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Sponsored Events

Events are happening every minute of the day, everywhere around the world.

Most events get to a size where sponsorship is needed to cover the costs.

It could be 'events' in sport, entertainment or something like a school fair, each event has its own costs.

What QwickPic Events does is it helps bring the Sponsors to the events being organized, and helps to cover the costs, and in return the 'Sponsor' gets exposure and most importantly sales, as what sponsorship is all about.

The Businesses helping to Sponsor the Events don't pay any money, they just list their products or services, which are then Outsourced to Sell, and just like other items processed on the Platform, the Sellers never pay to Sell.

-  the Business Sponsor is fully paid the full 100% Selling Prices for their items, which is held in escrow until the bidding process is completed and the Buyer collects the product.

-  the Event Organizers also receive the full Selling Prices as payment for the exposure given to the Sponsor, the more exposure generated by Organizers, the more Sponsorship money is gained.

The % paid to the Sponsors and Organizers is paid from the Scalable Digital Economy, not from any selling margins.

As with other Deals processed by Outsourcing the Selling the Price Demand provides the incentive.

With any event the operating costs are usually known ( or an estimate ) and so any surplus is profit, organizers of major or even repeated events like a weekly local or national sports competition can use QwickPic Events to gain Sponsorship

Unlike typical Sponsorship where a Business gives away money or products or services to the Organizers, either in return for no payment or given at a discount, it's usually a gift to the Event, with the Business hoping for some recognition in return.

QwickPic Events are different to traditional Sponsorship where the ROI for Businesses is basically unknown, QwickPic Events can provide the results of sales that the Event has contributed to  -  Free Sponsored Advertising gets results.

Each event can be exposed to Global Media to expand its coverage, with a major effort given to the Notifications sent as Alerts to registered members  -  the more attention gained by an Event means the more Sponsored Advertising is gained.

Sponsoring Businesses set the criteria of what types of Events they want to help and that can mean that a global Brand could be Sponsoring a local Charity Run or Conferences and Seminars.

The scope of Sponsorship is broad, it can be to Sponsor Sports Teams, Clubs, Entertainment Concerts, even Mountaineering Expeditions, any Event that typically uses Sponsorship to monetize the project.

Sponsors that pay an amount to Teams and Clubs to have name rights etc, the Sponsors are ideally able to use QwickPic to fire-up the followers with Deals released that connect to the Events, a great way to track sales with a Sponsorship's ROI.

In Sponsored Sports Teams there's a huge unknown as to whether the Sponsor gets a ROI, what QwickPic does is it provides that real time feedback result with sales of a Sponsor's product or service that they are trying to expose to the public.

The amount of exposure sort after by a Sponsor at most Events is usually driven by the size of the crowd or audience that's present at the Event, or viewed by media coverage in some cases, the majority though rely on the attending crowd.

The Sponsor can now use that focused attention by the attending crowd to release their products both in the lead up and during the Event with QwickPic, not only to the attending crowd but also to all the Sponsor's local Buyers not attending.

The key is that the exposure is world wide, because it has spread to the Global Crowd, which can become involved by just a few followers of the Team or Club spreading the word  -  the Sponsor now has the control of their ROI.

Sponsors, Teams and Clubs can operate an Our Store to keep followers updated with what's happening, it's a way of selling Subscriptions for Memberships or Tickets to Events, anything at all can be generated as a Deal to sell.

Local Publishers and Marketing Agents can instigate the Free Sponsor Advertising and earn a % from every unit sold through the Event Sponsorship campaign.

QwickPics Images has an important role in getting the visual side of the events with more real time engagement to a broader number of people.

How It Works

At listing time the Organizers provide Identification of Organization, Amount of Sponsorship needing to be raised, and other details.

When an Event is listed, it's released to Businesses that have selected the option to Sponsor a range of Event themes,

-  as an example, a school fair would attract Sponsors who have family and general products or services to sell, there could be a Business Seminar that would suit office products, it doesn't always need to be associated with the theme of an Event.

Local Businesses are welcome to participate in being Sponsors, this provides the local economy an extra benefit with local Buyers getting involved.

Other Deals such as Tickets, Foods, Games, Merchandise, Parking, etc can still be listed and be processed at the same time without hindering the Sponsorship.

During the process the Event Organizers are able to see the types of businesses that are 'connecting' to the Event as Sponsors.

The algorithms for the Sponsored Events take on a different role to other Deals on the Platform, the backend process controls the flow of products and services to the Events ensuring the type of products suits the Event theme, limits can set for various Events.

QwickPic operates inside the e2eCommerce and Trade Platform, which uses 'algorithmic economics' to track value of trade on a global scale, this allows for a fluent distribution of a LAT that can be 'collected and pay' Sponsoring Businesses and Event Organizers.

Sponsored 'Event Deals' are good for Organizers and Sellers with both receiving the full Selling Prices of Deals sold.

As Deals are being confirmed to go Live, and ready for bidding, the amount of Sponsorship is locked in escrow waiting for the eventual Buyers,

- once the Buyers have received their products or services then the Sponsorship value is released to the Organizers, and the Sellers have their full selling prices released, the same as with all Deals.

Organizers can use their released funds to pay suppliers directly to save additional costs or liquidate using Pay It Forward, Now! at local businesses.

Sponsorship funds may be held until the Event can be confirmed as planned.

Social Media

Social Media can be ideal to spread the word about Events and expose the new generation in Sponsored Advertising.

As with all Deals on QwickPic there's no cost to the Sponsor, Sellers have the tools to follow certain types of events that are more in tune with what they're selling, which makes advertising more focused and accountable.

If there's a Sports Event that has participants traveling and staying for the night, then that link can be tunedin' to direct the sponsored advertising' to the specific participants that would need travel or accommodation, at the low QwickPic buying prices.

It could be in entertainment where a Band or Solo performer has concerts, the tickets could be fully sold using QwickPic and all the associated industries effected by such events could be 'sponsors' connected directly to the buying customers, making it much simpler for the concert organizers.

With Social Media getting noisier by the day, Sponsors, Organizers and everyone can always use QwickChat to connect in a more focused environment.

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