battery storage and wave, can all use it to gain major traction.

Industries and businesses showing the way in using Renewable Energy can apply for Free Direct Backing to help support the costs, the amount of support can be in recognition of their efforts.

Economies of scale play a major role in swinging the pendulum in industries, the Renewable Energy industries has a window of opportunity to gain the Comparative Advantage.

With Outsourced Selling, it means that every product and service around the world on the Platform, which's tied to real world Productivity, and the incentive for the Global Crowd.

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