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Event Crowds





Events covers many areas from music, sports, conventions, they are often held in stadiums, fields or big halls.

All cost to operate and that usually comes down to ticketing, sponsors and advertising to help pay the bills.

What QwickPic and Free Advertising can do is connect it all together into a more productive event.

Ticketing and Sponsored Events can provide a way to get past some of the early cost obstacles.

As with other Deals processed by Outsourcing the Selling the Price Demand provides the incentive.

Where advertising is the cream for the event, then QwickPic's Free Advertising will meet the challenge.

Whether it's advertisements in a program or signs erected around the stadium, QwickPic can be used.

If a Marketing Agent is involved, there's a unique monitizing model, the agent is paid a % for every unit sold.

Percentages aren't deducted from what a Seller gets, it comes from the reach of the Scalable Digital Economy.

QwickPics Images has an important role in getting the visual side of events more real time engagement.

In the case of advertising signs, businesses advertising can list a number of products or services in advance

Then to add a more direct response, the business could place a Deal code on the fixed sign, just for the day.

Many stadiums have electronic screens that change during the event, these are ideal to play with the crowd.

As advertisements change and show specific Deal codes for the event, the crowd can use their mobile.

The crowd can either use their team to earn from the Deals or register to try and win Deals of Milk or Petrol.

As the crowd directly engages in real time, they can alert the Global Crowd and the viral marketing begins

In just a few minutes a small local crowd could multiply local productivity using economies of scale.

A crowd can use their time at events, shopping or watching tv being productive, as natural as charging a mobile.

Advertising can now be interactive, those fixed signs everywhere, can now be activated by passing traffic.

It can be initiated with QwickPic, similar to IA  -  Interactive Advertising that can be set into various mediums

Crowds are passively engaging in local productivity in the scalable Digital Economy while enjoying life.

For local Sellers selling Milk or Petrol  -  could they ever have imaged a global crowd helping with the selling.

It's like the USA Super Bowl half time advertising, only it's happening locally, everywhere  -  and it's all free.

This real time engagement is what could be seen as the 'holy grail' of marketing  -  being able to close a sale

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